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The requested content was deleted with notes: An article carried on your web page and dated Dec 17 is a hoax. Apparently an article published elsewhere -- and based on events that occurred at Dartmouth -- has been doctored and my name substituted for that of a professor there. Please remove the offending, dishonest piece immediately and post an explanation. Thank you. Bruce Levine Professor of History Stevenson College Academic Center University of California, Santa Cruz


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LOCAL News :: Peace & War

39 Cities on Calif. Coast Call for Peace

Protesters brave the storm to call an end to war. Santa Cruz joined other cities all along the coast on Highway One to call for an end to war.

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News :: Alternative Media

Santiago de Cuba to Host Documentary Film Festival

Over 80 works will compete in this event, which for the first
time will have an international presence, with moviemakers from
Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Italy, Germany, Canada, Puerto Rico,
United States, France, Argentina, Peru, Spain, Chile, Uruguay
and Morocco, among other nations presenting their screenplays
and documentaries.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Chemtrails and Mind Control

A bright guy, who is a targeted individual and an ex-television repair man, took these pictures of his on-going, electromagnetic harassment. It seems to involve some kind of gas plasma. I have been reading about gas plasmas. Apparently, gas plasmas can be generated by heating up aluminum with a laser or microwaves. This is easily found online by typing in: aluminum AND gas plasma.

Chemtrails have tons of aluminum particulates in them. Most NATO countries have been reporting almost daily, persistent contrails for 8 years. Are chemtrails related to dumping tons of particulates into the atmosphere not only for directed weapons development (dust, smoke, fog, sand, and particulates make DE work better) but for gas plasma to transmit virtual reality mind control programming? Let's hope not.

We have been looking at the Air Force and Navy patents on this technology. "Columnar Focal Lense" is a vertical gas plasma column with a gas plasma lense at the end of it. [5,900,986] The Navy has a "Horizontal Plasma Antenna Using Plasma Drift Currents" patent. [6,118,407] These are not their only patents in this area. A more recent Navy patent, "Standing Wave Plasma Antenna with Plasma Reflector." [6,046,705] There are more. Hopefully, these lenses and antennas are only used at necessary times in warfare and not used to spy on the American people. But, the descriptions sure sound a lot like the classified, persistent, contrail operations over NATO countries.

There are patents about the use of gas plasma for transmitting passive virtual reality. The holographic pictures along with the sound can be transmitted to a gas plasma. Here is a patent on passive virtual reality that can transmit to a gas plasma if you want to see the how far the technology has been openly developed. "Passive virtual reality." [5,422, 653] This patent may cover technology that was invented for consensual practices, but when you read it you become aware of just how easily these days similar technology could be used for nefarious purposes. Who knows what technology is developed but hidden or classified.

So the technology for virtual mind control transmitted on a gas plasma has been developed along with the various uses of gas plasma for remote viewing lenses and antennas. There is also such a thing as weapons that have plasma in their use. I have included some data on those weapons taken from a document, "Civilian Target Technology," compiled from information gleaned at (Space & Electronic Warfare Lexicon):


The definitions below have been extracted from the Space and Electronic Warfare Lexicon. The extracts have been selected for their specific reference to the use of Space and Electronic Warfare against civilians.

ACOUSTIC BULLET - A NONLETHAL WEAPON consisting of a high-power, very low frequency acoustic beam weapon that incapacitates by creating plasma in form to the target, generating an impact wave like that of a blunt object. It causes blunt object trauma, as opposed to that of a conventional bullet which cause ripping and tearing of the target. [10:2341] See also SONIC BULLET.

BEAM-PLASMA DEVICE - A broadband high-powered microwave generator that employs the interaction of relativistic electrons and plasma. See also FREE-ELECTRON LASER; GYROTRON; VIRTUAL-CATHODE OSCILLATOR. [10:16] NOTE: Beam-plasma devices have potential for use as DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPONs.

GYROTRON - A high power microwave generating device suitable for use as a DIRECTED ENERGY WEAPON in the MILLIMETER WAVE band. [10:16] See also BEAM-PLASMA DEVICE, FREE- ELECTRON LASER; VIRTUAL-CATHODE OSCILLATOR.

PASOTRON - Plasma-assisted slow-wave oscillator, a small-size, light weight source for high power, long pulse microwave energy. Considered (in 1992) to be a next-generation device for directed energy applications such as mine clearing, anti-missile defense, anti-aircraft defense, remote jamming, and other directed energy weapons. [10:2478] See also DIRECTED ENERGY DEVICE.

[end guotes]

This is just a small sample of weapons applications of plasma. The fact is that plasma generation [which can be done with the heating up of aluminum particulates from the chemtrails with lasers or microwaves] is an important aspect of the atmospheric platform for the new generation of weapons called exotic weapons or directed energy weapons. According to H.R. 2977, sponsored by Dennis Kucinich in the 107th Congress, exotic weapons include mind or mood weapons.

Recently, some of the people targeted by electronic harassment and/or mind control starting filming and photographing "beams" directed at them coming from low-horizon satellites. These are the satellites that are seen usually at dusk at 30-50 above the earth. The electromagnetic meters that they are taking readings with when this happens are recording microwave and x-rays coming from -- "straight up." People have been saying for years that they were being "attacked" by satellites. Could this be true? It appears so to me. Chemtrail activists, mind control victims, and non-proliferation activists are coming together and finding that each group has had pieces of a much larger puzzle.

