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So Cal Freegans Wanted for Interviews

TV reporters in LA and Bakersfield are looking for freegans to interview., a group and website promoting freeganism, has gotten a ton of media requests lately from journalists all over the country who want to find local freegans to interview. Despite our expectations of mainstream media, most of the coverage has been surprisingly good. Currently, two Southern California TV news programs are looking for freegans to interview:

* UPN 13, KLOB in Los Angeles
* KERO-TV, 23 ABC News in Bakersfield

Please spread the word to anyone you think might be interested. Anyone who would like to participate should call Adam at (201) 928-2831 or email adam (at)

We are also looking for freegans to be interviewed for TV, radio, and newspaper stories in these cities, so please pass this notice on to any freegans you know in these areas:

Austin, TX
Boston, MA
Cedar Rapids, Iowa
Chicago, IL
Cincinatti, OH
Northern VA
Phoenix, AZ
Syracuse, NY
Toronto, CA
Washington, DC
Wilmington NC

What is a Freegan:

Freeganism is a lifestyle based around adapting practical strategies to minimize personal consumer impact, cut financial support for the capitalist system that is destroying the earth and human and animal lives, and create new methods for people to survive and thrive based on sharing, mutual aid, social responsibility, and ecological concern. Freegan practices include dumpster diving for food, clothing, funiture, etc., squatting buildings, guerilla gardening, train hopping, and more. If you aren't familiar with freeganism, visit Or for a quick definition of freeganism, visit

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