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cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

weekly vigil stands with cindy sheehan 8.12.05
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Standing With Cindy Sheehan 08.12.05.JPG
this friday the ongoing peace vigil stood in solidarity with cindy sheehan, the bone in the craw of the criminal from crawford, g. weasel bush.

one woman has finally captured the franchise on truth, and is forcing the president toward accountability.

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Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

Sign guy And Cindy Sheehan, you rock! Keep on spreading the truth in the form of your amazing signs!

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

Sacramento held a similar support rally, follow the link to see those pics

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

While I am sympathetic to the mother ... Her son volunteered.

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

We support Cindy sheehan and all vets. Her son
volunteered yes, but I belive that idealistic young people who enlist do so because they want to protect America and our people. The war on Iraq has nothing to do with protecting America. Our troops have been misled

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

Casey wanted to go to college. The army afforded him this path. He joined the army before there was any threat of war in Iraq (and before 9-11 for that matter). There are thousands and thousands of soldiers who volunteered for the military, but we have to think about what that really means, and why people join.

anyway, check out what went on in Orange County in solidarity of Cindy!

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

I meant to say there are thousands of people who volunteer and are OPPOSED to the war.

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

Casey, like all of us who serve or have served HONORABLY, swore an oath to obey the orders of the President of the United States and the officers aapointed over him. A lwawful order is on that is not immorral or unethical, as defined by the UCMJ and applicable rules of engagement. regardless of what our personal views are, the litmus test has been established, and it's the cornerstone of an effective military force.

I'm surprised by your seemingly personal comments about Casey. The Army shows that he enlisted in February 2002, after the 9-11 attacks. I did not know him personally,s o I don't know if joined to go to college or not, although I think that's an insignificant point.

As far as troops being misled ... That's a personal view, and one which I'll choose to disagree with.

Support The Troops That Refuse To Fight

Is it "honorable" to fight an illegal war of agression?

Is it ethical to obey orders that further a war that violates countless aspects of international law, treaties and conventions to which the United States is a signatory? Because, under the US Constitution, those treaties and conventions are compelling legal authority to which all US citizens are bound, including those in the military. Orders in violation of those treaties and conventions are therefore *illegal* and thus the soldier receiving those orders has a DUTY to REFUSE to follow those orders.

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

Works for Peace,

Outside of the 4th Geneva Convention Treaties, on what are you basing your argument that my orders were illegal? Give me some facts so we can debate.

As far as a "war of aggression" - WWII , Korea, Vietnam, Desert Storm, the War in Afghanistan ... aren't all wars of our's and the previous two generations based on our aggression?

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

casey sheehan swore to uphold the order of the comander in chief. the CinC in turn had sworn to uphold the Constitution. instead he lied the US into war.
if i asked you to donate your life to a just cause, and it turned out that the cause was in fact NOT JUST, but a front to line the pockets of my friends, would you feel cheated? or are you stupid? OR DEAD?

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

oh, and by the way. only 40% of enlistees actually recieve any scholastic benefits so glowingly promised by recruiters. its a crappy way to pay for school. its like buying a used car at high interest rates.

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

Here’s a touching scene, featuring Cindy Sheehan and the Reverend Al Sharpton, in front of crosses, looking solemn and sad.

Now let’s zoom out and see the media swarm around this manufactured event:


posting signs on freeway over passes

Great work! Keep it up! Here's some tricks to help keep the police and caltrans from tearing your signs down (after lengthy legal battles).
1. Show your signs during Friday pm Rush hour traffic Jam. That way caltrans can't kick you off because you are not causing's already stalled.
2. Have humans hold the signs instead of attaching them to the fence. If you're tired, build a fram that reaches up from the ground and holds the sign up at the right height. That way you're not attached the the fence, you're just on the county side walk. As long as you hold the sign away from the fence and don't block pedestrian traffic on the should be OK.

3. These are the arguments that that the capitola Seargeant gave us for why he wasn't shutting down the "Yes on Prop J" supporters who had signs over the Fwy before the election. (Of course his boss, police chief of Copitola was in support of the measure passing!)

good luck, email me at art and revolution if you need more specifics

Re: cindy sheehan solidarity vigil

Don't you just love the way the right wing operates? I heard that idiot Hannity constantly calling the Crawford protest "Camp Cindy" instead of "Camp Casey" in a pathetic attempt to paint this woman who lost her son in Bush's illegal war as some kind of publicity seeker. Compassionate conseratives my ass. I hope Cindy continues to demand an answer to a simple question: What did my son die for?" We love you, Cindy. Stay strong. The emperor has no clothes.


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