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DE-Nuke the UC! Wednesday, Nov. 30th

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THIS WEDNESDAY, November 30th -
DE-Nuke UC Day of Action

Join students from 12 - 2 PM in the Quarry Plaza to speak-out against UC's continued
involvement in the nuclear weapons business! STUDENTS ARE GATHERING ACROSS THE
Did you know that UC employees have researched and designed ALL of the nuclear bombs in the US's stockpile?

Come learn about the history of UC's management of the Los Alamos National Laboratory, its current bid with the notorious Bechtel Corporation, and why students and faculty are saying NO to our education being co-opted for nuclear proliferation and war.

This Wednesday:

* Witness the wedding ceremony of Bechtel and the UC, administered by the Dept. of Energy

* Participate in the construction of the largest papier-mache bomb ever attempted on the UCSC campus

* Hear empowering student and community speakers

* Help us clog the UC President’s office with phone calls and faxes

* Learn tons of information and ways to get involved in this growing movement!

Please distribute this e-mail widely and tell all your friends...
UC is in bed with bombs: pull out now!
Nov. 30th 12 - 2 PM Quarry Plaza

UCSC Students Against War and The Coalition to Demilitarize the UC are calling upon the UC administration to meet these demands:

1) Retract their bid for the Los Alamos National Lab (LANL).

2) End their management of Lawrence Livermore National Lab.

3) Acknowledge and heed the opinions of an informed student populace regarding future involvement in the nuclear weapons business.

4) Comply with international law, including the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and the Comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, in order to improve the standing of our institution and our nation in the international community.

5) Provide and promote opportunities for scientists and engineers to engage in research and employment in ethical science outside the realms of the nuclear weapons and defense industries – help end the current climate of coercion by lack of alternative opportunity and allow scientists and engineers an honest freedom of choice.

6) Commit to cleaning up the area around LANL and the community of Los Alamos and repair the environmental damage the lab has caused.

7) Issue an apology to those affected by the labs, and the weapons those labs have produced.

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From last spring's demil tours...



CONTACT: Students Against War’s Demilitarize UC press team via: Steve Stormoen, sstormoe (at), (831)420-0545.

UC Santa Cruz to Organize Against the Union of Bechtel and UC Regents

Students at the University will protest the UC’s bid to manage nuclear labs

On Wednesday, November 30, 2005, students will gather at the Quarry Plaza to oppose the creation of nuclear weapons by the University of California and Bechtel run lab in Los Alamos.

The event, organized by Students Against War (SAW), will feature speak-outs from UC Students, organizers and community members, an educational
wall featuring facts about UC’s role in nuclear proliferation, as well as papier-mache bomb-making and a theatrical wedding ceremony representing the
union of the UC and Bechtel Corporation.

The students also look to present the administration with over a thousand signatures demanding that the UC leave the Bechtel partnership and stop running the Los Alamos lab.

The November 30th event, aptly dubbed “DeNuke UC?, will be a continuation of a growing movement on the UC campus to disassociate The University of California from the making of new nuclear weapons. Last year at UCSC saw hundreds of students take part in the SAW-organized weekly Weapon’s Inspection Tours that protested the use of science for military purposes.

With the November 30th event, UCSC students will take part in a UC-wide Day of Action coordinated throughout other UC campuses.

“We want to show everyone that making death, war, and profit in the name of an education is not acceptable to UC students,? said 3rd year student,
Becky Clough.

Interviews and photos available upon request.

For more information, contact Students Against War’s Demilitarize UC press team through Steve Stormoen: sstormoe (at), (831)420-0545.


