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The requested content was deleted with notes: An article carried on your web page and dated Dec 17 is a hoax. Apparently an article published elsewhere -- and based on events that occurred at Dartmouth -- has been doctored and my name substituted for that of a professor there. Please remove the offending, dishonest piece immediately and post an explanation. Thank you. Bruce Levine Professor of History Stevenson College Academic Center University of California, Santa Cruz


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News :: Police State

Dispatch from Jeffrey 'Free' Luers about the release of 'Critter'


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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food

Thirsting for Truth About Water Rights?

Join us for a screening of THIRST to Benefit FLOW and hear from Gary Patton on this vital issue of locally owned water.

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Announcement :: Labor & Economics


WIld oats Natural Foods fires union organizer over bag of bruised fruit!

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Review :: Civil & Human Rights

Scandal: Did Expatriate & SoldierVote COUNT?

U.S. CitiZeNs; ON The FrontLines Of Int. Relations- DID Expat.
& SoldierVote get Left Behind?
A Pivotal, Hotly contested 'election of a lifetime' spurring
Worldwide interest saw OverSeas Voters registration increase
fourfold as these Americans are the Country's spokespeople, and
best face forward. Recalcitrant insistence on conflict creating
perpetual war, was on the table for We Decide, you saw the
BillBoards reminding US whose Will was to be measured- The People's! RiP van
Winkle Voters came out of the woodwork, contributing herculean
volunteer efforts & enthusiasm were unprecendented and
encouraging. NEVER in U.S. Presidential politics have MASSIVE
crowds shown up to endorse an incumbent. But to throw out, Reject
malfeasence and Get Rid of incompetence! The 51st state, as
American's abroad were called
because of it's swing potential, an estimated 4million civilians
and 500,000 military, of course many in dubious, difficult,
dangerous and DeaDly situations, it's numbers giving it an impact
larger than the 24 smallest states. Participation was cool this
many expressing eager desire to voice their vote. Also though, a
haunting anxiety that the systemic flaws characteristic of
confusing procedures and snafus investigated by the GAO in previous
efforts at smooth and fair election process run by a mosaic of federal
& state agencies would DisCount NOT AcCount accurately the absentee
Vote. Expatriates tend heavily liberal, outnumber military
significantly and the soldiers
especially rank and file were said to be more mixed, varied not so
monolothic, or predictable as usually seen said veterans of multiple
elections. However, the pentagon, which for some reason took over
from the state department, the handling of ballots, was criticized
for registration websites not working, unequal mishandling of the
CivilianVote, absentee ballots mailed late in 8 of 15 swing states,
ballots hard to get, too many hoops to jump through and doubts
whether they would get back in time, count and be honored fairly as
a private firm owned by a republican donor and of the reelection
team, was handling ballots historically counted at local levels.
Typically 8% of absentee votes are discarded, with Bush possibly
winning the popular vote by 2-3%, HOW assured at Legit can we be?
when you also ADD the percents lost of provisionals thrown out, the
undervotes thrown out, unequal distribution of election hardware,
not random in the stunting of turnout toward one of the choices,
including GAINS from unreal certification of results with more
votes than voters, when the long lines were in the democratic
precints!. Registration going up, up, UP Machines going DOWN, down,
down, DOH! What level of fraud is sufficient to BeSmirch
Confidence? Reports below abound of systemic pre-election
suppression and NOW BlackOut and silence of OverSeas results are
Signs of a Sinister Scandal. These OverSeas American's are ambassadors, this
vote should not be treated cavalierly but be traceable, honored and
COUNTED, foreigners, frontlines in someone elses HomeLand, they
REALLY understand Vote or Die. I asked my roomate for a historical
quote which could speak to this unseemly realization, scenario
we've allowed to happen? She said there is NONE, because it has
never happened before. So I say, an UNprecendented, UNheard of,
UNfair, UNacceptable, UNnatural Results can only be Remedied,
Adjudicated, Balanced by SomeThing that hasn't happened before a
NewVote to Ameliorate this WaterShed MoMent! POST AS COMMENTS WHAT
OVERSEAS VOTE COUNTS. NO SoldiersVote Left Behind.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism : Government & Elections

A Public Forum on the Bush Presidency, Neo-conservatism, and Opposition on 1/13

Thursday, January 13
7 PM
Classroom Unit II

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News :: Alternative Media : Civil & Human Rights : Peace & War

Victims of Afghan War Remain in Limbo

Exactly 3 years ago, civilian casualties were mounting in Afghanistan and prisoners were drugged, hooded and dragged in chains to Guantanamo naval base.Alberto Gonzales, recently nominated by George Bush to replace John Ashcroft, established a legal argument that Guantanamo would be outside of any legal jurisdiction.

Prisoners still languish there, regardless of their innocence or guilt they have become pawns in a test of a presidential power.

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Announcement :: Environment & Food

Appalachia Apocalypse: The human face of Mountain Justice Summer

There is a not only a dreadful ecological toll to Mountain Range Removal--but it has a human face as well. This is a call to action. The picture is of Jeremy Davidson, 3, was killed when a boulder was dislodged by a bulldozer and came crashing through his bedroom from a Mountain Top Removal site. He was crushed in his sleep. The picture was taken by Michael Williamson

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LOCAL Announcement :: Police State

Jail the Oppressor Free the Oppressed

Jail the Oppressor Free the Oppressed a Free Radio Santa Cruz program every 2nd saturday 5:30pm focusing on the Prison industrial complex, Police killings/abuse, SHU Security Housing Units prisoner abuse, prisoners letters. tune in! listen to promo mp3.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

CSFH Warns Against Hate Groups Exploiting Tsunami Crisis

Stay clear of sectarian groups such as India Development and Relief Fund (IDRF), Hindu Swayamsevak Sangh (HSS), Sewa International and Vishwa Hindu Parishad of America (VHPA).

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism



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