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November 4 Feature: Patti Sirens & Eugene Hepworth / Wired Wash

Wired Wash Café Open Mic
"Wired Poets"
FRIDAY 7 pm Sign up - 7:30 Start!
135 Laurel Street @ Pacific
(next to the Saturn Cafe)
Santa Cruz

PATTI SIRENS is an ex-New York poet and punk rock musician turned surfer/kayaker. She comes from a family of mermaids, fishwives, net menders, and bootleggers. Her poetry has won prizes in the Artists Embassy International Dancing Poetry Contest, National Writer’s Union Poetry Contest, and the Virginia Poetry Society Contest. Her first book of poetry, Antarctica, was published by Burning Bush Publications in 2000. She lives in Santa Cruz, California.

EUGENIA HEPWORTH PETTY born in San Antonio, Texas, moved with her family to Aptos, California in 1969. She received her BA in English from Mills College in 1982 and her MA in Poetics from New College of California in 1995. Her poetry has appeared in various publications, including, most recently, The Newport Review, Brick and Mortar Review, and The Pedestal Magazine. A chapbook of her work will be published in 2006 through a grant from The Rhode Island Council on the Arts. Her photography is forthcoming in Terra Incognita, and she continues to work on a manuscript of poetry and photography related to her experiences as a Peace Corps Volunteer in Ukraine from 1995-1997.


If anyone is interested in getting flyers for future features to put up in their neighborhood, let us know
On November 18 we will have a POESY XXX release party with Café Babar poets Bruce Isaacson, Julia Vinograd, Vampyre Mike Kassel and Sparrow 13

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