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Help Stop the War in Iraq! - Friday, November 18th, 3-5PM

On Friday November 18th, from 3-5PM, TAKE SOME TIME OUT TO HELP STOP THE WAR IN IRAQ!

Enough is Enough. It is Time to Say NO louder and stronger to the War and the Bush Regime!!! Our tax dollars are funding it - WE must stop it!
PLEASE JOIN PEOPLE IN COMMUNITIES ALL OVER THE COUNTRY FOR NATIONAL STAND DOWN* DAY (NSDD), a day of coordinated actions calling for an end to this war, being held at Military Recruitment Centers all over the United States!!

THE SANTA CRUZ COUNTY ACTION happens on Friday, November 18th at the Military Recruitment Center on 41st Avenue (2121 41st Ave) - from 3 to 5PM. This location is a public sidewalk with lots of traffic going by, and a stoplight at a nearby corner that slows the traffic down! (going toward the ocean on 41st Ave, the Recruiting Center is on the right hand side between the frontage road next to Highway 1 and Clares Street, across from Master Car Wash)

Our emphasis for this action will be serious and somber, a realistic look at the human costs of this war.

White Phophorus, a horrible chemical weapon, has been used extensively in Fallujah. 3000 tons of Depleted Uranium (DU) Weapons, classified as WMD, have been dropped all over Iraq and will leave the country and the people poisoned for hundreds of years to come.

Over 2040 American soldiers are dead, and over 15,000 are grievously wounded. Over 100,000 Iraqis, mostly civilians, are dead and grievously wounded. And the Bush Regime has no intention of withdrawal!

Please join us and bring:

Large Signs that are easy to read by those passing by! (we will have extras!) Photos and Posters that show the Dead and Injured, ours and theirs. Gongs, chimes, and simple hand drums to beat a slow dirge.

If you can, please wear black or red.

We will have a hand bill with current statistics and information on the human and economic costs of the war to hand out to motorists and pedestrians going by.

In many communities around the country, groups will be doing blockades and civil disobedience on this day. Though we have not planned such action for this event, if you are considering doing civil disobedience, please come well prepared! NSDD is being coordinated nationally by the Iraq Pledge of Resistance, a group deeply committed to nonviolent principles. Good guidelines/materials can be seen and downloaded at

And please distribute this announcement widely!!

If you're not outraged, you're not paying attention! If you're outraged but you're not doing anything about it, START NOW!

Participating Groups include (a growing list): Code Pink Santa Cruz, Women in Black SC, the Coalition for Impeachment Now! (COIN!), Pax Christi, the GI Rights and Draft Alternatives Program of the Resource Center for Nonviolence (RCNV), S.C. Art & Revolution Convergence, Women's International League for Peace and Freedom (WILPF) of SC, Peace and Freedom Party of SC, the Green Party of SC, the Santa Cruz Peace Coalition (SCPC), the Santa Cruz Weapons Inspection Team (WIT)...

*Stand Down is a term used by the military for days when they have training, reviews etc., and so
"stand down" from their normal duties - let us "stand down" for an hour or two from our normal activities and bring this war and occupation to an end!

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