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Crime at Amnesty International

They tortured me and raped my deaf girlfriend after claiming to be from Amnesty International.
This letter is real. It is about terror hate crime from the offices of AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL. This organization is a picture of cruelty.

I am a poet. I won the Pennsylvania Governor's School Scholarship for Poetry in 1978 and once placed Second in a Seattle Poetry Slam. My father, deceased, was the author of "Humanizing the School" (dedicated to Dr. King), in 1968, and "America's Stake in Human Rights" in 1949.

I am deaf. I am impoverished and it takes stamina in the face of hardship to write these warnings. I was tortured. When I reported the abuse to AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, Peter Gabriel attacked me ferociously and executed the rape of my retarded deaf girlfriend. I am deaf from my injuries a fact about which Gabriel mocked me.

I am dealing with a man who is extremely violent, but who has the cloak of his arrangements with Amnesty International. He has stalked, shatteringly molested me and held me prisoner to his terror for 20 years.

I am now in Seattle. In 1985, at the age of 24, the situation in Pittsburgh had become very grave due to unprovoked, brutal gang violence towards me, which left me neurologically incapacitated and permanently deaf. I was isolated, and in a desperate attempt to get help and understanding, I made the very grave mistake of believing Peter Gabriel when he said that he was in Amnesty International. I named names.

The City of Pittsburgh deliberately deafened and brain-damaged me to facilitate my humiliation. They monitored and obstructed cognitive learning during my upbringing to prevent my understanding. The nightmare they subjected me at age 13 included beatings, abduction, gassing and a neuro-toxin. I'm trying again today to locate civilized humanity.

Gabriel attacked me, through union ties, with so much cruelty and beastiality that I was driven from my home. He has attacked me for years claiming that I was lying about child torture and needed to be discredited. Among the groups he cites for his catastrophic hate crime is the Pittsburgh Post Gazette who embroiled me in a nightmare by asking me to address the Fundamentalist Movement in letters to them. Gabriel's attentions to me can be verified. He carried on an extensive and wierd correspondence with me for three years before attacking me. He stalks me and brings evil false witness against me. I was tortured as a child. I went to him for help.

But that is not all he has done. Gabriel has had me psychiatrized and labled delusional for the purpose of political suppression of information about his beastiality. Despite this, and even though my own family has saught to prevent my testimony, he has been unable to prevent my mother Nancy, from bringing forward admissions that he was in contact with me and using me in his show business without payment and without permission. He also executed the brutal, brutal rape of a mentally retarded deaf girl who has epilepsy, for no reason but that she attempted to help me and interfered with what is apparently a wierd and ideological war game. He forced me to do things under hypnosis which were unforgettably degrading. He followed me around everywhere I went attacking me. I had seizures from his beastiality towards me.

With some justice you might be asking, why in the world would Amnesty International brutally molest and rape two brain-impaired deaf people? Gabriel maliciously held me responsible for Lennon murder papers planted on my home by the men he adopted for Hollywood control, who themselves were behind the crime. If you are funding Amnesty International, I suggest you stop doing so, because you are funding a truly hollow promise. The letters were planted on me apparently to punish my family for my parents' work during the Civil Rights Movement. We deserved compassion for this strange and terrible circumstance, but received nothing but scorn and hatred.

I am deaf. I was a library clerk, that's all. Gabriel is using me. I have always believed that Ronald Reagan was behind the sadism, the child torture, the murder papers planted on my home and the AIDS onslaught. Gabriel has manipulated public opinion about this fact in order to cover for the way that Reagan used me as an AIDS testing guinea pig on Mt. Desert Island in 1988 and to justify their beastiality towards me through an implied threat against anyone who tries to help me, as the girl who they raped in fact did. Gabriel is stalking me with men who tortured me who he is protecting having optioned them for Hollywood after violating my testimony about child torture to Amnesty International. He has mobilized everyone loyal to Paul McCartney to claim I was never tortured when in fact I was tortured barbarically and left mind shattered and life destroyed, beginning in gradeschool, after which I became an object of mockery, a fact which apparently provided the turn-on for Gabriel.

