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Utah "Rave" Raid on FRSC

FRSC coverage of Utah "Rave" Raid
utraid.mp3 (8192 k)
Coverage of the electronic party that was raided by police, SWAT, and National Guardsmen (helicopter and all) in Utah County on Sat Aug. 20, 2005. Aired live on FRSC Thurs Aug 25, 2005. Listen for updates on Mons 3-5pm pacific during 'Galixy Hour" on Free Radio Santa Cruz 101.1FM streams @

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US Soldiers Brutally Shut Down Rave in Utah

Utah rave shut down by "police officers" with assault rifles and dogs

Here are some short excerpts from firsthand accounts:

Utah Attack-Interview Tonight - 8/25/05
author: pdx imc audio collective

Police Raid Outdoor Music Event

Police Raid Outdoor Music Event

by Parker Pinette
Monday August 22, 2005 at 04:30 AM
ppinette (at)

Numerous accounts from attendees of an outdoor electronic music event in Utah county indicate excessive force used by Sherrif and SWAT officers. A video has surfaced depicting officers dressed in full military fatigues raiding the main stage of the event. Local news stations side with police in initial reports.

Dance party broken up by police in Utah, USA

Dance party broken up by police in Utah, USA,_USA

"Amateur video from the scene shows a number of SWAT police (Sheriff's press release places the figure at 90) screaming orders at the DJs to "Shut it down now!" and yelling at others to "get out now, or I'll kick your ass in jail." Armed police are also seen tackling two attendees, Alaisha Matagi and Paul Maka. It is unclear from the video footage whether these actions were provoked or not. However, those shown on the two-minute long footage that are being forced to the ground do not appear to be resisting arrest. Both Matagi and Maka are charged with failure to obey a police officer and resisting arrest - Maka is also charged with interfering with police. Sheriff Jim Tracy stated in an email that both of them were tackled and arrested after assaulting a deputy, however, neither of them are being charged with assaulting a police officer."

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Paramilitärisches Kommando stürmt Rave bei Salt Lake City

New Content on PDX IMC Web Radio

New Content on PDX IMC Web Radio

* NEW - Show From 08-25-2005 - Description: Interview with performer that attended the Utah event that was raided by swat teams and police on Aug 20, 2005. MY FIRST SHOW!!!!

listen to the stream here:


Video & Media from

Video & Media from

"If you have links or video captures of any other news media coverage please email jeremy (at) We would like to get more recent coverage posted since they have been more willing to show our side of the story. Thanks!"

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Utah Rave Bust Eyewitness accounts on RadioActive sanDiego

Utah Rave Bust Eyewitness accounts on RadioActive sanDiego

Al interviews two eyewitnesses to the fascist crackdown on the 8/20/05 rave party in Utah Co., Utah. Excessive use of force, civil liberties violations, helicopters, the works. it appears the New World Odor doesn't like electronic music and young people dancing and having a good time. so I play a bunch of electronic music too, this show. 1 hr. 57 min.

audio: MP3 at 53.5 mebibytes

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