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Support Independent Media in the Aftermath of Hurricane Katrina

Two independent media journalists from Santa Cruz, California, have come to Houston, Texas to share skills and produce reports.
Contact: Bradley Stuart
bradley (at)

Contact: Vinny Lombardo
vman (at)

There is a great need for experienced journalists to help report on the life and death stories in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.

Independent Media organizers in Houston, Texas are working around the clock to provide vital media resources for the families currently living at the Houston Astrodome and adjacent buildings.

People need media resources and skills to get their lives back on track as soon as possible. Radio reports will update people on recovery efforts in their hometowns, as well as, play an important role in informing people how to obtain basic necessities, where their children can enroll in school, how to access public transit and how to reconnect with displaced family members.

Bradley Stuart and Vinny Lombardo, two independent media journalists from Santa Cruz, California, travelled to Houston, Texas to share media making skills, including radio production and internet publishing. These skills will enable people to share their experiences with each other and the global community.

Please support independent media in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina by donating money for travel expenses, and to purchase important media resources, like batteries, recorders, microphones, blank minidiscs, cassettes, & video tapes, among other items.

Audio reports will be broadcast in as many communities as possible, including Houston and Santa Cruz. Text, audio, photo and video reports will also be published on and

To donate money, please send checks or money orders made out to Free Radio Santa Cruz with "Katrina Media" in the memo line. Or to donate online, please visit and note "Katrina Media" on your online donation as well.

Free Radio Santa Cruz
PO Box 7507
Santa Cruz, CA 95061

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West Coast IMCistas Report From Houston

There is a feature up on and called:

West Coast IMCistas Report From Houston

Here are links to interviews that Vinny and I published in Houston:

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here are some photos:

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More Scenes from 'Dome City'

and here is a report from blank, a volunteer with portland indymedia, who has been traveling with Vinny and I:

The Houston Astrodome: Do You Know What Is Really Happening?

Audio, Photos and Articles from New Orleans

FSRN: Grassroots Groups Offer Assistance in Algiers

Leenie Halbert interview

Algiers residents starting to return

Common Ground Wellness Center in Algiers, New Orleans

Finding Common Ground in New Orleans

Community Support in Algiers, New Orleans

Creativity, Solidarity and Mutual Aid in Algiers, New Orleans

Algiers New Orleans: Where Common Ground Is Found

Reports from George R Brown Convention Center and Reliant Arena in Houston

Houston Ends Katrina Shelter Operations

Struggles for Katrina Survivors at George R. Brown Convention Center

Struggling for a Home After Hurricane Katrina

Exit Only at the George R. Brown in Houston

No Compassion at the George R. Brown Convention Center in Houston

Interview from 'Dome City' with Josh from New Orleans


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