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Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

Save Stanley "Tookie" William from death row. A message from Stewart A. Alexander


It is very well known that Stanley “Tookie? Williams was the co-founder of the infamous Crips. However our local, state and federal governments made gang involvement profitable for gang members and corporate America. This lucrative market has thrived in the African American community.

Our officials at all levels of government turned and looked the other way and allowed drugs to proliferate on the streets of California and America and turned our families, homes and neighborhoods into kennels of death. The lives of African Americans are no more than a profitable venture for corporate America, not for good but for evil.

The plan is broad in scope: build more prisons, create the environment for crime, then create institutions to houses our victims. We will even show how committed we are to punishing the criminal; we will put them to death. But in reality the system itself has become the criminal.

The three strikes law is a life sentence. Rehabilitation is just a front. Plea bargaining is an endless process. False arrest and false imprisonment will create big business. The courts are now in grid lock, the jails and prisons are over crowded, and the only thing simple to understand about the system is that it’s black, brown and white, mostly black.

In the 80’s, 90’s and today drugs have paid for food, gas, electric, transportation, housing and entertainment in the African American communities. What is going on in America?

It seems to me that our system is part of a world class (as in social class) money laundering criminal scheme involving trillions of dollars and engaging in criminal activities for the benefit of corporate America.

The criminal justice system in America has created a partnership with the drug lords and corporate America and is in no position to demand that any individual pay the ultimate price. As Jesus Christ said , “He who is without sin, let him cast the first stone?.

Tookie Williams is an American son. America created Tookie Williams. Now his most outstanding crime is that he’s turning the youth of America away from crime and gangs. For that alone there is a rush to put him to death.

Stanley Tookie Williams is only the byproduct of a system that is not qualified to take his life or any life. Today we need social and judicial reform in California and America and we need to take crime out of our criminal justice system and corporate America.

Stewart A. Alexander

2006 Candidate

California Lieutenant Governor

Peace and Freedom Party

stewartalexander4p&f (at)

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Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

you must keep him alive please because it not his time to die save tookie he's a men

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

i don't no if you are reading this tookie but i'm a young girl 16 teen and this is new to me.
i have to say you have a heart just like every one. i no that people look at you as a monster but in my heart and soul your no monster you are a men in my eyes and heart and i no god loves you even no he don't like ulgy but you are not ulgy you are a men that did something bad just like any others would do, but don't never forget you are god child and if he loves you ,he for gives you just like i did i'm just a young girl that belives in you so look up don't let no body hit you. w/b love keke
tell him god is right there just touch his heart and let people no that you are no monster and you shouldn't die because you already been for given and you no your not a monster but a men of god and if they take your life thats not giong to take any thing away by kiling you tookie one day i may see you soon. Love

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

Mr Tookie Williams, I Have seen a portral of some of your life and I think that you are a good person, God also said "Thou shall not kill", and "To forgive those who trust past against us those words are so simple and understandable I only watched a DVD I ddon't know you personally,but I would say that you are a Man who has an awful lot to give back and want to give back all you do is from your Heart! from my personal belief that is Godlike to show control strength passion for others for small and the very large things in life like the petals from a flower those are small things but they can be beautiful not to be taken for granted, and you as
showed so much gratitude for those petals. I hope that I have made some kins of sense of what I am trying to say you are a Good Person and what was the past should be past it cannot be brought back
I pray that GOV. Swartznieger will commute you sentence. I hade a Baby Brother who spent 9years
several penetenturies. And if it was not for this centry I guess a lot of our folk would be dead by the hands of this drug struck society If you murder you will probably have a better chance going through the system, but when the drugs are a factor in it OH! Hell He/She done messed up --I did not sware I would rather had expressed it hte other way but I will show respect I wish you the best
I have something I want to say about this situation No Man should die!

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

I know you are very busy, but I would like you to take the time and review
the following. The following is a response letter from the Los Angeles
County District Attorney on the Petition for Executive Clemency for Stanley

If we are to believe that these accounts submitted in this letter from the
Los Angeles County District Attorney are accurate and proves beyond a shadow
of doubt Mr. Williams guilt, I vehemently beg to differ.

