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Rockin' the Boat: Peace Action at Capitola Military Recruitment Center

The U.S. Supreme Court heard oral arguments Dec. 6, on the constitutionality of the Solomon Amendment, which restricts federal funds from universities which deny access to military recruiters. The Solomon Amendment was overturned in Nov. 2004 by the Third Circuit Court of Appeals, who found the legislation to violate the First Amendment rights of schools that protest the military's anti-gay, "don't ask, don't tell" policy. To coincide with the court action, about two dozen peace activists turned out to the Capitola military recruitment center, to protest the Iraq War. Members of the Santa Cruz Buddhist Peace Fellowship created an Arabic scroll listing 28,000 names of Iraqi civilians killed in the war. The scroll is three feet high and over one hundred feet long. Members of Women in Black, and Santa Cruz Peace Coalition were also present. I had a chance to talk with a number of the protesters on hand.
no_pictures.mp3 (1324 k)
Upon arrival at the rally, Bradley and I went to see if any of the military recruitment offices were open. Army, Navy and Marines recruiters had gone home early, but Sgt. George, an Air Force recruiter stayed open.
david_hofendahl.mp3 (3396 k)
David Hofendahl, a member of the Santa Cruz Buddhist Peace Fellowship, organized the 12/6 rally.
ben_hofendahl.mp3 (479 k)
Ben Hofendahal is David's 8 year-old son.
russell_hofendahl.mp3 (320 k)
Russell Hofendahal is David's 10 year-old son.
estella_arrizolla .mp3 (3252 k)
Estella Arrizolla.
lenora_lewine.mp3 (1880 k)
Lenora Lewine

annie_kelly.mp3 (4745 k)
Annie Kelly
Sgt_Sloma.mp3 (1161 k)
Capitola Polce Sgt. Cliff Sloma was explaining to a rally participant that the recruitment center is on private property.
These interviews will air on Rockin' the Boat this Friday 12/9/05 from 3-5 pm, on Freak RAdio Santa Cruz 101.1 FM

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Great audio, You rock V-man

This issue of taking photos of government offices should be investigated with the NLG.

Also from the audio with police officer Cliff Sloma it seems as if this Sgt. George did call the police but posed as some one else and made a false claim to the police. Calling the police with a false report is itself a crime. That too should be investigated. I hope someday you can shut it down.


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