We are looking for television producers (no co-optation or diluting of our message allowed), directors or independent film makers who would like to showcase our plight. This issue would make a great documentary or a fiction film a la Karen Silkwood (so long as it is made clear in that though the victimization of people by mind control technology has been put into a story format, the issue is very real, ongoing, has 60 years of credible documentation, and as of yet, there is no viable remedy under the law for victims of electronic torture in America).

Let us not forget -- we have a President who came out in support of the torture of prisoners captured in The War on Terror even though torture is against The Rules of War and The Geneva Conventions.

We have pictures, films, and reputable and knowledgeable victims that can be interviewed in many NATO countries.

This ground-breaking movie would evaporate urban myths like: chemtrails are normal, all mind control victims are just paranoid, Planet X is real (I believe that it is big gas plasma orb projects maybe NASA?), little grey aliens and nasty reptilians are abducting people, and there are really no weapons in space.

If any little grey aliens or nasty reptilians are really abducting, probing, and implanting people, I apologize for under-estimating your depth of depravity.

Thank you.
Carolyn Palit


"I have a method of capturing these Photos & Video Recording. To Capture these Invisible Plasma Waves, Spiral Waves, use an external Infrared Light Booster for Video Camera or a Blacklight (Ultraviolet Light) with a Nikon Digital Still Camera Model 3100. This Camera has an Optional RCA Cable that lets you use as a video camera. If you have a Video Card on your Computer, use a VHS Video Recoder [recorder, ed.] & plug in the RCA Cable to the input and then run the output to the Video Card. Some Video Cards has [have,ed.] an RCA Input Connector so you don't have to use the VHS Video Recorder. I am using a Computer DVD Recorder that uses a Program named (Sonic MyDVD). My Video Card is an (ATI). These are excellent in capturing . . . "

One of our respondents says that if the camera has a 800x speed it works better. I don't know. Try it and see. Also, I have been thinking that if one took a microwave oven out in the yard on a long high-power cord on a heavy chemtrail day then broke the safety on the door and stood way back and turned the oven on at high-power I wonder if one would get a gas plasma orb or orbs on film? It would be conclusive proof I think that that is what they are doing with the chemtrail and EM. Anyone want to try it? Another respondent says that the beams set off his radar detector and sometimes it hits the laser strength range. Or what about a cop radar gun aimed at heavy chemtrail spray coming down? I take no responsibility for any damage resulting from any microwave experiments. You might have to check to see if it is even legal to do the above with a microwave oven. I don't know. I take no responsibility if you are breaking the law either. I stay within the law.

Please let know what you discover. I will post films or pictures on my site if you want with or without your names. Also, looking for donations to buy the proper equipment so that I can travel to folks and get the photographic evidence of their EM gas plasma torture.



noexoticwarfarezone (at)

iceni6 (at)

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Commentary :: Resistance & Tactics

False Pride of the Super Outlaw State

"Although few Americans realize that their country was the first to commit genocide, ethnic cleansing and use forced death marches, these historical facts didn't escape the Third Reich and Adolph Hitler. He admired the American government for their efficiency"

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News :: Alternative Media : Globalization & Capitalism : Peace & War

2004's Top War Profiteers


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LOCAL News :: [none]

Free Skool Santa Cruz Spring Quarter Begins

FreeSkool Santa Cruz is a decentralized network that shares skills, information and knowledge without the limitations of hierarchy and the institutional environment of formal schools.

We seek to provide an environment that inspires individuals and facilitates the exchanging of tools they need to create their lives on their own terms. We intend to offer a network that supports people’s capacity to live more autonomously and build communities.

Classes start next month, March 4th 2005.

[ Free Skool Santa Cruz I Spring 2005 Calendar (.pdf) I Spring 2005 Class Descriptions (.pdf) ]

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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food

Public Comment Needed on Big Basin Logging

Public comment to CDF is needed immediately to stop more logging along the Skyline-to-Sea Trail near Big Basin Park.

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News :: [none]

Naomi Klein @ UCSC: Waving with the Whole Hand

On February 16, at 7pm, Naomi Klein dissected the failure of the "X-treme Makeover" known as U.S. foreign policy in Iraq.

Klein is an award-winning journalist and author of the international best-seller "No Logo: Taking Aim at the Brand Bullies," and "Fences and Windows: Dispatches from the Front Lines of the Globalization Debate".

Klein spoke about "War and Fleece: How economic 'Shock Therapy' backfired in Iraq" to a crowd of over 600 people gathered at UC Santa Cruz.

Audio: Peace Talks: Naomi Klein at UCSC

[ No Logo I More photos of Naomi Klein at UCSC ]

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News :: Womyn

Help women around the world get equal rights

The Women's Edge Coalition is joining with other organizations to call on the US to reaffirm the Beijing Platform for Action at the upcoming UN 10 year review. Your action is urgently needed to encourage the US to join other nations around the world in advancing women's equality. Please read and take action!

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Commentary :: Environment & Food


Help our minds have been colonized. We are accepting corporate rule as established and unreversible. This is not so and we need to have another viewpoint

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