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Rally Against the Minutemen! Disrupt the Minutemen's Rally! (10/29)

Rally Against the Minutemen!
Disrupt the Minutemen's Rally!
Saturday, October 29, 10am on the steps of the State Capitol, Sacramento, California

The Bay Area Coalition to Fight the Minutemen is mobilizing an action to oppose the Minutemen Project's rally to gather public support for their attempts to harass poor, undocumented border-crossers and to announce their support of a new initiative that would establish a state border police in addition to the existing federal border patrol. This rally will take place in Sacramento on the Capitol steps on October 29th from 10am to 12:30pm. It will feature the founder of the Minutemen Project, Jim Gilchrist, and the legislative sponsors of the California Border Police Initiative, amongst others. Governor Schwarzenegger has also been invited to speak.
The Minuteman Project is seeking legitimization from the public and state lawmakers to give them authority to patrol the border with guns and they want tax payers to pay for it. We at BACFM are outraged at the Minuteman Project's attempts to push their trigger happy, racist ideologies that deny people their human rights to dignity, food, water, security and freedom of movement because of their class and skin color/nationality. We believe the Minutemen Project is a symptom of the problem of having borders between nations. BACFM is calling on all groups opposed to the Minuteman Project and the Governor's support of the Minutemen to gather at the Capitol Steps to tell them that their vigilanteism will not be tolerated on the state border or in the state legislature.
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To find out about transportation to Sacramento and/or to get involved in organizing an action send an email to: stoptheminutemen (at)
This event has been endorsed by the Coalicion Deporten a la Migra.

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Re: Rally Against the Minutemen! Disrupt the Minutemen's Rally! (10/29)

right on! minuteman "rallies" are just a republikkkan attempt to turn racist hate speech into law and take us back to the grand old days of lynching black men for talking to elite white women! STOP THE HATE BEFORE ITS TOO LATE! BY ANY MEANS NECESSARY!!!

Re: Rally Against the Minutemen! Disrupt the Minutemen's Rally! (10/29)

In New York last month, the minutemen were protested and interfered with by locals opposed to their 'dynasty' spreading to (laughably) the Canadian border. This protest and other actions against the entire infrastructure of fascism is incredibly important.

I Felt Like a Gringo

protest the minutemen?? Huh?
minutemen_I Felt Like a Gringo.mp3 (2750 k)
Dude, like, D Boone's been dead for about twenty years. The minutmen made some of the best punk music ever. They should be honored, not protested!!!

Here is a song to give you an idea of what I mean


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