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One Million Reasons to End the War!

CODEPINK has launched an innovative, new initiative called One Million Reasons to End the War in Iraq.
Click on image for a larger version

Click on image for a larger version

CODEPINK has launched an innovative, new initiative called One Million Reasons to End the War in Iraq.

The idea is for people from all over the world to write in with their reasons why we must stop the occupation. We want people from all walks of life--celebrities, veterans, mothers, environmentalists, people of faith, health care providers, teachers, students, elected officials, union members, business leaders--to join the global call. 

On September 26, as part of the big Washington DC mobilization against the war, we'll be delivering these messages directly to the White House, as well as to the Iraqi people through the Iraqi media. The reasons will be delivered by people in the 'uniforms' of the occupations or organizations they represent. We want to show the breadth of the community being ignored by the White House and send a message to the world.

We encourage organizations to join in and be represented.  Go to become a supporter and send this message out to your community.

Top Ten Reasons to end the occupation of Iraq... and more!

1 Military occupation is making things worse in Iraq, not better
2 The death toll is mounting daily
3 Most Iraqis want the occupation to end
4 Six out of ten U.S. citizens want the troops to withdraw
5 The war is draining resources from critical social programs in the U.S. and abroad
6 As occupier, U.S. standing in the world is diminished
7 The invasion was unjustified and illegal and so is the occupation
8 The U.S. military is perpetrating war crimes against the Iraqi people
9 The ongoing war is destabilizing the region
10 U.S. military and political strategies are provoking civil war in Iraq
11 The U.S. military presence is fostering terrorism and strengthening Al Qaeda
12 Without foreign troops and contractors, Iraqis can begin rebuilding
13 A planned exit is far better than a forced exit
14 It is time for Iraqis to control their own sovereignty

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One Million Reasons flyer with pictures

here's another reason

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