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Tortured By The FBI

The fbi's abandonment of respect for constitutional rights -- A True Account Of Precedent Setting Constitutional and Human Right's Violations By The Federal Bureau Of Investigation
Civil Rights Abuses, Absence of Due Process, and Fraud
by James F. Marino


Hello, my name is James F. Marino, and I feel that it is imperative for me to report terrible abuses that my family and I have suffered at the hands of the United States Government. This is a situation which at first sounds stranger then fiction, but I can assure the reader that every event that I have experienced has not only occurred, but does so in one form or another twenty--four hours a day, seven days a week. I have references at the end of this article which can substantiate the claims that I am making.

The FBI continues this day to use psychological operations and psycho-electronic weaponry in their effort to force me to commit suicide. They have subjected me to this covert form of torture for two years now and it shows no signs of ending. The more research I do in regard to their misdeeds, the more I find that it is just the tip of the iceberg. Their corruption is so widespread and involves so many different branches of government that if it were ever to be made public, the US Government as we know it would be subjected to a criminal investigation unparalleled in world history. I can no longer remain silent about what I have learned.

Consequently, there is no way that I can possibly be allowed to continue to exist in society knowing what I know about them. They will either find a way to arrest me, continue their psychological torture in an effort to drive me insane, or figure out a way to murder me (but in a way in which they have plausible deniability). As they have been unsuccessful in any of the aforementioned attempts (so far), they have sought to discredit and destroy my reputation with my family as well as the community at large. They have done so through the use of a black propaganda smear campaign, spreading whatever vicious lies their psychotic minds can muster.

If the FBI has difficulty in pursuing a case against a target, they will leak information to the public as a form of character assassination. The FBI's actions are not necessarily related to finding the truth, but rather, a form of psychological control to manipulate the desired outcome that they seek. They are quite proficient at the art of mind manipulation, and what is more, they appear to derive some sort of sadistic satisfaction from doing so. While it's rare that their victims receive justice, on occasion, it does happen. Judi Bari, an ecological activist and head of the group Earth First, was harassed by the FBI for years.

Back in 1990, she was critically injured when a bomb planted in the car in which she was driving, exploded, "shattering her pelvis and crushing her backbone." She and her partner, Daryl Cherney (who was also seriously injured in the blast) sued the FBI and Oakland Police Department claiming that they conspired to implicate Judi and Darryl of blowing themselves up. However, In 2002, evidence proved otherwise, as a federal court awarded Darryl and Judi (posthumously as she died of breast cancer in 1997) 4.4 million dollars in damages. Judi, however, would not be denied her say in regard to the FBI's framing of her, as she wrote about the bombing, as well as the FBI smear campaign against her, in a book entitled "Timber Wars." She also mentioned by name, the FBI agent who she blamed for engineering the smear campaign against her, Richard W. Held. Held was also heavily involved in the FBI's counter intelligence program, COINTELPRO, a program designed to infiltrate and destroy any public organizations that held beliefs different from those approved by the United States Government.

This was accomplished by way of FBI agents who acting as agents provocateur joined many of these organizations posing as interested parties, only to create dissension among other members in an effort to turn them against each other. The end result was that people in these groups who once respected and admired each other, ended up distrusting and in some instances hating one another, due to the deceitful intrusion of the FBI agents themselves. COINTELPRO destroyed the lives of many innocent people whose only mistake was that they chose to express their own philosophical, religious or political ideologies openly.

Many others have been stalked, harassed or even worse by the FBI. Actress Jean Seberg was another of the FBI's victims. She was stalked by them for years and ultimately made the target of a vicious FBI smear campaign designed to destroy her public credibility. Jean became targeted by the FBI for no other reason then that she was supportive of the Black Panther Party, a group that fought against racial prejudice. Her fame as an actress gave her public credibility, which was of great concern to the FBI, given her support of a group which they deemed to be dangerous. The FBI harassment campaign against Jean would not only result in her having a miscarriage, but after years of being tormented, eventually drive her to commit suicide. FBI agent Richard W. Held's name again cropped up in Jean's case, as he was also directly involved in her harassment. His punishment for conducting this torture campaign against Seberg --- Held retired from the FBI to become the head of security for Visa International. Evidently, if you work for the FBI, crime does pay.

The FBI has also repeatedly gone after independent media Websites in an effort to control their content. The following excerpts describe the harassment that Independent Media Center of Seattle experienced when confronted by the FBI, even though the FBI admitted that IMC had not committed any crimes. "Freedom of expression online is again under assault, as the FBI and Secret Service have begun to target the SeattleIMC in intimidating fishing expeditions, demanding that they turn over server logs despite the fact that federal agents have admitted that the IMC itself was not suspected of any criminal activity and there was no violation of US law. Thankfully, a sane judge has lifted the gag order that was imposed on Seattle IMC, so they have been able to publish their side of the story; federal sources leaked information about the story with impunity before the gag order was rescinded, showing that apparently the FBI’s only concern was to be able to spin the story as it pleased without backtalk."

"In other good news, the Electronic Frontier Foundation is standing up for the IMC on this one, and the FBI’s fishing expedition is so blatant and poorly constructed that it will hopefully be laughed out of court. But this sets a very troubling precedent for the revival — or continuance, really; it never much stopped — of the FBI’s repressive surveillance against activist organizations. As the left / anarchist activist coalition grows in power, power brokers are getting scared. You could see this already in the Summit of the Americas, World Economic Forum, etc., buckling down into cities temporarily turned into militarized police states. The growing willingness of the free worlds States to use these kind of repressive tactics is something that we really have to keep a watch on, and fight back against."

The FBI's use of psychological operations against me is vast and includes the orchestration of fabricated conversations between my parents and family (at the direction of the FBI) to discredit me wherever and whenever possible. What my family does not understand is that the more they cooperate with the FBI in this conspiracy, the deeper they involve themselves in criminal activities. This is how the FBI gains control of people. They corrupt them. My family, the most honest, loving and decent people I have ever known, are being controlled (through the use of intimidation and blackmail) by the FBI, and used as agents provocateur in an attempt to lure me into committing crimes.

