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Pirates Start Free Radio San Jose

Tune in this Saturday at Noon as the Community Takes Back the Public Airwaves!!!
We are here to reclaim our public airwaves! There is too much capital involved in radio broadcast these days and it is having a negative impact on the people’s consciousness. We always hear the same old songs, talking about money and fame, making our youth think that all there is to life is finding that special “someone,? when real struggles of liberation are going on everyday in our communities.

Radio Libre, meaning Free Radio, will start broadcasting on Saturday, December 17th on 101.5 FM in San Jose. Free Radio means that we broadcast without a license from the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). The FCC regulates the public airwaves. We say, the public airwaves belong to us, not any federal agency or corporation. Through Radio Libre we are exercising our freedom of speech.

In making your decision about which radio station to tune into, ask yourself these important questions: Why is it so expensive to run an FCC regulated radio station? Why are all the non-public radio stations bombarding the air waves with corporate commercials? Why does the Clear Channel Corporation control the majority of the music we listen to? And do we really want our children exposed to the messages being put out by corporate radio?

As you ponder these real questions facing our communities, tune in and tune local to 101.5 FM,.this Saturday at noon. “It’s Radio Libre Time!?

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Viva la Revolucion!

Welcome to the world of pirate broadcasting! San Jose is all the better because of your efforts!

Peace and love from S.C. indies!

Re: Pirates Start Free Radio San Jose

Mutha FUCKA! radical. don't forget to boost listenership by posting as many advertising stickers with the FM frequency on them as possible all over the san jose area. fuck the fcc!

Re: Pirates Start Free Radio San Jose

Que bueno que estaran en el aire! Van a tener programacion en espanol? Solidaridad desde lunes en la noche!

Radio Libre San Jose Postponed

Hey all you folks out there!
Us pirates in San Jose must postpone our free radio station until after the holidays.
But we shall still be plotting and planning so sit tight and have faith during this holiday season.

Love and Revolution
Radio Libre Collective

Re: Pirates Start Free Radio San Jose

Good for you! I used to run a pirate radio station years ago. Kind of miss those days.

I will check you guys out next time I am out in SanJose!


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