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Howard Dean's Legacy Still Haunts Vermont

Lawsuits arising out of Dean’s unconstitutional appointment policies in Vermont still costing Vermonters.
In the mid 1990’s Howard Dean adopted a policy of appointing judges willing to subvert the Bill of Rights in favor of common sense. See Governor Court Picks Stir Critics, Rutland Herald, July, 30, 1997. Keeping true to his promise Dean appointed two Judges within months of his infamous declaration; Judge Nancy Corsones and Judge Patricia Zimmerman.

These jurists engineered a plan to ban unpopular reporters and critics from Vermont courthouses for life. The State of Vermont just settled a suit against one of these banished “citizen-reporters? for $200,000. In a state with a tiny population of 500,000 this is a significant award. This figure doesn’t include the labor invested by Dean’s best friend and top appointee Attorney General William Sorrell’s six years of plundering the Vermont Attorney General’s office budget to defend and support this highly unconstitutional behavior.

The two Dean appointed judges however were dismissed from the case because of judicial immunity. The courts found only lower level non-judge employees could be held accountable.

It shouldn’t surprise anyone that Dean and his top appointee, Vermont Attorney General William Sorrell, have fought viscously to seal Dean’s gubernatorial records and the dirt that resides therein. Hard to say how long the State of Vermont will be paying for the blunders and outright illegal behavior of Howard Dean. There are more lawsuits out there arising out of the behavior of top Dean appointees. Its only a matter of time before Dean’s legacy in Vermont is revealed as one of the biggest failures in modern politics.

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-- Scott Huminski
s_huminski (at)

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This is nothing about Howard Dean

This article is a smear attempt on Howard Dean. It is inaccurately named and really has nothing to do with Dean.

Re: Howard Dean's Legacy Still Haunts Vermont

ironic that when a republican govenor is accused of something here on indy that that article never fails to mention the party he or she belongs to, yet when its a democrat the party is never mentioned.


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