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Video: Amy and Cassandra Declare Open Season on Santa Cruz Overpasses

Interview with Amy Courtney, notorious Santa Cruz highway banner hanger.
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Amy Courtney explains a strange reversal of policy by CalTrans recently, announcing that now all banners will now be left up so long as they are "securely fastened".

Tomorrow (Thurs Sept 19th), Amy & partner in crime Cassandra and a band of other activists promise to attack highway 17 with renewed vigor at 10AM, bringing their messages to thousands of unexpecting commuters in what will become Round 3 of the battle between the Scott's Valley "banner gals" and the coalition of government agencies - CalTrans, California Highway Patrol, and Scott's Valley Police - for control of what travelers read or don't read on the road between Santa Cruz and San Jose.


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trailer for the above piece

commercial leasing?

So now that they have made a strange reversal, is it too far of a stretch for them to develop long-term lease arrangements for advertising? That would coopt the spaces and raise revenue, without confronting free speech issues.... It seems like the billboard industry would be ready to respond to any new opportunities.

Banner Hanging vs People Hanging (Free Art Mu

After residing in Alabama, Los Angeles, and later the San Francisco bay area, it is obvious that it takes preemptive action by numerous people to achieve the freedom that only Northern California enjoys in the United States.

Having lost his job in San Francisco, being persecuted in Los Angeles, and fleeing to Alabama and awaiting the day that he can leave the U.S. permanently in 2004, one disabled veteran betrayed by the power brokering State and Federal fascists in America, from S.F. to L.A. to Alabama, he commends all of the banner hangers and other activists who strike back at oppression.

Keep up the good work.

Video is forthcoming of atrocities ongoing and permitted by federal and state officials in Alabama. Visit the site for free pics and music and details of atrocities in the Martial Law state of Alabama and the nation.

America is under martial law. 10 million people can be betrayed, legally, violating all constitutional rights, in the U.S., henceforth known as, The Bitch of Corporate Whores United Within US.

How can I help?

I'm glad Amy and Cassandra have taken this on! I fear, however, that the oppressing establishment will prevail.

I would like to propose that Amy and Cassandra establish a fund to pay for real billboards. I would be willing to contribute and I'm sure there are many more. I don't see how anyone could oppress this.

Could you please forward this suggestion to them?

Michael Novick
mike_novick (at)

Unite Activists

After reading an article about Amy and Cassandra in the Los Angeles Times, we also made signs protesting our current White House neo-conservative Hawk-like nature in reference to Iraq. We were aware that Caltrans had ruled to allow ALL freeway signs and then within days that ruling was overturned. We hung our signs anyways: Bush = WWIII
next to some flags and went back within two hours and our banners were gone and the flags still there. Would like to know if there is a way to contact Amy or Cassandra by e-mail, etc. We will continue to place signs in the SD area to counteract the Jingoism occuring in our nation and the disregard for life (american soldiers and Iraqi citizens) Information helps and thank you for airing these stories that are silenced in the mainstream corporate run media today. Thank you for your time. Danielle


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