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the gospels are a lie.
the gospel episode of the devil-possessed of jerash or gadara is a malevolent overwrite fro the real story.

All 3 canonic gospels of Matthew Mark & Luke - the so-called synoptics because they tell the same lies 3 times over - entail the following exorcism episode:
Jesus and his disciples arrive at a city called Jerash or Gadara by boat,they meet one or 2 devil-possessed men,jesus chases 5000 0r 2000 devils out of the possessed,the demons enter as many pigs who go mad and cast themselves down a precipice and into the underlying lake where they drown.


1.Luke 8:26 says that the region of the jerashenes lies "in front of Galilee" - which is false because jerash (if it ever existed at all at the time,I century AD) lies way down southeast of galilee whereas it's golan,then called gaulanitis,that lies in front of galilee but on the other side of the lake of tiberias also called gennezareth also called sea of galilee.

2.Luke's 8:27's city of jerash is totally far from the lake or any body of water for that matter,so how could jesus and his disciples possibly have landed there from a boat as in luke 8:26???

Therefore Jerash,which was in the decapolis and not in front of galilee but far southeast of it again if it ever existed at the time,is here either a total fabrication or...
I've already told you how the gospel liars never fabricate stuff from scratch or nobody would have related to their bullcrap or believed it:

So we may assume that here too the gospel liars are rewriting something else over,an original story with inverted meaning as usual.

now is there a city in front of galilee on the other side of the lake that "jesus" might have reached by boat?
yes and it's the city of Gamala or Gamla,described by Flavius Josephus jewish historian of the roman/jewish war of 66/73 AD.

so clearly luke's "jerash" makes no sense here if not as a dissimulating stand-in for gamala in the golan.

why would pro-roman.anti-jewish luke want to cover up gamala?
because it was the hometown of zealot-movement founder Judas the Galilean and his clan,described by Flavius too,who around the time of the census of cyrenius or quirinus roman official around 6 AD for the purpose of identifying all tax-liable jews had rebelled against the romans just like his father ezekias before him and just like his sons james and simon after him,who would end up on the cross in 46,and his son menachem who would die in the first phase of the roman/jewish war of 66/73 AD.

But Luke and his fellow gospel forgers/overwriters/sanitizers/spin doctors are desperate to make people forget about violent zealotic messiahs and want to sell a fictional pacifist gandhiesque messiah "jesus" who turns the other cheek also and is a (roman- not mosaic-)law-abiding roman-tax paying antisemite.

So they erase gamala from the entire new testament.
they take yet another bit of historical narration by flavius joseph re the roman siege of gamala at the outbreak of the 66/73 war and twist/rewrite it into a bit of exorcism/hellenistic romance.

It must have been a lot of fun for "luke" and his colleagues whoever they really were to erase gamala,substitute jerash for it and then turn its jewish inhabitants and heroic antiroman patriots into devil-possessed pig farmers!!!

When the legion of demons in luke seizes the herd of pigs,these dive headlong into the lake - again,impossible for jerash which has no lake to nosedive into.

The dive happens from a steep high rock - just the very feature of gamala on the lake of tiberias as described by flavius joseph in his book jewish war IV.1.1.1-8.

Obviously "luke" knows about all this,but counts on the ignorance in palestinian geography of his western gentile audience,all the while amusing himself in portraying gamala that is the zealots that had their stronghold there as devil-possessed,obsessed madmen.

at this point,since the text of flavius joseph fell prey of church cultural monopoly for centuries starting in constantine emperor's era,IV century,we might rightly suspect that whenever flavius mentions jerash it's a falsification for an original gamala in the text on the part of church forgers such as eusebius of caesarea or augustine ambrosius jerome and the like.

this is very important because when flavius joseph in his book jewish war introduces simon bar ya'ir,leader of zealot resistance during the war and the main source for gospel fabrication of both the "jesus" and the "saint peter" characters - see my above-linked 2 essays - he says he was from jerash but at this point we might suspect he was from gamala instead.

