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new contemporay art magazine from romania is searching for interesting articles
OMAGIU strikes back!

As we announced in our last issue, OMAGIU is going to dedicate its
issue to a generous theme: TOURISM. After a great deal of meditation, we
thought not to let it populate all by itself the pages of our magazine,
so we opened our gates to the TRIP. We invite you to participate in an
active manner to this battle, with your graphic, photographic and textual
Before we start the battle, some spiritual and technical advice,
help us maintain a certain ratio of fair-play:

1. Spiritual advice

Tourism is one of the ideological models of globalisation and one
of the
most violent forms of expression of the produce&consume society. To
visualise this, just think of the turist cohorts who get out of their
panzer/coaches and march on to the “patrimonial sites�,
flash-machine-gunning everything with their cameras, without any
judgment. One suitable definition would be the “blitz krieg� (the blitz
is not the SS thunder, but the camera blitz).
The image antecedes the object, sais Baudrillard. Well then, the
of this blitz-krieg is just the strengthening of the preconcieved image
with whom the tourists set out to conquer exotic places. So it's obvious
that there is no (real) contact with the destination. There is no there
out there...
Still, there are unfeigned ways of traveling, without brutally
experiencing the feeling of belonging to the mass, and without shorting
on any possibility of contact with the Other.
For example: instead of visiting «the beautiful towns of
with the «help» of an tourism agency, we can choose to go to some music
festivals and use this as an opportunity to see what's going on with that
country and its habitants. The cross-linkage saves us from tourism,
consumism, ideology.
When tripping, the camera cease to be the (pseudo) eye through
wich we
see a new place, like in the classical tourism case. We get to have an
authentic experience of the terra incognita. As a matter of fact, it's
the quality that counts, not the quantity, as for the tourism, where the
necessity of “knowing� the whole is vital.
A happy tourist is a tourist who «sees» all the composing elements
of his
preconcieved image with whom he sets up in his «travel» (a frustrated
tourist is a tourist who visits Egipt and doesn't see the pyramids). On
the other hand, a «roots» traveller can be ultra-happy after a trip in
the Saharian dunes.
There are no rules to schematize an experience of the place. The
unveils itself in the precise moment of the trip. The place is the trip.
Only after the eye (the whole pack: physic and psychic) finds itself a
place in the scenery, the camera becomes an extension of the eye, in the
challenge of catching the place...
The tourism remains passive, while the trip is an active
experience, who
allows the interaction with the place we are passing through. Or, it's
precisely this interaction who leaves traces in the person and in situ.

So, a disscution concerning tourism would emphasise on:

- A framing of the theory (ideology) who stands behind every tourism model
(religious tourism, hotel tourism, etc.),
-the setting of the images (photo&graphics) who feed this ideology.

In the trip's case, the story intersects a multitude of plans:

- the traces left by the place/experience in the person, the way in wich
the place changes essential/existential the person (i.e. the bad trip),
- the traces left by the person in situ, (i.e. graffiti trip),
- interaction medias, visual, audio, (i.e. music festivals),
- physical interaction bases (i.e. hostels).

The overtones, combinations, random-linkages, cross-linkages are up to you...


2.Tech advice

For pictures:
Scale 1:1/ 300 dpi/ CMYK/ TIFF / Euroscale 2 colors in press
For vectors:
Adobe Illustrator 10 (can be also CS or CS2), or PDF.
For text:
Supported formats are MS Word, Page, RTF or simply TXT.
Do not forget credits for pictures and txt !

Tha OMAGIU crew
contact (at)

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