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Notes from the September 30th Midnight Mystery Ride

I was not planning on participating in the Midnight Mystery Ride which took place on September 30. I got on my bicycle to get some fresh air and saw lots of friends gathered outside the Poet and Patriot Pub. They were gathering in preparation for the Midnight Mystery Ride. When I told my friends that I was actually just out of my home to get some fresh air, they suggested that I go on the ride as long as i was up. So, I rode home and got my camera.
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taking off from the Poet and Patriot
There were more than 60 people participating on Midnight Mystery Ride. We left the Poet and Patriot and rode up Pacific Ave. which was crowded with people cheering at the sight of so many bicyclists.

We rode down Water St, then down the San Lorenzo River bike path all the way to Murray St. From there we made it to Seabright and took a little break at the candy store. Oh, I almost forgot... We had a record-breaking amount of people gathered on the beached whale off Seabright Beach. We also rode around the Harbor for a little while.

We took Eaton to 7th to East Cliff to Portola and then rode up 17th Ave. A Live Oak police officer got in front of us and got out of his car to warn us that there were a lot of drunk drivers on the road that we should be very careful while biking around.

This basically brought us to the night's mystery location. I am not going to give away the details of the mystery location, but i am publishing a photograph of a tree from where we ended up. Maybe someone will recognize the tree. It is a lovely spot and I do plan to go back! Thanks Midnight Mystery Ride! Not only did I got some fresh air, I also got some good exercise, made new friends and spoke with a lot of friends that I had not seen in several months.

- - - -

The Midnight Mystery Ride is one of our activities for empowering people to use bikes for transport, two wheeled revolution and fun. To celebrate cycling as fun, liberating, empowering, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

The next ride should be taking place on Friday, October 14. Grab your bike, grab a friend or come solo, and ride into the night. You will have fun!
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cruzing up Pacific Ave.
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flowing down Water St.
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meandering down the San Lorenzo
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taking a break at the candy store
tall bikes are better
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speeding down 7th Ave.
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a tall bike on 7th Ave
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a police officer on 17th Ave.
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the night's mystery location

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Re: Notes from the September 30th Midnight Mystery Ride

I'm convinced that Bradley has three arms. Cool pictures! How you take them and ride at the same time is a mystery to us all.


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