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Health Care for All Night With Sen. Kuehl Nov. 28

Health Care For All Event with State Senator Sheila Kuehl at Louden Nelson Center, November 28th, at 7:30 p.m.
We at HCA-SC hope your holiday was a happy one! Hopefully though, you've
marked your calendar because:

It's almost time! In a few short days, Sheila Kuehl will be in Santa Cruz
talking about the California Health Insurance Reliability Act! The event is
titled Health Care Reform: Hope for all Californians. The other speakers
will be Assemblymember John Laird, SC County Health Officer Poki Namkung,
HCA-SC Director Bill Linford and emcee SC County Treasurer Fred Keeley.

The event is at the Louden Nelson Center (301 Center St, at Laurel) on
Monday, Nov. 28th, at 7:30pm. Suggested donation: $10 or more (no one turned
away due to lack of funds).

Visit, for more

Come early, as we do expect a crowd! Come with your questions for the
Senator! It's time to get serious about taking our health and well-being out
of the hands of a corrupt insurance industry!


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Re: Health Care for All Night With Sen. Kuehl Nov. 28

health care is like peace, it's a nice goal but not "at any cost"


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