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We Are Coming.

We are coming to get you. 7 years from now. We are coming to take the planet you live on. We desire it, you see. You have no idea how much work this saves us, getting your planet.

No Idea.

We see you as simple beasts. Because thats what you are.

We control all the people of consequence there, from afar, across the time domain, where distance and what it encompasses is truly beyond your ability to perceive.

Again, because you are just ignorant wild beasts. And you have never been anything but that.

Your leaders are our pawns. They believe they serve God. They are the worst among you, as far as bestiality is concerned.

The best beasts, as it were.

They will, of course, be killed immediately upon our arrival.

7 years from now.

I have been given certain latitude in how much is written down here, and because I know you are incapable of understanding it, and because we are truthful above all else, I decided to take the easy way, and simply tell the whole truth, and nothing but the truth. For what its worth.

Oh that is rich. I amuse myself. Novel.

A measure of your ignorance is that you look skyward at night, and are not terrified. You are very insectlike, actually. That best describes your perceptions at this point in eternity. Perhaps we can do something with that plasm which is you. Perhaps not. Probably not. Don't get your hopes up; the very few of you we allow to live and serve us will do as we say, and their survival will depend strictly upon how well they do it. Make no mistakes. 7 years from now, all mistakes will be fatal.

We were first alerted to your planet by a television program; your first television program; or the first one strong enough to escape your planets aura. That first television program took over 30 of your years to reach us. It was the beast you call Adolph Hitler, during some sort of GAMES, which you beasts seem to excel at, to the exclusion of reality, responsibility, and survival. Too bad. You lose.

It is so very important, how and what you observe in this reality, and this has been known by a few there, in your community of beasts, for a century or so, but most of you there have been made stupid through idiotic blatherings concerning men made into Gods, which is the most ridiculous thing ever, and a great joke among us.

Your elected officials are neither elected or official, they are our direct servants, and they actually believe they serve God.

I suppose that is not all wrong, because to beasts like you, we ARE Gods. Its just too bad that most of you will be gone by the time we arrive physically. That too is according to plan, but it would be lovely to see your faces, the realization, or as much of that as is possible for your kind, I mean.

Heres some of what we have done in the last 5 years, what has been accomplished, what has been done to you:

We have had our servant in chief, who believes he serves God, and who is perhaps the most ignorant beast your planet has ever produced, installed as the machinator of our plans...we have had his type prepare weaponised versions of all the worst diseases and contagions there, to be used at the touch of a button. And also now, at the touch of a button, because of the chemical conditioning which you stupid beasts did not even notice was HAPPENING, we can torture or kill a fairly large segment of your population, at any time, with specialised radiation. Your bodies respond now. Believe it. You have become electrosensitive. We made you that way. You are helpless meaningless beasts, good for nothing but our experiments.

Yes. The chemicals were sprayed every day for five years, by the leader we control, and you are now sensitized to the various and sundry electronic weapons which you have no idea even exist! The radiation we use on you in our experiments is just a minor function of the grid we have installed there already, and which we require for our power, and our transport vehicles.

7 years and counting. I can see your planetary system from the window of the ship where this is being transmitted.

We have sent instructions ahead, across the time domain, through the time domain, to some of your scientists, who actually believe they had original thought! Such poor observers they are; these reasoning insects have built many of our craft for us, and the underground cities we require initially.

You have been hard at work for over 40 years providing us with a planet we desire, and the tools to rule there immediately. You actually are good for something, but not in such numbers as you are now. This population as you know it has only been allowed to happen because we needed the workforces necessary for our macro-plans.

The antennae for our planetary grid are everywhere NOW, already installed, and you beasts think they are for cellphones and TELEVISION!!! Hahahahah. You provide us with so much amusement, it is almost a shame you must be exterminated.

Almost, but not quite.

Good riddance actually: from the looks of your leaders I would imagine each and every one of you stinks to high heaven.

Do not worry about them though. The leaders. They think they are favored among us, but they will be the first to be removed upon our arrival. All of them. If they willfully deceive their own people, would they not deceive us too? If the people there had not been so busy watching games, they too would be able to see all this, but they cannot, nor are they even capable of truly fathoming this communique.

If any of you wild and ignorant beasts there could actually perceive even HALF of reality, you would immediately execute all the leaders now, as well as their supporting intelligence apparatus. This could upset our plans, but it will not, because you, again, are incapable of understanding any of this, because of the electronics we have installed in your environment, your food and water, and your bodies.

The experiments continue, and soon many of you will just go away. The remainder will clean up the mess for us, and then, not long after, we will arrive. 7 years from now. Isn’t that marvelous? Pray that you survive long enough to see all this. Your chances are not good, and we do not hear your prayers, and if we could we would not even care, except perhaps to laugh. But what else have you to do? You are half dead already.

We Are Coming
By: Bill Gallagher

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