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The requested content was deleted with notes: An article carried on your web page and dated Dec 17 is a hoax. Apparently an article published elsewhere -- and based on events that occurred at Dartmouth -- has been doctored and my name substituted for that of a professor there. Please remove the offending, dishonest piece immediately and post an explanation. Thank you. Bruce Levine Professor of History Stevenson College Academic Center University of California, Santa Cruz


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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture : Peace & War

CMRN: First Night Censorship?

Vinny Lombardo examines the fine line between artistic expression and political speech in the Santa Cruz New Year's Celebration. TRT: 3:39

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LOCAL News :: [none]

Man In Black Marches Ahead Of First Night Parade With A Sign

This year a group of Soldiers’ families was prevented from marching with a banner that would have listed the names and pictures of their loved ones who were in Iraq. This year also, a Man In Black (who typically dresses as Man In Black for Peace Friday at the corner of Ocean and Water from 4:30-5:30PM most Fridays) was excluded from the rear of the parade because he was carrying a sign that read “No More Depleted Uranium Weapons?.

Audio: CMRN: First Night Censorship?

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News :: Education & Youth



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Announcement :: Peace & War

The Misconception of Time and the Holy Books

The concept of time originally derived from the constantly changing conditions, which man later divides into the "past," the "present," and the "future," has, as it turns out, been giving rise to a number of questions. Isn't it an irony that while all we have the whole of our life is but the "present," the fact that we possess memory has yet led us to assume that we have a "yesterday" and a "tomorrow"? This admittedly is an issue that contradicts the various ideas associated with the word "time" as it is popularly used in our daily life, in the various scientific literatures, and in the different Holy Books, which consequently makes it real difficult for us to have it brought to the surface. What seems to further complicate matters is perhaps the very fact that even scientists have so far tended to look upon the issue as one that is strictly a matter of our misconception of time, thereby ignoring the fact that man is destined to have memory.

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Commentary :: Peace & War

End Apartheid!!

It's past time to end Institutionalized Apartheid

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News :: Media Criticism


A 30 minute review of news and opinion recorded from a shortwave radio. 2 files- broadcast quality (13.3MB) and quick download (3.3MB). With times and freqs for listening at home. Free to rebroadcast. Netherlands, Russia, China, and Cuba.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Media Criticism

Critical Mass Radio FRSC yearend look back at 2004

Free Radio Santa Cruz broadcasting on the Critical mass radio network this Friday! 6-8pm PST

FRSC will be streaming CMRN throuought New years eve day

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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth : Government & Elections

MILITARY salute in the USA became NAZI salute !!!!


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LOCAL Review :: Alternative Media : Environment & Food : Globalization & Capitalism

Indynewswire Reflection on Reclaim The Commons

From June 6 - 9, the BIO 2004 Annual Convention took place in San Francisco. Billed as “the largest gathering of biotechnology leaders in the world,? BIO 2004 invited industry insiders to San Francisco to “shape the future of biotechnology.?

Early on in 2004, the Green Bloc of Sonoma County, California called for a large grassroots mobilization to disrupt the Biotechnology Industry Organization's Annual Convention. The mobilization that emerged became known as Reclaim The Commons.

This 25 minute compilation has been produced for the Critical Mass Radio Network, Reclaim The Commons, Free Radio Santa Cruz, and the Indymedia tactic.

Listen to the Stream or Download the mp3

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Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

HELP! EveryDay AmeriCAN Heroes URgently Needed for Duty-Defending a Just Future...

...& Constitutional Self-GOvernance ---TIME for All Concerned Citizens to report for Historic Duty and STAND Up with courageous resolve-For We are on-the-cusp of redemption, my friends!Ballots? SchMallots! We NEED to Vote NOW, with our voices, eyes,ears and feet in this New Year. Get Ready for 1/3/05 to 1/6/05 Join in this dynamic FLASH! SmartMob MoveMent in spirited Defense of genuine Representative Democracy. The Law, the Future, common sense and decency are ON Our Side and The PeopleUnited in exciting solidarity are ready to BRING IT ON!, to those who corrupt, disparage and mock our Right to free, fair and VALID Elections. Either- ticket or the media is not authorized to accept it on the people's behalf if it does not follow clean worldwide standards,a studied, honest legal assesment shows 2004 to be suspect, questionable frustratingly problematic in its planning, conduct and now-audit. Since the CorpMedia has almost zilch credibility as an objective news source it is the EveryDay People's duty to become and originate a New Medium which breathes life, rarified air into the communications sphere and DeCONtaminates the poisoned, polluted atmosphere of responsible public discourse. Conscientiously aimed at motivating, maturing and moving Consensus Reality Forward-closing the Wisdom Gap. Can't you see Boris, slyly grinnin',(the raw exit poll data withheld inside his overcoat) smacking his fist in his palm, threatening, "What part of, it's over, don't you understand?" With Abu Gharib, Gitmo ethos prevalent & lurking, the shameful media is acting much like an agressive interrogater, enforcer- foisting a fraudulent, sham election onto the MassPsyche, and to caring, FreeThinkers & justified Vote Defenders, akin to Psychological torture. First they tell us that it is the most important election in our lifetime, then Andrew Card nervously, unilaterally calls the election, in lieu of earned merit, for his boss. The media doesn't study it, analyize it, or do their job and in a concerted campaign, echo in unison-GET OVER IT. (remember Hussein capture? newspapers, websites, networks, punditz-LIKE A RAT,Like a Rat, like a rat) Who gives the orders for these negative thought-spores? THIS indocrination, chicanery, ridicule is obvious and THE ULTIMATE fear and hopeless-based trauma CONDITIONING TO MANUFACTURE ALIENATION and TIMID ACCEPTANCE FOR THE END OF DEMOCRACY. News org's spreading thought-viruses violate the BirthRight freedom- Cognitive Liberty and the sovereignity of individuals freedom to think independently, fairly, honestly as sentient agents SEEKING the promotion of The Good. Personally, I could give a hoot if the media doesn't care about their own credibility or respect Words=Conduits of Spirit, I know where to find solid information-but they are disturbing and stunting, brainwashing those who don't have time or strength to discover different solutions that shine light on hidden, nefarious motives, in effect selling short the Human Race, preventing wisdom, growth and Delaying the Rennaissance! Nevertheless, Intuition, word-of-mouth and heart-based gnosis IS very powerful and contagioUS and shall overcome, their adavantage of mass-produced reality bytes courtesy of Monopolies aggresively overwhelming dominance and destruction of sacred Nature- in all it's forms and favoring profit OVER people, machine OVER man, subterfuge OVER SunShine transparency- truly archaic modus-operandi for a successful species. This post shares recent tough essays, VoterGate2004 artifacts, documents and correspondence to emBOLDen and build your networks, flyers for historic rallies and Hands-to-Work-Hearts-to-God HOMEmade, protest=protect SIGNS* ENOUGH! No heavy-handed, top-down reality control can stop this beautiful calling-WE know what happened and we have to arREST this corruption-Democracy yearns to STAY UP past it's bedTIME!

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