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a small effort to help those in prison to read and to think

The Prisoners Literature Project Works Racist anti-Mexican hate mail received at IMC office in SF
A typed hate-mail letter from "G.R.O.M." (Get Rid of Mexicans) was received today at the SF Bay Area IMC office in San Francisco. The letter included a pile of cut-up INS, California, and Mexican ID cards belonging to residents of San Jose, Redwood City, Gilroy, and San Francisco.The letter was mailed to the Indymedia office perhaps in response to Indybay's recent coverage of the activities of racist vigilante groups operating particularly in southern California prison system.
Adriana Varella was very excited "our program is working! she proclaimed. now we just have to teach them how to use the mail .
we still have to teach them how to be polite but this will come in time. we are very pleased with this progress all-volunteer project that sends free books to prisoners all over the U.S. We get hundreds of letters from prisoners each month and although we try to fulfill these requests as quickly and closely as possible, we are always in need of donations and volunteer help. A project of Bound Together Bookstore and Bay Area prison activists, PLP is not affiliated with any religious organizations, political parties, or government agencies.

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