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Last Night Santa Cruz Un-Planning Meeting (12/5)

Okay, enough hemming and hawing. It's time you sprung into action. Stop yer waitin' and seein'. The world's gonna pass you by and you'll be bummed.
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You are invited to the next Last Night Un-planning Meeting. This coming Monday.

Monday December 5th
6pm to 8pm
Lulu Carpenters

This is a meetup to get to know each other, to laugh some, to brag about what we've already done, to boast about what we're just about to do, to figure out who else we're gonna rope into this crazy scheme, and to plan what we're creating together this New Year's Eve. (The parade, by the way, will be starting at around 5pm, so it will leave you the rest of the evening to play.)

Our biggest challenge is outreach. People already know about it all over town (and beyond), but it would be swell to see a mess of diverse groups excited about it and preparing to make this celebration theirs.

This time we didn't put the meetup smack on a Saturday night, but on a Monday evening when you didn't have anything else planned. We did this just for you, so you could come and join us.

If you came to a previous meeting, call up a couple friends right now and tell them they are coming to help plan their New Year's Eve fun. If you haven't come to a meeting, but are kinda sitting back waiting to see what develops, ahem. Time you came down to see what up.

See you there.

Love and Celebration,

Last Night Un-Organizer
info (at)

Want more info? We hear someone's conveniently put up a website for us:


Last Night Santa Cruz is a New Year's Eve parade of freaks, clowns, gamelan, politics, fire, samba drums, punks, pirates, art, bikes, hippies, art cars, zombies, marching bands, moms, dads, kids, and music. And afterward, a rollicking drum-dance party -- an all-live Brazilian, Indonesian, mariachi, funk, trash orchestra hoedown at a surprise location.

It’s a do-it-yourself parade and celebration. That means we make it happen together. No city-sponsorship. No corporate donors. We reclaim our streets and usher in the new year with our own celebration.

Who’s Going To Be a Part of It? So far, folks who’ve said they want to take part in Last Night include the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra, fire dancers, Santa Cruz Art & Revolution, Village Music Circles, stiltwalkers, the man in black, critical mass, The Opera Lady, and many more. And you, of course.

A Call to Action: This is our town, our celebration, our night. Let's do our own parade. A Last Night celebration. A last night of waiting for governments, institutions, or anyone else to entertain us, satisfy us, bring us security, freedom, or joy. The Last Night we wait and see. We reclaim our streets and usher in the new year with our own celebration.

This is your Last Night to celebrate, so take a chance on a crazy idea and join us. We’d love to see you at one of the un-planning meetings. Let’s take our lives into our own hands. Check out the Last Night website at Join the Last Night email list to get updates, additional meeting times, news, and gossip.
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Bonus: Special Trash Orchestra practice session

Saturday Noon to 4pm: Special Trash Orchestra practice session - San Lo Park

Starting at noon in San Lo park under the pedestrian bridge we'll have a rare practice session of the newly-formed Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra marching in the Last Night parade. We'll practice a bit, invent some coordination, then we'll march down Pacific to the Fish sculpture in front of O'Neils and make some noise. Bring your instruments and a friend or three. I'm half fearing it will just be two or three of us down there which won't be nearly as much fun as a full gaggle. So make a few phone calls to friends and then join us.

Re: Last Night Santa Cruz Un-Planning Meeting

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Re: Last Night Santa Cruz Un-Planning Meeting (12/5)

I'm not going to the planning meeting. In the sentinel I noted the city wants to plan for halloween-type event protections, and it seems like it might make sense to think about what you as NY Eve facilitators could do if it turns out there is a large ratio between people who have heard of this planning versus police and thousands who hadn't heard of first night planning. At halloween, I walked around for a couple hours and saw zero negative interactions, and a bunch of mostly nice kids- but a couple obvious facts struck me, that probably occurred to everyone else. First, if the city is able to contribute to halloween or this, it would be in the area of porta-potties, because it looked like there were two public bathroom stalls at Starbucks and a fast food restaurant, serving the entire 20,000 person crowd and I felt sorry for the worker stuck in starbucks. Secondly, it's not the gov't's role to help entertain you, but some people aren't good at entertaining themselves any more due to television and the structure of work/school that we have, so I saw some become bored after seeing the costumes, and they were leaning against walls waiting for something to happen, and there were big circles around ordinary drum circles, krsnas, and xylophone groups that probably only matched 20% of the crowd's personal taste. Even people who just brought a stereo were the center of clusters who wanted to dance, because they were otherwise unstimulated. The obvious solution would be for the city to put out a basic call for ~5-10 groups of different musical genres to set up in the parking lots without being paid to provide some focus and dancing so people don't just stand around urinating and think about getting beer.

So bringing this to NY Eve, what you are planning will be great from the perspective of entertaining a large crowd that hadn't specifically heard of this planning. (I'm thinking of the Seattle NY Eve parade following Infernal Noise Brigade, when the mayor cancelled the spacenadel fireworks due to terrorism fears. Only people in the loop heard about it, so the crowd was unified
). Just having the marching band and other stuff will make people happy, but is your list of things to do going to be clearly received by a large general public?

Re: Last Night Santa Cruz Un-Planning Meeting (12/5)

Hey Rico,

Are there any plans to have legal observers? Considering the large number of people expected and the anticipated police presence, this seems like a wise choice. there are some folks in Santa Cruz that can train people to be legal observers if needed.

Re: Last Night Santa Cruz Un-Planning Meeting (12/5)

I am going to face paint again this year--I havnt missed one Dec 31 for ten years. I will be under the big light at Lincoln and Pacific. come get painted.


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