The FBI has tremendous power. With this power they have access to unlimited resources including an arsenal of technologically advanced surveillance equipment that American society as a whole cannot begin to comprehend. The FBI also has access to psycho-electronic weapons (defined as both lethal and non lethal weapons) which can be used to remotely physically torture a selected target, at will. I have had the FBI use these weapons against me on a number of occasions and know of many other individuals who have also been targeted for this torture. There is a mind control forums outreach group on the Internet which includes the testimonies of roughly 500 people worldwide (including many from the United States) who have been abused by government mind control experiments.

Psycho-electronic weapons are used in combination with psychological operations to torture anyone that the FBI chooses to target. They are a vicious combination, intended to drive a target insane. They can also make the target quite angry, as they have in my case. No one likes to be abused, so just imagine what it is like to be abused in every aspect of your life without ever having a break from it. It is cruelty beyond words.

If the FBI were to (in a court of law) claim that they did not use psychological torture against me, it would in fact be perjury and a complete fraud on the court. Psychological operations are a matter of record and used by the FBI when they are having difficulty in cracking a case. Please note that it is illegal for the government to use psychological operations on its citizens. Psychological operations, herein referred to as psyops, the nickname given to them by those who employ them (FBI, CIA, US armed forces, etc.), are among the cruelest and most inhuman tortures known to mankind. Worst of all, they are so brilliantly conceived that they can, if necessary, give those who utilize them plausible deniability. This means that if they are ever asked if they have employed their use, they can deny it. However, I can cite numerous instances of abuse that I have been subjected to, which would fit well into the very definition of psychological operations. Moreover, if the FBI claimed that they did not interfere with my communications with others by way of intercepting my E-mails or by blocking my attempts to post on some forums, that too would be perjury. If the FBI denied the use of others in my own circle (family and friends, community) as agents provocateur, through the use of coercion (blackmail) or in response to black propaganda, they would also be committing perjury, and a fraud on the court.

There have been well documented instances where the FBI has committed fraud on the court, so a precedent has been set for this breach of faith on the American Judicial System. Judi Bari's case is an excellent example of this fraud and her successful lawsuit against the FBI shows that they don't always get away with such criminal activity. Please keep in mind that I have never even been charged with a crime, yet the FBI through the use of these psychological operations as well as surreptitious entry of my family's home, has in many instances already violated my constitutional rights. An ex-FBI agent by the name of Geral Sosbee has also been the target of the FBI's psychological operations for over seven years, since reporting to his superiors regarding serious felonies committed by other FBI agents. As a result of his forthrightness, Geral was threatened to resign from the FBI, or be committed to a psychiatric facility.

Out of understandable fear, Geral complied with the FBI's request and resigned. Sadly, that was not the end of his ordeal with them. Wherever he went to start a new life, the FBI stalked him, conspiring to destroy any chance that he had at happiness. This has been the penalty that Geral has had to pay for being a whistleblower. It is clear from his accounts, that the FBI is more interested in protecting itself then in acknowledging any wrongdoing by its agents.

The harassment eventually took its toll on his marriage which ended in divorce. Geral was chased from job to job and state to state only to have the FBI sabotage any success that he achieved. Any friends he made were quickly scared off as the FBI would poison these people against Geral. I have personally had the FBI do this to me on many occasions. As a result they have ruined every friendship that I have had in recent years. When he fled to Thailand to avoid their abuse, the FBI was instrumental in having thugs under their control kidnap Geral and literally hold him hostage. This was so typical of the psychological captive that they made of him and many others, including myself. Geral states "During my 3 months stay in Thailand these low life and cowardly punks terrorized me by kidnapping, drugging, surveilling, assaulting, provoking, etc. I was in effect under their control most of the time because I was often unable to get out of bed from the effects of their crimes committed on my person. I was in a sense blind folded with my hands bound behind my back as the Thailand punks came at me from all directions night and day, seeking a way to arrest me on any charge. All of this was at the direction of the fbi."

Their intimidation did not work. When he returned to the United States, the FBI set out to financially bankrupt him, which forced him to lose his residence. Geral ended up living in his car. Since that time he has compiled a list of FBI crimes against him including psychological torture and harassment so startling, that they would at the very least shock the American public, and definitely cause them to lose whatever trust they have placed in this organization.

I have been to Geral's Website which discusses in great detail the abuses which he (and an ex-CIA agent, Barbara Hartwell) has suffered at the hands of these immoral and vindictive cowards. I have even E-mailed him on a few occasions to let him know that he has some support for all that he has been forced to endure. However, I seriously doubt that the E-mails I sent were ever received by him. Furthermore, I believe that the FBI has at least on occasion, intercepted my E-mails to Geral and in fact, answered for him. If the FBI has done this, there can be no doubt that they have committed a very serious criminal offense. Why would they do this? The FBI's goal behind psychological operations is to mentally incapacitate those whom they target. If targets are allowed to hear from other targets who can support and empathize with their abuse, then that would interfere with the FBI's goal.

I have attempted to post on Geral Sosbee's forum for months, only to be prevented from doing so by the FBI. Even though I have used the proper access password required by the forum, I was repeatedly given the message that the password was incorrect. This has gone on for months, and I have not been able to contact those who control the forum. Others have been able to post in regard to Geral's forum (a number of whom had negative comments for him). Is it likely that the agents themselves have been posting to Geral just to harass and demoralize him? In any event, the FBI's deliberate interference in my being able to post to Geral further supports my belief that they have not only been intercepting my E-mails to him, but also, in some instances possibly answering for him. Why? They simply do not want Geral and me corresponding, and comparing abuses that we have suffered at the hands of the FBI. Dr. Allen L. Barker is another psyops target who has had his life destroyed by our Government. He has undergone abusive psyops and psychotronics for several years with little or no relief from them. As with Geral, his marriage eventually failed under the constant strain that Government psyop/psychotronic assaults placed on Allen and his wife.

My attempt to reach him via E-mail has been unsuccessful. It is my belief that my E-mail to him was either intercepted by the FBI, that Allen has been threatened not to respond to me, or that something has happened to him. No one who has been subjected to this type of vicious psychological torture would ever voluntarily refuse to speak with another torture victim.

