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Correction: Blogger and columnist Bruce Bratton on FRSC this Sunday (9/4)

Apologies to listeners. Bruce Bratton, whom I'd previously thought was to be on the air Thursday, will be on Sunday September 4th at 9:30 AM.
Bratton is a local writer and movie critic who is also an activist fighting Seaside Company seizure of public land.

He is also a former columnist for the Metro Santa Cruz, who reportedly got canned when he became too critical of Charlie Canfield (Seaside Company boss).

In his weekly blog Bratton Online (, Bratton's been sharpening his blade in exposes of Canfield's Boardwalk expansionism.

Free Radio broadcasts at 101.1 FM and The show is accessible by phone at 831-427-3772 and by chatroom at . Tune in and call in.

The show will be archived at under "Bathrobespierre's Broadsides". If you miss it, tune in and check it out.

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