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NIFC Statement on Provo Surrender


In 1983, when the present Provisional leadership dismantled the Irish crafted Eire Nua federal program and long before they accepted the British initiated Good Friday Agreement (GFA) of 1998, faithful Irish Republicans leaders predicted that the Provisionals would continue to hide under the mantle of Irish Republicanism just as Collins, De Valera and other so-called Irish revolutionary leaders did during and after the surrendering process and even when killing their former comrades on behalf of the British. . They were right! The Provisional have continued with this deceitful claim even while acquiescing to and administering British rule in Ireland through the GFA .

Faithful Republicans view the GFA as a restatement of the British enacted Government of Ireland Act 1920, which established the sectarian Northern Ireland state The GFA does not end the sectarian partition of Ireland. It prolongs that division that continues to foster a climate of opportunity for self-serving politicians of all shades on both sides of the Irish border.

The GFA ensures a continued British occupation of the six Irish counties, thus, allying British fears that the loss of the six counties would deprive their troops of valuable training grounds, and deny their intelligence services a made-to-order laboratory for testing and refining intelligence gathering techniques, and rob their security forces of a recalcitrant populace on which to practice repressive methods of quelling civil unrest. Hence the large presence of British troops in Ireland.

By accepting the GFA sellout, the Provisionals have amassed massive personal fortunes as a payoff including US entry visas to collect easier money. In their new role as British enforcers in Ireland, the Provisionals have resorted to beatings, knee-cappings, and murder to silence any alternative proposals for a genuine peace in Ireland, such as Eire Nua federal program. Consequently, the Provisional declaration of surrender is not unwelcome amongst faithful Irish Republicans and Eire Nua proponents who have borne the brunt of re-directed Provo aggression in their transformation from make-believe Irish revolutionaries to servile British collaborators.

Informed Irish Americans who have always supported a reunited Ireland, contend that the visionary Eire Nua program is the most viable proposal to bring a permanent peace to Ireland in the context of a Declaration of Intent by the British to withdraw from Ireland

The National Irish Freedom Committee join with like-minded people around the world in calling for the Provisionals junta to cease pretending that Irish reunification is a goal of theirs and to cease masquerading as Irish Republicans. Irish republicanism was never about personal gain, from money laundering, kneecapping, criminality or murder.

National Irish Freedom Committee
P.O. Box 771084, Woodside, NY 11377

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