Also see my saint peter essay for simon bar ya'ir being a likely relative or brother of an eleazar or lazarus bar ya'ir of masada fame,who states josephus was a descendant of judas the galilean...

everything is starting to dovetail like clockwork here - the real underlying story.

at luke 8:37 jesus again boards the boat back at the end of the exorcism episode.

let's now turn to matthew,where at 8:28 sqq jerash transmogrifies into "gadara" which sounds a lot more like gamala doesn't it?
Also in matthew luke's single devil-possessed is 2 men.
the reason why luke changed things around a bit more is because matthew had kept too close for comfort to the real story - his gadara still being too close to gamala and his 2 men...clearly harking back to the 2 men who led the zealots during the roman siege of gamala,whom flavius jewish war IV.1.4.18 names: "Caretes and Joseph" !!!
So luke turns the 2 into 1 for further dissimulation.

each and every single detail of the gospel story is a dissimulating/obfuscating rewrite,which mischievously turns heroic zealot patriots into devil-possessed madmen in need of exorcism and pity...

in luke and his other 2 co-felons the devil-possessed dwell in sepulchers,a bit like in a zombie horror movie.
And they surprise passersby by suddenly exiting their caves or holes in the ground depending on the kind of sepulcher and "nobody could pass on that road any longer".

this is also lifted almost bodily from our usual suspect flavius joseph bellum judaicum IV.1.2.9:
"the city (of gamala) had been reinforced with tunnels and trenches" - our gospel "sepulchers",in which many zealots took refuge during the war and out of which thay used to come out again for rapid hit-and-run assaults on the romans or ambushes on the roads that led up to their mountain-top village.

the next little big devil in the details we learn from our canonic gospels is that the devil-possessed "continuously,night and day...cried out and hit himself with stones".

luke adds this had been going on for a long time already.

just what we learn from flavius' description of the siege of gamala,which went on for 7 months against proroman king agrippa and then longer still when the romans arrived.

and the zealots were not at all mad and did not hit themselves with stones - they hit the romans and their allies instead,and flavius says they even managed to hit roman puppet-king agrippa with a stone on the right elbow!!!

also the romans threw mighty stones at the jews with their machinery such as catapults.And it was both romans and jews who raised their battle-cries in the real scenario of history as opposed to the antizealot gospel overwrite.


but the zenith of antisemitic malevolence is reached by the gospels when they recount how "jesus" chased a legion of demons - a legion was 5,000 roman soldiers - out of the possessed and into a herd of pigs grazing nearby.


nothing could better account for the gospels as lie and antisemitic inversion of the real antiroman struggle in palestine in the first century AD than this detail of jews raising pigs!!!

just in case you don't know,jews are forbidden by the torah to eat pig meat.

so what,again,is the real underlying kernel of truth here?
i am indebted for the following info to: and the book
luigi cascioli
la favola di cristo
2nd ed 2005
purchasable from the website

he reports that the symbol or logo of the legion X fretensis,which flavius attests to as taking part in the siege of gamala - was...A PIG'S SNOUT!!!
which of course must have been anathema for the defending zealots.

that's why there were "pigs" on the mountains around gamala:it was the sieging romans of the tenth legion,the fretensis (=from the straits or maritime,the marines if you will...).

and the gospel liars have the antisemitic guts to turn roman pig snouts into jewish pig farmers!!!
nothing could better prove the gospel lie than the gospels themselves,when read without blind faith and with a love for true historical knowledge.

luigi cascioli's exegesis here is totally wrong,albeit from the right info:
he avers that the episode really dissimulates jewish hatred for the romans,whereas jews would never ever have portrayed themselves as raising pigs!!!
it was robert h eisenman in his all-important work
james the brother of jesus
penguin 1997
who taught me how to read beneath the gospels' surface thru to their antisemitism and malevolent inversions,which certainly were concocted in a gentile grecoroman intellectual milieu.
not that turncoat jews may not have participated - people like flavius for instance - in this i differ from zionist eisenman who prejudicially avers that a jew cannot be antisemitic.

anyway all this certainly served roman imperial propaganda goals and that's what matters for the understanding of the gospels as lie.

to recap on pigs on the wing:
a roman legion had 5,000 soldiers.
the name of the devil-possessed in the gospels is "legion".
the legion of demons enters as many pigs,who go berserk and proceed to cast themselves from the mountain edge into the lake below and drown.

which again matches,albeit again invertedly,the real story to boot:
at the end of the roman siege of gamala,the last 5,000 jewish holdouts - 2,000 for Mark who goes a step forward in dissimulating the bodily provenance from flavius joseph - commit mass-suicide by jumping to their deaths from the mountaintop into the deep crevice below!!!

truly "devil-possessed",these heroic desperate zealot "pigs"!!!!

what a wicked vicious sick twist of history is the gospel lie!!!

the evangelists are symbolized in christian iconography by animals,such as mark's lions in venice - it ought to have been pig snouts.


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