**** On May 20th, 2005 I became so distraught with the harassment I was receiving at the hands of the FBI, that I contacted (by E-mail) several members of the New York State Senate describing this torture in detail. On May 23rd, 2005 I received a letter via the USPS from Senator Carl Marcellino (Senator from the 5th District -- my district)which he had sent to the Junior Senator of New York State (Hillary Rodham Clinton)and CC'ed me on. Senator Marcellino's letter to Senator Clinton can be viewed at the following Website:

Senator Marcellino's Letter To Senator Clinton regarding FBI harassment of James F. Marino

Interestingly enough, the following events happened shortly after I received Senator Marcellino's letter. COINCIDENCE??

**** On May 23rd, 2005 I was finally able to contact Geral W. Sosbee by telephone, and left a message for him. Later that evening a person claiming to be Geral did in fact return my phone call, and we did converse for a short time in regard to the harassment that both he and I have experienced at the hands of the FBI. To say that Geral had horrible things to say about the FBI is at best a huge understatement. While speaking with him, I also noticed the same telephone interference that ex- CIA agent Barbara Hartwell mentioned in a post on Geral's forum.(Geral did tell me while we were speaking that the FBI did have his phone bugged -- of course I was also well aware that the FBI had my phone bugged as well.) Barbara stated that this type of interference only occurred when she phoned Geral and others who were familiar with the CIA's harassment of her.

She also mentioned that when she would speak with people who had nothing to do with this harassment, that her phone reception was fine. I related to Geral, the problem that I had had for months, attempting to post on his Website forum, regarding complaints aimed at the FBI. He assured me that in the future I would be able to post. I later went to his Website forum and attempted to again post using the proper access word. However, as in countless times past, I was unable to do so. I then contacted Geral by E-mail sending him the information that I wished to post. He was kind enough to do so for me.

**** On June 16th, 2005 I was also finally able to contact Dr. Allen L. Barker in regard to joining his forum for mind control victims. I am presently a member of this forum and am learning much in regard to the United States Government's illegal use of mind control on many of its targeted citizens. I have also joined Carrie Dawn's mind control forum as well in an effort to learn as much as I can about this malicious form of abuse, and to alert the American people to it so that together we may work in concert to end it. ****During late June I removed myself from Allen Barker's MCactivism forum as well as Carrie Dawn's Mind Control Victim's group because it became clear that the FBI had infiltrated these groups and was disrupting them because of my presence. I am hopeful that now that I have left these forums that they will be allowed to get back to the important work that they are doing.

As with Geral and Allen, my relationship with my family was eventually destroyed by the FBI's constant harassment. As a result, my family found it less painful to go along with the FBI then to be constantly tormented by them. Who could blame them? When you're battling with a raging river it is only natural to want to swim with the current rather then against it, once you're exhausted; even if the current is taking you to an undesirable place. I know that my family are wonderful people though, the nicest that anyone could ever ask to be a part of. And when this nightmarish hell that the FBI has put them through is over, it is my hope that they will be OK. I can no longer deal with the pain that losing them has caused me, so I just try to think back to the good times that we all had together.

It is all that I have left of them. The FBI's continued abuse of them as well as myself took the ultimate toll. This constant abuse through the use of time, space and force is what makes the FBI so formidable to those who oppose it. They simply wear you down through the use of this demonic strategy. Just ask anyone who has been the target of an FBI vehicle surveillance team.

As author and former FBI agent Lee Adams wrote, "an FBI vehicle surveillance team does not just follow you, they surround you. They become part of your environment." Mr. Adams goes on to say that these teams become a part of your daily routine and never let you out of their sight. I can attest to this, as they have hounded me for the past two years. However, what I was unaware of prior to that time was that the FBI surveillance teams were around me for a much longer period of time (perhaps twenty or so years). Their surveillance included the surreptitious entry of my parents' home, where electronic surveillance cameras were installed throughout the house. This type of covert surveillance, a clear violation of the 4th Amendment of the United States Constitution, allowed them to know where I was going before I ever arrived.

It also enabled them to listen in on private conversations that my family and I had, which had absolutely nothing to do with crime. This twenty or so year FBI "fishing expedition," was the most blatant invasion of my family's privacy, and is such a gross abuse of American civil liberties that it simply should not be justified on any legal terms, nor tolerated by the American people.

What I can't overemphasize is how well FBI surveillance teams blend into society. They don't drive FBI bureau cars when they are keeping you under surveillance. A target would spot them in a New York minute. Instead, these surveillance teams are comprised of both "wheel artists" and "pavement artists." "Wheel artists" drive SUV's, sports cars, livery limo's, luxury sedans, tractor trailers, taxicabs, motorcycles, vans, tow trucks, school buses, ambulances etc. In their "pavement artist" function, FBI operatives will imitate any type of person that one might see in public. Do you get the picture? They are indistinguishable from the rest of society, which is why they are able to go undetected by their targets. Keep in mind that the targets who are the focus of these teams have not committed any crimes, yet can be repeatedly hounded and subjected to constant attempts at entrapment, a clear violation of the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution. What happens when the FBI has done its best to entrap you, yet fails to do so?

Remember ecologist Judi Bari? According to Judi, depositions which she had taken from certain FBI agents as well as Oakland Police Officers brought her to the conclusion that they more then likely orchestrated the bombing of her vehicle and tried to implicate her in it. The following quote from an article Judi wrote about her situation best describes the experiences of many people who've been hounded by the FBI. "These guys are professional liars, who have raised selective memory loss to an art form. There is also a draconian set of rules about what we're allowed to ask and how we're allowed to ask it. Nonetheless, between the police photos and written reports, the FBI files, and the sworn testimony of these cops and FBI agents, we have managed to gather quite a bit of information to begin to piece together what really happened when I was bombed on May 24, 1990."