Gabriel cited as his cause for serious sadism, and I had terrible, terrible seizures under the glare and violence of his beastiality towards me, a letter written to Leslie Sanetta Katz just out of high school. They claim it was a threat to rape her. I deny it. I accepted rejection, but I also knew something else was going on. She solicited my comments by deranged pre-nuptial sexual interaction ordeals, as a pretext for the next stage of the operation, where I was sexually violated to make me a mandatory AIDS testing guinea pig. I had already been used as a child sex slave. She knew this, although that fact was hidden from me and this was the core intent of a long-range plan. I do not think a person, much less a poet of many public services and important testimony of torture, should be burned for life over one letter. Gabriel does; and his meannness and destructiveness have gone beyond Joe McCartney. He gave ultimatums of suicidal behavior to prove my merit in the death of Lennon and is informed by the extremism and impunity of Vaclav Havel. They brutally tortured me and they raped my deaf girlfriend. No Beatles agitprop about love will ever make amends for their hatred and sex crimes.

Somehow a hole got opened which allowed him to spread suspicion of date rape about me full-knowing that it isn't true. Magistrates were consulted and they created a wierd concensus by removal of the presumption of innocence. Since they had no victim, that they were sowwing rumor for evil ends was obvious. Gabriel did this to legitimize torture and punishment rape. They have no intention ever of arriving at the truth, because it would spoil the fun. Why, after all, would a neuro-trauma victim be so frightened? they leer. Peter Gabriel accused me of sex crimes to cover his own, which were beastial ones. For nothing would he stop. For years he has preyed upon me. He wrote to me describing me as his friend in the onset of his rampage. They sneer that I cudda saved John Lennon, grunt, grunt, grunt. to which they have added Gabriel's mean and purposeless villianization. It is long past the stage where this evil moral imposter dare accept the truth for his own skin.

I must repeat that the girl he raped is retarded, deaf, legally a child and has epilepsy. There is absolutely no question it was him. They staked her out in advance and left their calling card. Oliver Stone printed me in Cineaste Film Quarterly and Asian Cult Cinema Magazines afterwards to brag of it. He raped my girlfriend as part of an effort to force me into his cult. Gabriel, in his extremely vicious work on behalf of Reagan and Clinton saught to frame me for rape, without a victim, through intimidating ex-girlfriends, as well as by hiring contract prostitutes for character assassination, while distorting a letter I wrote to an unrequited girlfriend at a time when I fell into an entrapment operation. Gabriel has used subconscious psychology, trying to foment the excuse for his brutality that I was programmed to blame Reagan, rather obviously for the ends of justifying torture, brainwashing, and psychiatric torture, including death threats against the girl who he raped, in efforts to force me to change my testimony in favor of Reagan, who was obviously behind the AIDS onslaught, as all the evidence shows. Clinton and Bush worked together on deadly character assassination and acts of bodily harm attempting to force me to change my testimony, even though their power to write the history is virtually assured, due to Reagan's alliance with Oliver Stone, who printed my name in Cineaste Film Quarterly to brag of his role.

I have a severe neuroplastic head trauma which Gabriel has used repeatedly in acts of torture trying to force me to make statements against my will and drove me into convulsive arrest during interrogation episodes, which included death threats and bacteriological assault. I was tortured as a child. Gabriel has used the trauma of being brutally and repeatedly tortured for the purpose of triggering self-incriminating statements, so that he can politically justify torture and rape in persecution of a witness who brought forward testimony of torture. Gabriel's central claim in his war game is that if he can terrorize me into forgiving the men who tortured me that he can declare that I was friends with them and thus his rape of my girlfriend becomes justified under the cult laws of his intellectual property claims. He seeths constantly in cyber-stalking and physical stalking that I was a juvenile deliquent and that I am framing Reagan, the obvious author of the crime.