Section II (Introduction)

Coward and Sims then followed Williams and Darryl to the 7-Eleven market
located at
10437 Whittier Boulevard. (TT 2186). The store clerk, twenty-six year old
Albert Lewis
Owens, was sweeping the store parking lot. (TT 2146). When Darryl and Sims
entered the 7-Eleven,
Owens put the broom and dust pan he was using on the hood of his car and
them into the store. Williams and Coward followed Owens into the store. (TT

Section VII G. (Prosecution Witness Testimony)

Dale Coates worked the night shift as a truck driver. On February 28, 1979,
he drove
past the 7-Eleven on Whittier Boulevard sometime around 4:30 a.m. As he did
so, he noticed
two cars in the parking lot. He remembered one of the cars was a
light-colored car and the
other car was darker and longer. He also testified he saw a thin white male
walking toward the
store entrance, while being followed by two black males wearing
three-quarter length jackets.
As the white male walked, he looked over his shoulder at the two black males
behind him. (TT

Section VIII (Eye-Witness/Accomplice)
Excerpts to Homicide Investigators (March 23, 1979)

SIMS: We had passed the 7-11 store, we was down the
street from the 7-11 store. And pulled up in the
parking lot, and Tookie kept saying, "we got to do
somethin'. We got to do somethin'. Just fuck it, we
just go on back and just do this, uh, uh, 7-11 Store." So
I was telling Alfred, you know, "I -- I don't want it,"
you know, "I don't want to rob no store. I don't," you
know, "I don't want to do nothing, really." And so we
pulled back and parked on the street in front of the 7-11
store. And I kind of think Blacky was thinking about
what I was saying not doing nothing, you know. And
he was trying to tell Tookie uh, that, uh, "No, we
don't want to do nothing." And Tookie kept
hollering at him, "just do what I say. Just do what I
say." Like that. And Blacky just saying, "All right,
man, all right." Like that. And so, uh, he said, "Now,
this how we gonna do it. We all gonna go in the store,
and me and Blacky is gonna take the dude in the back
and, uh, you and "whatever the other dude name is. --
And, uh, he say, we -- "We all gonna go in the store
together." So we, uh, goes to the 7-11, and, uh, the dude
was standing outside sweeping up. And, uh, Darryl
asked him -- He wanted to buy some cigarettes, the
dude said, "All right." So he went in, and we all went in
behind him. And he went behind the counter --
SIMS: He could of been kind of tall, I don't know, I really
wasn't paying attention. But, anyway, uh, he was
behind the counter, and he was getting the cigarettes.
And Darryl -- Wait, wait. Okay. We all went in, and he
was behind the counter. And Tookie and Blacky, as
soon as they walked in the door, they walk straight to
the back room. And Darryl told him -- pulled the gun
out and told the dude to go in the back room.

All three accounts which are submitted in this letter to prove Mr. Williams
guilt differ. Which one are we to believe?

The D. A. states in his introduction how Darryl and Sims entered the 7-11
followed by Owens who was followed by Williams and Coward.

In the "extremely observant" truck driver testimony, he corroborates the
D.A.'s course of events. He notices two cars in the parking lot. He
remembers the color and lengths of both. In addition he recalls how a thin
white male "walked" into the store followed by two black males with three
quarter length jackets. As the white male walked he looked over his
shoulder at the two black males behind him. (I wish he was driving past my
home ten minutes ago when I lost my train of thought). While I admit I
don't know traffic and speed limits in California (especially in 1979) but
at 4:30 in the morning I find it hard to believe one would remember so much
detail about a male "walking" (not being forced) into a 7-11.

In the third account by eye-witness/accomplice Tony Sims we hear how the men
approached Mr. Owens outside the 7-11 and stated they wanted cigarettes.
"The dude said all right so he went in and we all went in behind him".
Repeat: "WE ALL WENT IN BEHIND HIM". If this often referenced eye-witness
account is accurate and unwavering (reference directly below) then the
D.A.'s office and Mr. Coates "got it all wrong".

