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The requested content was deleted with notes: An article carried on your web page and dated Dec 17 is a hoax. Apparently an article published elsewhere -- and based on events that occurred at Dartmouth -- has been doctored and my name substituted for that of a professor there. Please remove the offending, dishonest piece immediately and post an explanation. Thank you. Bruce Levine Professor of History Stevenson College Academic Center University of California, Santa Cruz


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LOCAL News :: Resistance & Tactics

Time To Clean House In The Peace and Freedom Party

Steve Argue elected to Santa Cruz County Peace and Freedom Party Central Committee, declares, "Time to clean house".

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Commentary :: Peace & War

The revolution in Venezuela is in Danger !


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LOCAL Announcement :: Resistance & Tactics

california apoc conference workshop call-out

We are looking for speakers and/or workshop presenters for an upcoming Anarchist People of Color conference, to take place in Oakland April 16-18.

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Commentary :: Government & Elections



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News :: [none]

Mendocino County Becomes First in Nation to Ban Growing of GE Crops and Animals

In a sweeping victory, Mendocino County became the first county in the nation to ban the growing of genetically altered crops and animals.

Mendocino County voters defeated the world’s largest producers of genetically engineered foods and seed, which pumped a record $621,000 into a county of 47,000 voters.

Under the guise of CropLife America, Monsanto, DuPont, Dow Chemical and a consortium of other biotech multinational corporations shattered spending records in this small agricultural county.

But CropLife America was no match for thousands of Mendocino County farmers, business owners, vintners and families who joined the largest, most successful grass roots campaign the county has ever seen to fight the encroachment of genetically altered crops.

Audio: Free Speech Radio News Story (Streaming Audio)

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Indybay Coverage

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News :: Peace & War

/Ocupación militar USA/ Violencia, marines y paramilitares dominan el teatro haitiano

Ocupación militar USA

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News :: Peace & War

Kerry, Liberal Interventionism and Zionism

Kerry, Liberal Interventionism and Zionism

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Commentary :: Globalization & Capitalism

Muerte del Planeta Tierra-Diez horas con la globalización (google)

Oscar Sánchez Fernández de la Vega (google). Autor del libro " Diez Horas con la Globalización"(google, amazon, foro-los retos de la globalización,,, netbiblo, yahoo.....) Globalización, y productividad versus ecología –“Diez horas con la globalización?

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

When communism takes over

Facts on property owning in Finland.

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LOCAL News :: Resistance & Tactics

Please Brother Dority—No More ‘Successful’ Strikes

Working class people put much into supporting the Safeway strike in Santa Cruz. Brother Bill Onasch answers questions regarding the outcome of the strike.

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