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Newly Established Business Newswire Service Offers Free Press Releases

PR2Market dot com offers customers free press releases for one city, intranet portal for journalists to have easy access to press releases, lower prices than major newswire services.
KNOXVILLE, Tenn., September 10, 2005, /PR2Market/ -- Vice president and director of marketing Pete Norris has announced that newly created newswire service PR2Market will offer free press release distribution for small and medium size businesses. Individuals can issue a press release free of charge for one (1) city. The price for press releases that are issued for multiple city or statewide distribution are well below the prices charged for the major, established newswire services.

"Our objective is to make communication with the media outlets available to ordinary citizens and not just the wealthy corporate magnates" Norris said. "The old line, stuffed shirt newswire services that have been around since manual typewriters and the telegraph are good at what they do. The problem is that they are expensive. You've got to pay a few hundred dollars just to open an account with them.

With our PR2Market newswire service opening an account is free of charge and distributing a press release within one city is free of charge. If a user or small business wants to distribute a press release to multiple cities or within a statewide area the price for distributing the press release is well below the price for the good ol' boy major services."

PR2Market is a wholly owned property of Knox Media, a private concern based in Knoxville, Tennessee.

Contact Information:
Pete Norris, Vice President
Director of Marketing
Phone: (865) 521-4908

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