If the FBI and Oakland Police did in fact take part in the bombing of Judi's car, this is not the act of a police organization, but rather, one of a terrorist rogue organization which is capable of terrible crimes against the people it is empowered to protect; an organization that operates without the checks and balances needed to hold it accountable for its own actions. One can only imagine the innocent lives that have been destroyed by the FBI, those whom they deemed to be a threat to them in one way or another. Most special agents are so well programmed by the FBI that they can take part in the torture of their targets without having the least bit of feeling for them. This programming frees them from human emotion so that they can carry on the sadistic protocols that are in direct contrast to the pristine personas that they portray to the American people. Of course, their control of the media goes a long way to perpetuating this fraud on our society. After all, if Peter Jennings or Deborah Norville report that a segment of government related news is true, then it must be so. Who would question these pillars of evening entertainment? The FBI's public persona is one of professionals who operate in an extremely dangerous vocation, one which is constantly putting their lives at risk. I decided to look at some statistics to determine if this publicly perceived persona was truly deserved. What I found will of no doubt be of interest to every American citizen. I located research pertaining to the mortality rates of a few different groups of workers including police officers, fire fighters, FBI agents and sanitation workers.

What I found was to say the least, an "eye opener." Over six thousand police officers have lost their lives in the past century. In roughly that same period of time, a total of thirty-four FBI agents were "Killed In The Line Of Duty As The Direct Result Of An Adversarial Action." Thirty-four deaths over the course of nearly a century must represent one of the safest types of employment that there is. To put this situation into perspective, research done by the Bureau Of Labor Statistics found that sanitation workers were more then twice as likely to be killed on the job as were police officers, and more then three times as likely to die in a job related accident as were fire fighters. The thirty-four deaths of FBI agents over the course of more then 80 years cannot begin to approach the level of risk involved in the other occupations mentioned here. Moreover, while the loss of even one life is tragic, the fact is that statistics don't lie. Based on these statistics, one can't help but arrive at the following conclusion: the public's perception of the FBI as being a highly risky type of employment appears to be far more myth then reality. A myth no doubt, deliberately perpetuated by this organization throughout the years to maintain public credibility.

Another important aspect of the FBI's attempt to maintain public credibility means demonstrating to society that they are human and can thus from time to time make mistakes. If there is some impropriety by an agent or employee who is deemed expendable, the bureau will then make a public example of him/her to accomplish this. However, this is a rare event, and the more serious charges leveled at the FBI never come from the upper echelon of the bureau itself, but rather, from a source that has exposed some crime that they have discovered in regard to the FBI. These sources can be either FBI agents themselves (known as whistle blowers) or members of the public who've witnessed the victimization of someone by the bureau, or who themselves have been victims of it. Most people who suffer abuses by this organization are too terrified to ever come forward. FBI reprisals would be of a far too devastating nature to deal with. Just ask those who have done so only to have their lives destroyed.

FBI whistle blowers can be in one of two categories: those who report serious crimes which could actually threaten the existence of the FBI (Ex-FBI agent Geral Sosbee) or those who report crimes of the bureau which can be rationalized and later accepted by the American people. FBI agent, Colleen Rowley is a good example of the second type. Her report to FBI chief, William Mueller makes it sound as if the FBI was careless in the intelligence data that they obtained leading to an ill-fated 9/11. However, it in no way implicates them in any type of conspiracy. On the other hand, Sosbee's information implicates the FBI in a conspiracy that was responsible for 9/11. If the latter were proven, the already existent lack of public support for the FBI compounded by a conspiracy of this magnitude would surely lead to a public call for either the total restructuring or perhaps even the abolishment of the FBI. Hence, the need to secure the Sosbee breach by either murdering him or driving him insane through the use of psyops. In the past two years I have spent much time researching how and why the FBI has been harassing my family and myself. The education that I have received as a result of this has caused me tremendous distress. There are surely many FBI cover-ups that have been obscured from the public eye. However, many are so blatantly obvious that it would take complete denial by the public to ignore them. There is good reason to suspect FBI complicity in the Oklahoma City bombing, the TWA Flight 800 bombing, and both the original attack on the World Trade Center in 1993 as well as the 9/11 disaster.

There are many inconsistencies with the FBI's findings regarding the destruction of the World Trade Center, including why there is no videotape of the 9/11 hijackers at Logan airport. There should be video of every person who enters and leaves the Logan airport terminal, so why is there no video of the purported hijackers entering Logan on the day in which they were supposed to hijack the planes? One would think that the FBI would have had the tape of the hijackers' faces plastered all over the television network newscasts. What about the two eyewitness accounts of men working on the cleanup of the World Trade Center (Mike Bellone and Nick DiMasi) stating that they had actually seen three of the flight recorders found from both jets that hit the World Trade Center. They were told by FBI agents at the site to keep quiet about it. However, Nick and Mike were never given a good enough answer as to why they should, so they came forward with their discovery. They also indicated that other workers at the WTC site had also seen the boxes, but were warned by the FBI not to divulge this to anyone. Are the American people expected to believe that these heavy duty metal boxes were destroyed when the planes hit the WTC towers, but that an ID card from one of the "FBI identified" hijackers was found in nearly perfect condition just a few blocks away? If you believe the FBI's account, then the laminated coating on that ID card must be as fireproof as asbestos! Of course, as is their standard response, the FBI denies that these black boxes were ever found.

Also, what about the other missing flight recorders from flight 93, which was reported to have been crashed by the hijackers but appears to have been deliberately shot down by the United States Airforce? Could it be that the FBI does not want anyone to know about the conversations that were found on those recorders? Is it possible that these conversations could implicate our own government in a conspiracy? What about flight 77 which was reportedly crashed into the Pentagon? The only known tape which might actually show this flight crashing into the Pentagon was taken from a gas station camera located across from the Pentagon. However, the FBI seized this tape and to date has never shown it to the public. What about the victims of TWA Flight 800, shot down by a missile over the Atlantic Ocean in 1996? Early reports by many eyewitnesses recounted seeing a flare from the ground head upwards toward flight 800 causing the subsequent explosion. I can understand if only a few people reported seeing this flare, but there were numerous (roughly 270 according to FAA special agent, Bogdan Dzakovic) eyewitness accounts, far too many for the government to explain away. Even newscasts were reporting that a missile of some type downed the TWA flight. However, the FBI was quick to kill this story and after a few weeks, even the major media was no longer mentioning it. Over the course of time the FBI came up with some totally contrived tale about the gas tank on the plane igniting. Their fabrication is about as believable as Lee Harvey Oswald's being the lone sniper in the Kennedy assassination, if in fact Oswald played any key role at all, other then than that of patsy. And the mysterious "magic bullet" which blew the right side of President John F. Kennedy's head off, appearing in perfect condition on a stretcher found just outside of Parkland Memorial Hospital. How convenient for the CIA/FBI; all of the ends of their investigation tied up nice and neatly. Another massive cover-up and deception on the American people.

