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The requested content was deleted with notes: An article carried on your web page and dated Dec 17 is a hoax. Apparently an article published elsewhere -- and based on events that occurred at Dartmouth -- has been doctored and my name substituted for that of a professor there. Please remove the offending, dishonest piece immediately and post an explanation. Thank you. Bruce Levine Professor of History Stevenson College Academic Center University of California, Santa Cruz


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LOCAL Commentary :: Government & Elections : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

No on X - Santa Cruz utility tax hits poor people

In a vote-by-mail election set for August, 2005, Santa Cruz residents will be asked to approve another utility tax. Of all the things to tax, essentials are the worst possible choice. Whether you're rich or poor, you still have to flush the toilet.

The proposed 3 to 12% utility tax comes on top of a 7% utility tax and is made worse by a massive, multi-year, 124% increase in city water rates, not to mention a backward water pricing scheme that already has small users paying up to 580% more per gallon than big users.

As usual, Santa Cruz City Council calls itself progressive but doesn't behave that way. Please join me in voting no on Measure X.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Media Criticism

Rally and Vigil at the Sentinel - June 17th

Protest the biased war coverage from the Santa Cruz Sentinel newspaper Friday June 17th, 12-2pm. Call for the TRUTH!

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Commentary :: Media Criticism

Snowed: US (Corporate) Media Ignore climate change

author: Ross Gelbspan / Mother Jones
Jun 11, 2005 12:05

Though global climate change is breaking out all around us, the U.S. news media has remained silent. Not because climate change is a bad story-to the contrary: Conflict is the lifeblood of journalism, and the climate issue is riven with conflict.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Civil & Human Rights : Government & Elections : Health & Drugs

Urgent: Support Medical Marijuana Amendment

This was originally posted as a comment to another thread.

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LOCAL News :: Arts & Culture : Technology

Interview with Groucho Monarchs at the Guerilla Drive-In w/ Rev. Billy

On June 2, 2005, Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping made a special appearance at the Santa Cruz Guerilla Drive-In.

After Reverend Billy and the Church of Stop Shopping preached to the masses (check out the video), I was lucky enough to interview Groucho Monarchs.

(4:14 minutes / 1.5 MB)

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Interview :: Police State

Rockin' the Boat: Update on Mumia

Interview with Robert R. Bryan, lead attorney for Mumia Abu-Jamal. We talk about the history of racial bias, and injustice in the case, some of the new evidence yet to be heard in open court, the current situation of the case, and lay out some likely future scenarios as the case moves through the court system.

30 minutes

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News :: Health & Drugs

AIDS As A Means To Mycoplasma Weaponry

LESSON TWO IN TECHNO SATANISM--If you thought the info concerning genetic engineering of smallpox by the bush coven was interesting, check this out, it is real, in place, and you might be sitting on it !@!@!

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth : Labor & Economics : Poverty & Urban Development

3-Day CUE Statewide Strike of UC June 13-15


OUT of excuses for why it treats its lower-paid workers so badly, causing AFSCME and UPTE to strike over UC's unfair labor practices, and causing CUE to strike over our terrible wages.

CUE members at UC Santa Cruz will be striking on June 13, 14 and 15 from 6:00am till 6pm.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

Urban Snoutfitters you suck

Urban out fitters protest sunday june 12 in santa cruz at o'niells plaza across tthe sreet from urban O

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Commentary :: Peace & War

Kucinich/Abercrombie need help addressing concerns about Iraq Withdrawal

Now's the chance to explain to some congresscritters how you feel about the need to bring the troops home, and the truth about what is happening in Iraq. Some congresscritters people are evil, true...however some are good people whose biggest crime was trusting the president. They have been watching too much Corporate News and have no clue what is really happening. These are the people we need to a respectful manner. Many are probably incredibly embarrassed they have been lied to and have been going along with the entire sham so we need to be gentle with them.

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