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The requested content was deleted with notes: An article carried on your web page and dated Dec 17 is a hoax. Apparently an article published elsewhere -- and based on events that occurred at Dartmouth -- has been doctored and my name substituted for that of a professor there. Please remove the offending, dishonest piece immediately and post an explanation. Thank you. Bruce Levine Professor of History Stevenson College Academic Center University of California, Santa Cruz


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LOCAL Announcement :: Environment & Food

Post Carbon Meeting Announcement (9/1)


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News :: Civil & Human Rights : Resistance & Tactics : Transportation

NYPD Arrests 49 Bicyclists during August Critical Mass

Monthly face-off between bicyclists and City continues.

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Commentary :: Peace & War : Resistance & Tactics

Nothing to report from Iraq's front, America

Here is a president who purposefully, if blindly, took his nation to war, brandishing with equal mastery ignorance and incompetence...

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Of Bugs and Terrorists

A friend of mine who works for Dow Chemical said the other day "You wouldn't believe how much stronger our new generation of pesticides is than what is on the market right now -- the bugs have just become stronger."

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News :: Peace & War

Scheme to assassinate Wayne Madsen?

Is the Bush Cabal So Desperate?

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News :: Peace & War : Police State

Christian theologian debunks 9-11 Commission report, is interviewed by LA Times

Distinguished theologian Dr. David Ray Griffin is shedding light on the truth (and the many non-truths) surrounding 9-11. His writings and speeches present evidence and insights that demand our attention, whatever our spiritual perspectives may be. And this weekend, the LA Times Magazine features an interview with Dr. Griffin.

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News :: Government & Elections

media, pornography, and the bush administration


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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights

Action Alert: Sizzla at the Catalyst, Advocates Killing Queer People

Sizzla, a virulently homophobic dance hall reggae singer who advocates burning/killing queer people, says he personally kills them, etc., has been scheduled to appear at the Catalyst in downtown Santa Cruz on September 11th, 2005. The GLBT Alliance and the Santa Cruz queer community at large are organizing protests and lobbying the Catalyst to cancel his appearance.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections

Bush's Obscene Tirades Rattle White House Aides

While President George W. Bush travels around the country in a last-ditch effort to sell his Iraq war, White House aides scramble frantically behind the scenes to hide the dark mood of an increasingly angry leader who unleashes obscenity-filled outbursts at anyone who dares disagree with him.

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News :: Poverty & Urban Development

Voices of the Lost and Forgotten- Pt. 4: Families In Poverty

Part four in a five part series on the alarming increases of homelessness, poverty, and hunger in America.

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