But, would the FBI/CIA go to any lengths to prevent the public from learning about their complicity in the Kennedy assassination? Just ask Oliver Stone how difficult a time he had in getting his movie, JFK, the boldest interpretation of the Kennedy assassination ever offered to the American people, produced. Even three decades after the assassination, Stone described the politics involved in getting JFK made as a nightmare. Why would he have had such a difficult time? Because his movie disputed the single assassin theory and hypothesized that there was more then one assassin. If there was more then one assassin, that is indicative of a conspiracy, and completely changes how the events leading up to Kennedy's murder can be interpreted. This would also mean that Oswald could not have been the lone assassin, and that a new investigation regarding other conspirators would now have to begin.

Having seen the movie, I can truthfully say that it offers a far more plausible explanation of what actually occurred on that fateful November day in 1963, then the one given by the Warren Commission, which had a lone Oswald firing off three rounds in a matter of seconds, the bullets literally defying the laws of physics to accomplish their goal. What other motives could have resulted in the conspiracy to murder JFK? While there are many theories, the following are based on fact. There was of course the Cuban Bay Of Pigs incident as well as JFK's decision to completely restructure the CIA (as a result of their misleading Kennedy by telling him that Castro had lost his support base in Cuba) which would have forced this organization to be monitored far more carefully then it had ever been in the past; also the Cuban Missle Crisis; Kennedy's war on organized crime and his noble attempts at integrating minorities into society. But there was something which JFK discovered, something which was virtually unknown to the American people at the time, which may have played far more of a role in his murder then anyone could have possibly realized. The following excerpts cover some very important research done by The Christian Common Law Institute. This research should be made available to the American people as soon as possible.

" On June 4, 1963, a virtually unknown Presidential decree, Executive Order 11110, was signed with the authority to basically strip the Federal Reserve Bank of its power to loan money to the United States Federal Government at interest. With the stroke of a pen, President Kennedy declared that the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank would soon be out of business. The Christian Common Law Institute has exhaustively researched this matter through the Federal Register and Library of Congress and can now safely conclude that this Executive Order has never been repealed, amended, or superseded by any subsequent Executive Order. In simple terms, it is still valid."

"When President John Fitzgerald Kennedy signed this Order, it returned to the federal government, specifically the Treasury Department, the Constitutional power to create and issue currency money without going through the privately owned Federal Reserve Bank. President Kennedy's Executive Order 11110 gave the Treasury Department the explicit authority ' to issue silver certificates against any silver bullion, silver, or standard silver dollars in the Treasury.' This means that for every ounce of silver in the U.S. Treasury's vault, the government could introduce new money into circulation based on the silver bullion physically held there. As a result, more then $4 billion in United States Notes were brought into circulation in $2 and $5 denominations. $10 and $20 United States Notes were never circulated but were being printed by the Treasury Department when Kennedy was assassinated. It appears obvious that President Kennedy knew the Federal reserve Notes being used as the purported legal currency were contrary to the Constitution of the United States of America. United States Notes were issued as an interest-free and debt free currency backed by silver reserves in the U.S. Treasury."

" President Kennedy was assassinated on November 22,1963 and the United States Notes he had issued were immediately taken out of circulation. Federal Reserve Notes continued to serve as the legal currency of the nation. According to the United States Secret Service, 99% of all U.S. paper currency circulation in 1999 are Federal Reserve Notes. Kennedy knew that if the silver -backed United States Notes were widely circulated, they would have eliminated the demand for the Federal Reserve Notes. This is a very simple matter of economics. The USN was backed by silver and the FBN was not backed by anything of intrinsic value. Executive Order 11110 should have prevented the national debt from reaching its current level (virtually all of the nearly $9 trillion in federal debt has been created since 1963) if LBJ or any subsequent President were to enforce it. It would have almost immediately given the U.S. Government the ability to repay its debt without going to the private Federal Reserve Banks and being charged interest to create new money. Again, just five months after Kennedy was assassinated, no more of the Series 1958 Silver Certificates were issued either, and they were subsequently removed from circulation."

"Perhaps the assassination of JFK was a warning to all future presidents not to interfere with the private Federal Reserve's control over the creation of money. It seems very apparent that President Kennedy challenged the 'powers that exist behind U.S. and world finance.' With true patriotic courage, JFK boldy faced the two most successful vehicles that have ever been used to drive up debt: 1. war (Vietnam); and, 2) the creation of money by a privately owned central bank. His efforts to have all U.S troops out of Vietnam by 1965 combined with Executive Order 11110- would have destroyed the profits and control of the private Federal Reserve Bank." Based on this factual information it certainly sounds as if the Federal Reserve Bank had everything to gain and nothing to lose by JFK's assassination. Furthermore, according to Executive Order 11110, the Federal Reserve Bank has not only been operating illegally for more then forty years, but continues to do so. While Americans can't realistically expect to avoid paying federal income taxes (there are many federal institutions which need to be financially supported), the interest saved by not having to use the Federal Reserve Banks would certainly put more money into each American's bank account, in addition to gradually lowering the national debt.

Continuing with FBI conspiracies, what about James Sanders, the producer of "The Downing Of Flight 800" and author of the book "Altered Evidence?" Do you know what happened to him and his wife after writing about the conspiracy surrounding the destruction of this aircraft, which challenged the findings of the FBI and offered with facts, a far more realistic explanation of what happened to Flight 800? They were both soon visited by the FBI, and subsequently charged with and convicted of conspiracy. James has spoken in detail about how the FBI framed him and his wife because their research showed FBI complicity in the Flight 800 disaster. So much for voicing your opinions in this country and for the 1st Amendment, which the government assures us is still applicable. If it's applicable, why were James and his wife arrested for simply doing research into a very tragic event in American history? I think that they, as well as the American people are owed an answer to this question. As far as 9/11 is concerned, who would have had the most to gain by having terrorism on American soil? Saddam Hussein and his sons? He's in prison for life and his sons are both dead.