Under the title: There is overwhelming evidence of Stanley Williams' Guilt

"Sims' statement to
homicide investigators following his arrest, along with his sworn testimony
over several
decades, not only corroborates the testimony of Alfred Coward offered at
Stanley Williams'
trial, but further establishes, without question, Stanley Williams' guilt".

Based on accounts such as this:

D.A's Account

After sharing the PCP cigarette, Williams, Coward and Darryl went to the
residence of
Tony Sims. (TT 2109). These four men then discussed where they could go in
Pomona to
make some money. (TT 2111). The four men then went to yet another residence
where they
smoked more PCP. (TT 2113-2116). While at this location, Williams left the
other men for a
brief period of time. When he returned, he had a .22 caliber handgun, which
he also put in the
station wagon.

Excerpts from Sims statement to Homicide Investigators dated March 23, 1979

SIMS: Well, I was at home in the bed, getting ready to go to
court the next morning. And Alfred, Tookie, and
Darryl came by the house. Alfred came to the door,
and I went outside and we was talking. He ask me, did I
know any place to make some money at, and I said, no.
And, uh, Tookie and Darryl was in the car. And, uh, I
asked him, "Do you know where to get somethin' to
smoke at?" said "yeah." So we went to get some smoke.
And while we was in the car, uh, Tookie said he
wanted to stop by one of his friends' house so he can
get a gun, another gun, cause he needs another gun.

Sims Parole Consideration Hearing July 24, 2002

CA: Okay. You and, ultimately, three other individuals, wound up
committing this robbery. Apparently, a Mr. Coward, C-O-W-A-
R-D, came over to your house and asked you if you knew
anybody, of any place to rob. You said no. And you guys,
you got to talking and wound up picking up two other guys.
That's Mr. Williams and a guy by the name of Darryl.
SIMS: Yes.

Unless there was an omission which read; ..."but not everything in Mr. Sims
statement and subsequent sworn testimony is accurate and changes from time
to time, how can anyone accept this as credible.

Not to waste more of your time because I too become tired and need to rest
and eat dinner I submit the following which still has me shaking my head in

D.A.'s Account

As Darryl and Sims walked to the counter area to take money from the
Williams walked behind Owens and told him "shut up and keep walking." (TT
2154). While
pointing a shotgun at Owens' back, Williams directed him to a back storage
room. (TT 2154).
Once inside the storage room, Williams, at gunpoint, ordered Owens to "lay
down, mother
fucker." (TT 2160). Williams then chambered a round into the shotgun. (TT
2162). Williams
then fired the round into the security monitor. (TT 2156-2157, 2162).
Williams then
chambered a second round and fired the round into Owens' back as he lay face
down on the
floor of the storage room. Williams then chambered a third round and fired
again into Owens'
back. (TT 2162).

Repeat: Chambered a round into the shotgun, then fired the round into a SECURITY CAMERA. Then chambered a "second" round and subsequently a third.

SIMS: He could of been kind of tall, I don't know, I really
wasn't paying attention. But, anyway, uh, he was
behind the counter, and he was getting the cigarettes.
And Darryl -- Wait, wait. Okay. We all went in, and he
was behind the counter. And Tookie and Blacky, as
soon as they walked in the door, they walk straight to
the back room. And Darryl told him -- pulled the gun
out and told the dude to go in the back room.
INV: Darryl pulled the .22 out?
SIMS: Yeah.
INV: He pulled his revolver out?
SIMS: I don't -- Did he pull it out? I guess he did pull it out,
and told the dude to go in the back room.
INV: Then what happened?
SIMS: And then he walked around and, I guess, he got the
money and the cigarettes. And then, uh, I was standing
by the door looking at Darryl, and, uh, I heard one shot.
INV: What was Darryl doing when you were looking at
SIMS: He was getting the money out of the cash register.
And -- he was getting the money out of the cash
register, then, when the shot went off. And then, uh,
I heard one shot, and Blacky came running from out
the back and said, "Tookie done shot this guy." Like
that. And I said, "oh, no. So let's go." You know. And
as we was running out the door, I heard two more shots.
And so, uh, then Blacky got in the car, and uh, pulled
off. And Tookie, them was behind us, and so we let
them catch up with us.
INV: Let's go back for a second, when you got to the door to
leave there, did you see Tookie coming out of the back
SIMS: Well, uh, when I got -- when -- okay. When I heard
the first shot, Blacky came from out of the back,
okay. As Blacky was coming out from the back,
there was two more shots. And as we was going out
the door, I looked back and I seen Tookie coming
from the back with the shotgun under his coat.