Students Oppose University Partnerships to Manage Los Alamos

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: November 29, 2005
Will Parrish, Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Santa Barbara, CA (805) 965-3443
Tara Dorabji, Tri-Valley CAREs, Livermore, CA (925) 443-7148
Chelsea Collonge, UC Berkeley student (510) 599-7138
Sean McGaughey, University of Colorado student, (303) 946-2581
Erin Hamby, Rocky Mountain Peace & Justice Center, Boulder, CO, (303)
Hadley Brown, University of Colorado student, (303) 483-5587
Sadaf Cameron, Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety, New Mexico, (505)

Students Oppose University Partnerships to Manage the Los Alamos Nuclear
Weapons Lab*

*WHAT: *Day of Action to Oppose University Ties to Nuclear Weapons
*WHEN:* Wednesday, November 30
*WHERE: *University campuses including UC Berkeley, University of
Colorado, Purdue University and New Mexico.
*WHO: *Students and community groups from the Coalition to Demilitarize
Education including the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Concerned Citizens
for Nuclear Safety, Tri-Valley CAREs, Rocky Mountain Peace and Justice
Center, Berkeley Fiat Pax, and UT Watch

Students from several university campuses, joined by community groups in
California, Colorado and New Mexico, will participate in a day of action
to call for nuclear abolition, demilitarization, and an end to their
universities’ involvement in a Department of Energy (DOE)-sponsored bid
to manage the Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL), one of the primary
labs responsible for designing nuclear weapons. The day of action,
called for by the Coalition to Demilitarize Education, will take place
only days prior to the DOE’s scheduled announcement of the bid’s winner.
The competition features two university-corporate consortiums. One is
headed by the University of California, which has managed LANL since the
lab’s inception in 1943 and Bechtel National, the world’s largest
engineering firm. Their partners include BWX Technologies, Washington
Group International; and New Mexico’s three research university systems.
The other team is led by the University of Texas and Lockheed Martin,
the world’s largest industrial weapons contractor. Their partners
include construction firms CH2MHill and Fluor Corporation and 33 other
universities nationwide. The students and community groups do not
support either consortium bidding for the Lab.

“There is money to be made on nuclear weapons design and Lockheed Martin
and Bechtel want a piece of the pie, that is why Los Alamos was put up
to bid,? explains Tara Dorabji, outreach director for Tri-Valley CAREs,
a Livermore based watchdog for the national nuclear weapons labs. “No
matter who wins the contract for Los Alamos, it is clear that nuclear
weapons will be the winner. It will be a loss for tax-payers, security
and the nation.?

The students and community groups organized the day of action to bring
five demands to university administrators, including Obey International
Law, Help Clean up the Mess in New Mexico, Promote Jobs for Peace Not
War. UC students are calling on their Board of Regents to apologize to
the citizens of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

“We are opposed to any university involvement in the research, design,
testing, or production of nuclear weapons,? said Will Parrish,
coordinator of the UC Nuclear Free campaign at the Nuclear Age Peace
Foundation in Santa Barbara, CA. “We see severance of university ties to
nuclear weapons as a significant step toward our ultimate goals, which
include nuclear abolition and the realization of a sustainable, just,
and peaceful society.?

The demonstrations on the day of action will take various forms.
Students at UC Santa Cruz will hold a large rally, for instance, while
students at UC Berkeley will conduct a “renewal of the vows? between the
UC and Bechtel Corporation. Students at the University of Colorado will
conduct what they describe as “buffalo theater? at the University
Memorial Center’s Dalton Trumbo Fountain. Students at other campuses
will conduct mock “weapons inspections? and teach-ins, as well as send
e-mails and faxes to university administrators.

“This perverted renewal of lifelong commitment between our school, a
corrupt corporation and the continued development of weapons of mass
destruction, must stop,? explains Chelsea Collonge, a student organizer
at UC Berkeley. “Our school's blatant disregard for international law
and its commitment to tarnish academia by aiding the nation in an
endless war is a disgrace. The University of California is in bed with
the Bomb, it’s time to pull out now!?**

According to Sean McGaughey, a University of Colorado student and member
of student group CU Watch: “CU should not be aligning itself with the
nuclear weapons complex and criminal polluter, Lockheed Martin. If
researchers want to go down to Los Alamos on their own, that is their
business, but I don’t think that the rest of the students at CU, who are
not benefiting from the research and are opposed to nuclear weapons,
should have our names attached to the UT-led academic consortium.?

*The Coalition to Demilitarize Education* consists of student groups on
University of California, University of Texas, and University of
Colorado campuses, as well as the Nuclear Age Peace Foundation, Rocky
Mountain Peace & Justice Center, the Western States Legal Foundation,
Tri-Valley CAREs, UT Watch, and Concerned Citizens for Nuclear Safety.

More information is available online at


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