What about the "weapons of mass destruction" that the United States invaded Afghanistan to destroy? The United States never found any weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan because they never existed. So why did the United States invade Afghanistan? To capture Ossama Bin Laden? Where is he anyway? The FBI would have us believe that after three and a half years of nonstop searching, Bin Laden is still missing. Is this difficult to believe? It certainly is. Especially since Bin Laden was recruited by our very own CIA to look after American interests during the Soviet-Afghan war. The following is a quote from London's Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Prime suspect in the New York and Washington terrorists attacks, branded by the FBI as an "international terrorist" for his role in the African US embassy bombings, Saudi born Osama bin Laden was recruited during the Soviet-Afghan war "ironically under the auspices of the CIA, to fight Soviet invaders." "An article in the French daily Le Figaro confirms that Osama bin Laden underwent surgery in an American Hospital in Dubai in July. During his stay in the hospital, he met with a CIA official. While on the World's "most wanted list," no attempt was made to arrest him during his two week stay in the hospital, shedding doubt on the Administration's resolve to track down Osama bin Laden." This is just further proof that the CIA could have prevented 9/11 from ever happening. They could have arrested Bin laden while he was in this American Hospital in July of 2001.

When the United States Government was told that its Army did not find Bin Laden or the weapons of mass destruction in Afghanistan, did they pull our troops out of Afghanistan and send them home? No. Instead, they decided to invade Iraq to find them there. Yet, they did not find them in Iraq either. Without accomplishing their objectives, they did not leave Iraq, but instead decided to not only remain there, but also install a new Democratic government. Perhaps this was the true mission for going to Iraq in the first place? However, how can we possibly preach about Democracy to others, let alone counsel them on how to install and operate such a type of government, when it is becoming increasingly apparent that the United States has become far more Totalitarian then it is Democratic. Who had the most to gain from the 9/11 attack on the World Trade Center? It would appear to be the United States Government, by obtaining through the use of terror and the subsequent fear which results from it, complete dominance over the American people. Since 9/11 and the creation of the Patriot Act (as fascist a law as there has ever been), Americans no longer have any protection from the 1st, 4th or 5th Amendments of the United States Constitution. That is what happens when a law is passed by one person, the President, by way of an Executive Order, and by-passes Congress altogether. No checks and balances. In other words, it is a law which can be abused by the authorities at any time they care to, for whatever reasons they deem necessary. Because the Patriot Act was enacted through an Executive Order, the FBI no longer needs probable cause to search through Americans' personal information. Please keep in mind that probable cause was never in favor of the average American citizen anyway. It always favored the FBI and other policing agencies, and was at best, a judgment call on their part.

Even prior to the Patriot Act, the FBI was busy violating the law including their illicit black bag jobs (breaking and entering into private homes) and installing bugs and electronic video surveillance equipment for questionable "fishing expeditions." Is it any wonder why the American people are so fearful and paranoid at the very mention of the FBI, especially now that they can go on these "expeditions" legally? American's take note, your privacy in this country has never before been in the jeopardy that it is now. The confidential records which you thought were private can now be accessed by the FBI, whenever they want. Medical records, bank records, your credit card information, the library books that you read and DVD's that you and your family watch, even your own DNA, all accessible to the FBI on a whim. Remember, it is all in a file on some computer just ready to be accessed. Let's not even get into your Internet Web surfing. The FEDS have access to that as well and are working on forcing the Internet Service Providers to restructure Internet architecture to make it easier to spy on you.

Furthermore, FBI covert projects such as Magic Lantern will make it even easier to spy on your internet activity. The FBI announced that this new technology allows it to break encryption, however this is a blatant lie and fraud on the American people. Magic Lantern is a a Trojan virus which the FBI places on a target's computer to record every keystroke that the target makes. The FBI has attempted to get antivirus software makers to include a "back door" in regard to this software so that its Magic Lantern Trojan virus will go undetected by this software. Many antivirus companies have agreed to the FBI's unconstitutional request. However, as of 2001 antivirus software maker, SOPHOS, would not agree to add a back door to its software, because it recognized the serious implications of Constitutional abuse present in the FBI's request. And as for the FBI's statement that if one has done nothing wrong one has nothing to worry about, just ask various religious, political and other activists' groups about FBI harassment, even though they had committed no crimes. The FBI certainly failed to acknowledge that these people had constitutional rights. And that is not the end of the story, either. Your home privacy can be invaded anytime the FBI deems it necessary, in the interest of domestic terrorism. Did you realize that under the new Patriot Act that if you attend a convention or perhaps even a peaceful political or religious demonstration, that the FBI can label you a terrorist? Believe it or not, it's true. Just go to an Internet search engine and type in Patriot Act. You will find several Websites that actually cover this document in its entirety. Read it and you will be stunned to find that the Patriot Act basically nullifies the most critical Amendments to the United States Constitution, especially those in the area of privacy.

The FBI has been infiltrating peace groups in the United States for decades with the intention of destroying them. Operation COINTELPRO was what is known in FBI terms as a black operation. A covert government program created to disrupt and destroy the actions and lives of any persons they claimed were dissidents. One of the more famous victims of COINTELPRO was Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. He was targeted by the then head of the bureau, non other then J. Edgar Hoover himself. Hoover was fearful of the movement which King was involved in. Consequently, he needed to find a way to remove him regardless of the personal cost to King and his family. This resulted in repeated threats against King by the FBI. He was even blackmailed by them in an attempt to get him to commit suicide, just prior to one of his greatest and well known speaking engagements. However, King would not be dissuaded. It is quite likely that his strength of character and determination is what led to his ultimate demise. The question is, did the FBI play any role in King's murder? Given their checkered past, I will let you be the judge of that. What one will never realize is the level of sophistication of the surveillance equipment that the FEDS have at their disposal. Cameras that can see through your ceiling and invade the privacy of your boudoir. Yes, and it gets even worse. The FEDS can videotape you in your most private moments. Just envision yourself in the shower or on your commode as the FBI videotapes you for "reasons of national security." Just imagine the type of blackmail that they could use against you if they chose to. Fellow Americans, hold onto your hats. The FBI has been illegally kicking innocent rears and taking names for decades, something which they still do. However, the fascist Patriot Act may now make it legal.

