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November Again Month of Many Demonstrations

Last month had a very diverse mixture of demonstrations from the ever growing military recruiting stations, to the annual protest for the closing of the School of the Americas where an estimated 20,000
held an all day rally.
As President Bush (as well as other members of his administration)
traveled the country and the world, they were met with protesters
in every stop. Crowds of many thousands raised their fists and signs
on his tour of Asian and South American cities.

The month also saw the 2,000th American Soldier fall in Iraq which
prompted many vigils around the country in honor of our military
heroes and in hopes of bringing them home safely and soon.

Large numbers of American Veterans marched in parades on Veterans
Day protesting the War in Iraq. Parades were held in many cities
around the country with the largest in New York City. Also, on the
17th, a Vietnam Veteran who was arrested for sitting on a tank while
holding peace signs in Wausau, was given a $1 fine for trespassing.

But 11/2, being the anniversary of the Presidential election drew out
massive protests in many cities. "World Can't Wait said that people
in more than 67 cities, at 43 colleges and universities, and in 90 high
schools planned to leave their jobs and classes to join protests on
November 2nd."

Many cities are holding weekly and bi-monthly demonstrations against
the Iraq War now, and consequently are not reported on anywhere.

For many reports from around the country and world, see Protest News:

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