Repeat: I heard ONE shot, and Blacky came running from out the back and said, "Tookie done shot this guy."


Self-explanatory, but allow me ask a question. How in the hell does
something this blatantly obvious go on unnoticed and unchallenged?

In conclusion, (since my dinner is getting cold) I know this information
should be made public. If I were to open my morning paper and saw a full
page ad with this information, my conscience as a father, humanitarian or simply as a citizen would not allow me to go on
without saying or doing something to demand a new trial for this man. However reprehensible his action in implanting the seed which led to the "crips" (not a typo) no way could I honestly say beyond a shadow of a doubt Mr. Williams is guilty of this crime.

* How ironic the source which provide this

Kevin Cooper
Director, Shades of Color Production

P.S. If you would like a link provided for your consideration I will gladly send. Plenty of discrepancies which I assure you a reasonable person would find astounding.

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

Tookie grew up in a bad neighborhood, big deal, so did a lot of other kids that did not turn to crime. As for the claims that he has been absolved of his sins, the four bodies tookie took have not pardoned him, nor have their families. Those that have fallen prey to the gang he created have not pardoned him. The criminal justice system that convicted him with appeal after appeal denied has not pardoned. Who the hell has pardoned this filth of the earth, Hollywood liberals, those with an ulterior agenda, and his fellow partners in crime. How many of our children must fall prey to the gangsters before we hand out swift and just punishments.

Twenty four years is a long time to see justice done.

For all those that have been effected by the presence of gangs in their neighborhoods TOOKIE MUST DIE

For all the immigrants that have come to this country to make a new life only to be preyed upon by animals, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For all the children that fear in the night, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For all the victims, who cry out for justice to take place, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For the decent members of society that struggle to make an honest living only to be cut down by scum of the ear, TOOKIE MUST DIE

For the following individuals, TOOKIE MUST DIE

Albert Owens (26 yrs old, son and brother )

Yen-Yi Yang (66 yrs old, Husband Tsai-Shai Yang, Father to Ye-Chen-Lin)

Tsai-Shai Yang (63 yrs old, Wife to Yen-Ti Yang, mother to Ye-Chen-Lin)

Ye-Chen Lin (43 yrs old)

Note: say no to indycensors make a copy of your posts to notepad or whatever program you like, and repost when the the politcal correct police choose to delete you.

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

there's two parts to tookie Governor Schwarzenegger must look at when it comes to whether Tookie should die or live. The "Tookie"
from back then, and the "Tookie" now. The "Tookie" now is the one we want to live. the "Tookie" who is a nobel peace prize nominee, the "Tookie" who's writing children's books, the "Tookie" who is spreading "anti gang" messages...the "Tookie" that's being punished is being punished by the actions of the "Tookie" from 1979, the one who did the killings. they say back in 1989 a new "Tookie" emerged..the one we know more about today.

See..the old "Tookie" was a murderer..the new "tookie" is anti here it is simply put.

God used Moses to lead the israelites out of Egypt even though Moses had been known to be a murderer! Stanley can be known as the anti gang "Moses" and lead the "crips" out of their bondage!

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

i think he should die because of all the people he killed. he might have changed, but it still doesn't mean he didn't kill anyone.

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

please don't kill tookie

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams

"Either way it turns out for your son, and my neighbor 'Tookie' a cool brotha I met at Rosevelt Park Pool in the 70's. And as our paths crossed often at many a venue. I had leaned of an opportunity took regarding excepting our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.Therefore, I hope that by my special knowledge concerning this matter brings some comfort. As he has been forgiven for sins he was born with, and all that be alleged by men. " As this was shared with the then living, Fred Williams, on a summer evening at just one of the many venues where the very skilled photographer worked.


tokie i love you

Re: Save Stanley "Tookie" Williams



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