I have been laboring under the misconception that as American citizens, we have a constitution which protects our rights. It has been painful to learn that this is simply not the case. If you are caught in the commission of a crime within the United States, you might expect to receive a trial by a jury of your peers, which to a degree is subject to certain Constitutional rights. However, if you have not committed a crime but are a source of curiosity to the federal government, FBI agents can break into your home (surreptitious entry) install hidden surveillance cameras and microphones, and embark on what they like to refer to as a "fishing expedition." The recently passed Patriot Act only furthers this type of Constitutional abuse. The FBI can now sit back and wait for you to implicate yourself in a crime before they react, a blatant violation of the 5th Amendment to the United States Constitution. Just imagine a situation where the FBI starts out on one of these "fishing expeditions" but does not find crimes being committed. Does it end its surveillance of the target? Not necessarily.

In my case, the FBI decided to stay on for at least two decades, trying in some way to implicate me in a crime. Just imagine FBI surveillance cameras (or some type of electronic remote viewing) of your home for roughly two decades, recording all goings on, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. In this particular situation the FBI not only violated the 1st, 4th, 5th and 14th Amendments to the US Constitution, they obliterated them. Common sense would dictate that if the FBI had to wait for more then a few months or even a year and did not find any evidence of a crime, what the hell were they still doing spying on my family and me for nearly two decades? After such a blatant fishing expedition and such an act of constitutional abuse, can the FBI really expect the American people to take them seriously? One can only surmise that there was nothing whatsoever Constitutional or Democratic about their actions. Furthermore, the RICO statutes, created in 1970 for use in prosecuting organized crime, can now be abused by the government at any time in which it decides to target any American citizen or group, whom the government labels as part of a "continuing criminal enterprise." Please keep in mind that this term can relate to just about anyone in this country, and that even anti-abortion groups have been targeted for RICO by federal prosecutors in the past.

The interpretation of the RICO statutes (Racketeer Influenced and Corrupt Organizations) is extremely broad and requires only the predicates of both mail and wire fraud as a basis for its use. This interpretation is broad enough in scope so that if an individual, by way of telephone, did not properly describe the contents of a package which they were shipping via the United States Post Office, they could be charged by the Government with two counts of racketeering: the first for misrepresenting the contents of the package (even if it was unintentional) and the second for using the telephone in which to do so. Is this nuts? Of course it is. Yet, the government has in all likelihood gotten away with it in the past. Please keep in mind that RICO can also remove the statutes of limitations afforded to any defendant, meaning that the government can now go back as far as they like in investigating a defendant. Moreover, once a RICO case against a defendant has been initiated, it can (should a situation regarding the defendant occur --chronic illness etc.) be delayed for years due to the process of tolling. Perhaps what is most disturbing is that RICO allows civil suits including damages amounting to treble (triple) those normally awarded to a civil plaintiff. The bottom line is that the RICO statutes and the Patriot Act are laws which are totally contrary to the US Constitution. They are without a doubt fascist in nature, as is the government's use of surreptitious entry. They have no place in a country which defines itself as a democracy, and should without question be abolished.

When surveillance does not accomplish their goal, the FBI turns to entrapment. Entrapment is a very useful tool of the FBI's which forcefully coerces a target to commit crimes that they would otherwise not. Sometimes (in my case) this entrapment is so blatant, so extreme, that the FBI is basically complicit in the crime itself. As my family and I have experienced first hand, the FBI can violate ones privacy in ways unheard of; at least, unheard of in a country which represents itself to its citizens and the rest of the world as a Democracy. The FBI has for decades spied on its citizens including famous stars and those in government, to find out what skeletons they had rattling around in their closets. This can come in handy for use by the FBI to use as coercion. They employ the use of sexual blackmail to influence those people who can be of help to them. Blackmail, especially of a devastating nature is the FBI's stock in trade. Just imagine that you are the defendant in a federal court where the judge presiding over your case has been under surreptitious surveillance by the FBI. Why is he under surveillance? It could be any number of reasons. Could it be that he has been accused of taking a bribe, or of maybe even having an extra marital affair? Maybe it's something more benign, like not agreeing with some aspect of government that the FBI is uncomfortable with.

The trial is going well and you are pleased thus far with due process. Suddenly, the trial takes a suspicious turn and you and your attorney now find yourselves in a losing battle. Something behind the scenes has happened, but you are just not quite sure what it is. Could it be that the judge presiding over your case has been anonymously contacted by someone threatening to reveal something that could cause him some sort of embarrassment, perhaps even something scandalous? Will it impact the way in which he handles the trial? Judges are human and susceptible to all that that implies. Of course it can effect the outcome of a trial. It has in all likelihood happened many times before. Sadly, this type of abuse, this blatant invasion of privacy, is far more fascist in nature then it is democratic, and truly representative of what the United States of America is becoming. The bottom line is that as an American citizen, you have constitutional rights as long as the Government says you do -- translation -- you don't have Constitutional rights, at least not anymore.

I did say that I was distressed by what I have learned, not only in regard to the lack of a firm constitution in the United States, but also, because I now know the truth about the American Government and its real agenda. In this case, it is not just the American Government, but a conspiracy between it and a number of foreign governments whose goal is to create a New World Order (herein referred to as NWO) -- a world order in which this juggernaut will have control over the rest of the world's population. Two global organizations, the Bilderberg Group and the Trilateral Commission are behind this move for global supremacy. This operation is one of extreme complexity and is in many instances not even known by many of our own senators and congress persons. It certainly isn't known to the world at large or to most of the American people. The Bilderberg Group has been in existence since 1954; the Trilateral Commission, since 1973. Together, these groups form the symbiosis for global domination. What is frightening is that most people rightfully cringe at the memory of the Jewish Holocaust, an event so horrible that we tell ourselves that it could never happen again. Yet it is happening again. The slaughter of untold numbers of Africans is happening right now. A few years back, terrible crimes against humanity occurred in Bosnia as well,and in ways just as atrocious as the Holocaust. These tragic events will continue to happen on a large scale around the world, but in certain parts of the world in not so obvious a way. Why will they happen? Because one of the goals of the NWO is to reduce the size of the world's population, to protect the dwindling natural resources that are needed for human survival.

