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Peace and Freedom Party taken over by control freaks

Control of California's Peace and Freedom Party has been seized by a small group of self styled "socialists" from the Bay Area and Los Angeles basin.
For those of us who have had hopes that the Peace and Freedom Party of California might once again emerge as a voice for electoral activity from Movement activists, there is some very bad news. The State Central Committee of the Party under Chairman Kevin Akin (a pro Israeli, anti Palestinian appartichik)from Riverside County is pushing to ram thru pre-Primary endorsements of "offical" statewide candidates. If you believe that the voters and registrants in a party should pick the candidates in a primary process and that the official party apparatus should be run from the bottom up, not from the top down then please email Akin and tell him you are opposed to official pre-Primary endorsements. Akin can be reached at Please also cc: so Akin can't coverup the responses. All power to the people.

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Re: Peace and Freedom Party taken over by control freaks

Kevin Akin email is "" and a cc: should also be sent to "" (convert to standard email format)


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