Had it not been for the statements of Wm. Zell on Mt. Desert Island, prior to the AIDS onslaught, and secure of proof of his role in the AIDS experiment I was used for, I would not have gotten suspicious of the letters written to me as a child. I had been brutally abducted, tortured, beaten and gassed by men named Ronnie and Kasper, just like Reagan and Weinberger. I also learned from the Navy that my dad had been blamed on the U.S.S. San Jacinto by Bush for the loss of his plane at sea. Here I am being blamed now for the death of a prominent Japanese woman's husband on the anniversary of our declaration of war by holocaust survivor letters written to me when Bush was Director of the CIA. Reagan had me in D.C. on the day he claims he was shot. He waved to me the night before. His attorney for Mt. Desert Island had me there. The brochure for this lawyer, a statement from the Master of Hollywood, reads, "There is no such thing as objective reality, only what the jury believes". The Beatles were given a fraudulent case and told to believe it or else. They lost no time in doing so. They brutally tortured me again and accused me of faking horror neuroplastic head injuries and their cause. Are Reagan and The Beatles actually ALLOWED to rape my mentally challenged and deaf girlfriend? To punish me for speaking out is what!

Gabriel's people worked with Reagan on the project and threatened me in writing with HIV in tandem with those who tortured me as a child, committed serial murders and blamed me for the Lennon/AIDS scroll planted on my home. He claims that they were only hazing me with terror of the virus when he used bacteriologicals on me. I would like you to bear in mind that he did this to someone whose loved one he raped and a deaf person who was tortured as a child. You can see the horror of what was done to me throttling still in my facial nerve over 30 years later. I had seizures from his beastiality. You could hear the troubling crucible of my mother recounting the tragedy of losing our home.

Gabriel seemed to think I'd had a neuro-spasm during sex he was calling rape, and subjects me to terroristic interrogation through methods developed by Geffen Corporation. He poisoned me biologically to punish me for his own fraud. I was given no right of counsel. There was no victim to confront as accuser. It was all the fabrication of a tormentor targetting impacted trauma. He used the power of suggestion to convey a rape allegation and then called my conscience guilty when I rebelled against being lumped into involvement with men who molested me as a child to cloak Gabriel betrayal of my testimony.

It's important to understand why Gabriel invented his cowardly and malevolent slur and what he is fighting for by wielding it: The TOTAL VICTORY of those who released the AIDS virus, proof of whose actions I have submitted to the courts. Reagan had set it up. Gabriel is just a pitiful, cowardly but extremely dangerous example of Monkey See/Monkey Do. My mind had been broken in advance by Reagan in military psychiatric torture as a child for the sale of his war game.

Gabriel covered for those who released HIV, who I was investigating, by making their outrages appear to be punishment for Lennon's murder, the cause under which he allied with those who wrote the Lennon/AIDS scroll planted on my home. He betrayed the AIDS victims by engineering counter-claims on behalf of those who released the virus. I am only one of the people who he betrayed. I believe that Reagan was behind the plan, the AIDS onslaught, and the torture I endured in childhood as well the allegation that I made it up. I brought forward testimony and evidence which proves this. The brutal retaliation, such as the rape of deaf Jeannie, a warm and harmless human being, who has also lived a difficult life as a deaf woman, was part of Clinton and Gabriel's package deal to punish me for speaking out. Al Gore and Thos. Harkin amended the situation by suggesting I conclude that they had a right to rape deaf Jeannie because I had framed Reagan, and if you don't believe that, why don't you ask them?

PETER GABRIEL has used the office of Amnesty International for rape and he has used it for black-marketing and he has used it for torture. He has made no secret of the fact that he regards this as a game. I have been badly and permanently injured in his beastial and unprovoked hate crimes. This horrible man is devious. I am a weak man, deaf, with neuro-trauma, who was in no way prepared for or equal to an encounter with his animalism and sadism. Paul McCartney was also very obviously involved in many acts of sadism and beastiality towards me. McCartney was accomplice with the AIDS operation of those who killed his ex-partner and he has no one else to blame, so he latched onto me with his hatred.

I am writing not only to plead with you for intervention, but also to warn you.

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Re: Crime at Amnesty International

Interesting you mentioned Havel in this light. The man is indeed evil. I will consider your account here. Not saying I believe it, not saying I don't believe it.


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