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Interview with a Santa Cruz County Bus Driver about the Strike

On November 5th, I briefly spoke with a Santa Cruz County bus driver to hear his reactions to the end of the month long strike.
bus-driver_11-5-05.mp3 (2971 k)
(6:20 minutes / 3 MB)
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69 on 41st ave.
If any students, workers or community members know more details about the outcome of the strike, then let people know what's up by publishing a new article on sc-imc.

The UTU website is here:

And here's the website controlled by the METRO Board:

Neither website has more than one line of information about the strike.

It should be noted here again that the METRO Board website is the official online website where people go to check the bus schedule. is a transit guide for Santa Cruz by R. Paul Marcelin-Sampson. It is a public service of the Metro Riders Union / La Unión de Los Pasajeros, not affiliated with any transportation provider.

Elsewhere on SC-IMC, people are asking, "Why isnt anyone talking about the new contract? Is there something in the terms we're not supposed to know?"

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Re: Interview with a Santa Cruz County Bus Driver about the Strike

Why does this guy refuse to give any details of the new contract? He claims they won, but it all sounds like prepared and over cautious public relations statements.
Why wont drivers talk about the next round of Metro benefits payments that were coincidentally due the very next day? Or about services that will have to be cut now because drivers are forcing the Metro to balance their budget on the backs of poorer riders in already under-served outlying regions?

Re: Interview with a Santa Cruz County Bus Driver about the Strike

It maybe bad style but I care less about the terms of the contract than that the service is restored. And they give us a free week, as if many of us have an alternative to the bus. Why when they have no money?
I don't think anyone won in this outage.


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