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Saturday: Free Self Defense Workshop / Sabado: Clase Gratis sobre Auto Defensa

Free Skool Santa Cruz features a workshop this Saturday: effective, simple, and practical self defense.
Escuela Gratis Santa Cruz presenta una clase este Sabado: Auto Defensa util, simple, y que sirve bien.
The skillshare will be 12-3 PM at Ocean View Park, above Riverside Ave. Turn onto Ocean View St. from Broadway just above Ocean St. Follow the street until the end--the park with the view.

Some Free Skool classes have had low attendence this quater: I urge you to come to this class on Saturday. I must say no one came last time, and I'd like to continue to share this resource if people are interested.
Este tarea será de 12 a 3 PM en el parqe mar vista arriba del Riverside Ave. Doble en Ocean View Street de Broadway arriba de Ocean. Sigue hasta el fin--el parque con la buena vista.

Unos clases del Free Skool no han sido bien asistidos este verano: Quiero que gentes vienen este Sabado. Hay que decir que nadie venieron al ultimo clase. Tengo ganas a compartir este recurso si hay interes.


If you are interested in reading perspectives on the appropriateness of personal self defense as a tactic, perhaps you'd be interested in earlier comment on earlier posts:

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Re: Saturday: Free Self Defense Workshop / Sabado: Clase Gratis sobre Auto Defensa

Danielsan, if i may ask, what discipline are you teaching? thanks

a mixture...

I'll present elements of Kenpo, Ju Jitsu, & Eskrima disciplines. I find 'cross-training' to be extremely beneficial and try to share what I find most practical from each art. Thanks for the question.


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