A Darwinist type of situation will be played out here, as only the wealthy and hence those who can afford the power needed to maintain control will survive. They will do so at the expense of the rest of us. It will not happen overnight, but within the next two decades or so these forces will change the course of world history, and not for the better. George Orwell's concept of the world he described in his novel 1984, appears to be far more of a reality then anyone could have possibly realized. While he is thus far remembered as a famous novelist, his accurate portrayal of a frightening world in which free thought is in and of itself a crime, may force people from around the world to ultimately acknowledge him as more of a prophet. Those of the NWO have learned the lessons of the Nazis well, though. In America and certain developed parts of the world, they will not exterminate humans in the same way that the Nazis did the Jews. That is far too obvious and would incite revolution. Instead, a new type of nefarious but far more covert control will include the use of both extermination and neutralization techniques. Undeveloped countries will experience extermination by way of biological weapons such as AIDS and Ebola. This is key to downsizing the world's population.

In developed countries, citizens will be neutralized by way of either biological weapons or through the use of mind control, to weed out those who question government authority. Those who cannot be controlled in these developed countries will be eliminated. In regard to mind control, there exists a type (synthetic telepathy) which can be used on unwitting mass populations to control and thus enslave them. I have been subjected to this technology. I am a US citizen and have experienced this abuse within the United States, so I can therefore deduce that the United States Government maintains this technology. Although it is doubtful that they would ever admit this to the public, countries around the world, including our own, have used this technology to experiment on their own unwitting citizens with dyer consequences. I again refer to the mind control forum's Website which describes roughly 500 personal accounts of citizens who have been abused through the use of mind control experimentation. It is this type of mind control which the NWO will use to escalate its plot to subvert not just American society, but also the world's way of life.

For those of us who are already aware of this, and ready to speak out, our time for free thought is nearing an end. Most will be framed in some carefully orchestrated type of conspiratorial crime, and wind up either imprisoned or institutionalized. Others who are successful at avoiding these types of orchestrated frame-ups (Geral Sosbee, Barbara Hartwell, and others like them) will continue to be subjected to psychological operations and psychotronics, in an effort to drive them insane. Those functioning in society will be used to contribute to the designs of the New World Order, yet will remain unaware of it. Their reward will be the delusion that they are actually free. They will live a life more controlled then they could possibly imagine, and if by some chance any of them actually realize that they have been the subjects of non consensual experimentation, they will one way or another be silenced to prevent them from alerting others. As I have said, I have experienced first hand the FBI's use of both psychological operations as well as psychotronic weaponry, and can attest to the fact that they are not only wickedly effective torture devices, but also used on a fairly large scale. It was my suffering which forced me to look for others who were also being abused by the United States Government.

Thanks to the Internet, a communication tool that terrifies organizations like the FBI, not only because of the freedom which it represents, but also because of the limited control they have over its use, I did not have to look far to find many other victims of these types of abuses. One thing is for certain. The United States Government will surely do whatever it takes to destroy any credibility that I and others like me have, regardless of the personal toll that it takes on us and on those with whom we are associated. We know many of the truths that they are hiding from Americans and that makes us a danger to them. Of course, they will try to dismiss us with the same casualness that one dismisses an inanimate object. I did say a casualness, but not an indifference. An indifference would indicate that we were not important enough for them to worry about. But they are worried about us. They are worried that what we have learned about them might be shared with other Americans, and that this could cause quite a problem for them regarding the psychological stranglehold which they have on the American people. If Americans become wise to what their motives are, the CIA/FBI and United States Government might have a far more difficult time in keeping their covert actions under wraps.

The signs of the "New World Order" are all around us. It only takes a casual observer to notice that since 9/11, our country as we knew it has changed forever. We are now for all intents and purposes a police state. A not so long ago trip that I took into Manhattan proved this, as US Army troops carrying weapons patrolled our city streets. The scene was more reminiscent of some war torn country then that of our own USA. I even caught a glimpse of a US tank which was on display as I left the Midtown Tunnel. One must only examine the past to learn that the most atrocious acts ever perpetrated on humankind have been done so out of paranoia and fear. Fear is the operative word here, because as Americans, we have always associated these acts of terrorism with other countries, never our own. We have always thought of ourselves as being invulnerable to terrorism and have hence been able to avoid the fear associated with it. But the 1993 attack on the World Trade Center, the 1995 Murrah Building bombing, TWA flight 800 being brought down by a missile, and 9/11, have changed all that. We are now in fear, an all encompassing fear that will make us surrender our freedom to those who we believe can protect us. But who has brought about this terrible change? Was it really terrorists from other countries? Many of those whom the United States have claimed were terrorists have been murdered by our armed forces.

Others have been imprisoned by us, and still more are on the run looking for ways to survive. Are they really in any position to do us the harm that we have been lead to believe, or in an attempt to take complete control of its people, does the United States Government want us to think that? One question that needs to be answered is this: if our government has irrefutable evidence that these attacks were in fact perpetrated by terrorists from foreign countries, why have there been so many FBI/CIA cover-ups in regard to them? This is a question that the American people must demand an answer to. If our government cannot produce a sufficient answer to this question, then we can only assume that they have in some way been complicit in these attacks. If this is in fact the truth, then our own government, a government created by the people for the people, has been subverted, and the terrorist acts which have occurred on our own soil were in some way perpetrated by it in an effort to gain ultimate control over its citizens. The end result is that we have not only been duped by the best con-artists of all time, but have surrendered ourselves to the country that promised all who were born or immigrated here, the right to be free. Maybe the term conspiracy theorist will one day take on a different meaning then its present one. Perhaps something less negative, like one who refuses to look at the world through rose colored glasses. The following quote by Jim Garrison, the New Orleans District Attorney who was the subject of Oliver Stone's film, JFK, may best describe what is happening in the United States at the present time -- "fascism will come to America in the name of national security." Perhaps Mr. Garrison, like George Orwell, may one day be remembered as a prophet.

James F. Marino
Brookville, NY 11545

**** As I previously mentioned, since this writing, I have contacted many NY State Senators to inform them of serious corruption within the FBI, but have only heard from one in

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