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The requested content was deleted with notes: An article carried on your web page and dated Dec 17 is a hoax. Apparently an article published elsewhere -- and based on events that occurred at Dartmouth -- has been doctored and my name substituted for that of a professor there. Please remove the offending, dishonest piece immediately and post an explanation. Thank you. Bruce Levine Professor of History Stevenson College Academic Center University of California, Santa Cruz


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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth

UCSC Student Speakout @ The Strike

During the Strike this Thursday, a mass rally will take place at the base of the UCSC campus (Bay and High) at 1:30 p.m.

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LOCAL News :: Civil & Human Rights : Education & Youth

URGENT!!! support Tent University Santa Cruz, defend freedom of assembly!!!

Tent University Santa Cruz (TUSC) is an experiment in radical education reform to take place at UC Santa Cruz, April 18-22. The university and the police want to shut it down. TUSC needs support from communities surrounding to resist the potential eviction of this creative effort toward liberating education!!!!

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LOCAL News :: Globalization & Capitalism

Anti-CAFTA Rally

Fight CAFTA through active democratic participation this Friday April 15th at UCSC Baytree Bookstore. Noon.

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LOCAL Announcement :: Labor & Economics


Sam Farr, Rep. for Santa Cruz County, has just confirmed his opposition to the Central American Free Trade Aggrement.

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News :: Civil & Human Rights

Help Protect Uncensored Satellite Television for the Chinese People

The TV Station that broke the SARS story in China and pressured the Chinese government to admit the crisis, will go off the air in China on April 15, 2005 due to pressure from the Chinese Communist Party.

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Commentary :: Media Criticism

Undermining Civil Society: David Horowitz's Corrosive Projects

If you liked Lee Kaplan, Dafka Exposed,
you'll probably love this expose of the David Horowitz machine.

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Commentary :: Animal Rights

Canada’s Shame

Canada’s Shame

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News :: Alternative Media : Globalization & Capitalism : Labor & Economics : Peace & War

Time for the Annual IMF Dance Party

Last year's IMF/World Bank protest was a colorful demonstration of peaceful alternatives to the culture of war. Is it any more important to protest this year, with Paul Wolfowitz taking office as the new president of the World Bank?

I don't think so.


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LOCAL Announcement :: Education & Youth : Globalization & Capitalism : Police State : Resistance & Tactics

Anarchism Now conference

May 7th = Anarchism Now, a one-day conference at UCSC exploring and contextualizing contemporary anarchisms.

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LOCAL News :: Education & Youth

Brown Beret Chapter to start in Santa Cruz

The Brown Berets are an imortant part of the historical struggle for civil rights and the Chicano Movement in the United States. Founded in 1967 by young students and community members in the barrios of East Los Angeles, this group orgnanized against police brutality, racial injustice and the lack of ethnic education in public schools. Much of this groups influence came from organizations such as the Black Panthers, the American Indian Movement and the Young Lords. The Brown Berets were instrumental in organizing the East Los Angelos High School Walkouts of 1968 that forced Los Angeles Schools to revise their hiring policies and include ethnic studies. The Brown Berets also organized the Chicano Moratorium march which called for an end to the Vietnam War and the recruitment of Latinos in the military. This organization was vital in making the public aware of the disparities and struggles affecting the Chicano community.

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