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''Anarcho-Syndicalism'' is a Fraud !

''Anarcho-Syndicalism'' is a revisionist, social-protestant deviation from Anarchist thought.

1. ''Syndicalism'', as it exists in modern Scandinavia (specifically Sweden), is a secular anti-anarchist religion. As a revisionist negation of anarchist principle; it posits a set of abstract ideas, rethoric and platitudes pretending ''libertarian socialism'' without relating them to the concrete everyday reality of working class people, the unemployed, or other marginalised social groups surviving under the ''social democratic'' LIE. The ''Black Bloc'' is (was?) a fashionable fad that appeals only to middle class youth with a puerile revolt lust. The tragedy of the Scandianvian ''far left'' (sic.) is its propensity for symbolism, religiosity and fashion - the historical trademark of POSEURS.

2. Anarchism purged of ''Syndicalist'' revisionism becomes LIBERTARIAN. Anarchism without ''Syndicalism'' is the fight for personal autonomy and voluntary association AGAINST THE POLITICAL STATE. Anarchists define the political state as the system of law making and enforcement symbolised by the Parliament, the Police and the ''social democratic'' Party-State bureaucracy.
Anarchism is EXTRA-LEFTIST - it fights against the political state independent of any strictures and limits externally imposed by the establishment ''Red'', ''Green'' or ''Blue'' parliamentary political secular religions. While the Anarchist seeks to ABOLISH State Power; the Leftist and its ''Syndicalist'' variable fight to TAKE State power. The ''Syndicalists'' want to become the new state oligarchy. They want their Trade Union State to replace the ''social democratic'' capitalist one.

3.SAC-LS (the putative ''syndicalist'' mileu in Sweden) is a TOY UNION. It has no mass following and no recognition among people who work or among the unemployed or those that the ''social democratic'' LIE keeps in a state of social marginalisation. SAC-LS is a SECT. Its members are for the most part former ''social democrats'' (sic.) who joined SAC-LS as a protest in the late 1990's responding to the official ''social democrat'' (sic.) Party-State turn towards the neo-liberal and xenophobic far right. The ''syndicalist'' mileu in Sweden is at bottom a SOCIAL PROTESTANT formation. SAC\LS bears the same realtionship to the offical ''social democrat'' (sic.) Party-State ; that the Lutheran Church once bore in its day to the Roman Catholic Church. ''Syndicalism'' is to the ''social democrats'' in the Sweden of 2005 what Lutheranism was to the Catholic Church in 1630.

3. ''Syndicalism'' IS NOT Anarchism. As a tendency it split from the Anarchist movement in 1906. In its founding documents ( i.e the 1906 Charter of the French CGT) it clearly states that it is ''not anarchist''. Yet, when it suits for the purposes of fooling Libertarian youth into its sectarian clutches the ''syndicalists'' are fond of pretending to be ''anarchist''. When they sense they can milk political benefit from saying they are ''not anarchist'' then they change their tune as it suits.

So which way is it ? ''Anarchist'' or ''not anarchist'' ?

4. The Authentic Anarchist movement aims to extend democracy into the economic and the social by abolishing the political state. The Anarchist concept of democracy is not political representative or limited in an economic reductionist manner to ''workplaces''. The anarchist concept of democracy is POST-POLITICAL, stateless and participatory. Anarchists want to replace the political nation-state and the system of private power it protects with social-economic organisation based on the voluntary association of cooperative groups.

THIS was the vision of Mikhail Bakunin, Emma Goldmann and Enricco Malattesta. Insofar as ''syndicalism'' is a revisionist economic reductionist deviation from anarchism it is a defacto NEGATION of Anarchist anti-politics.

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Re: ''Anarcho-Syndicalism'' is a Fraud !

You are right on!!!


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