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Thousands Celebrate the New Year with DIY Last Night Santa Cruz Parade

On Saturday, December 31, 2005, thousands of people celebrated the new year with a Do-It-Yourself Last Night Santa Cruz parade. Hundreds of ordinary folks, freaks, clowns, fire dancers, samba drummers, punks, pirates, artists, zombies, marching bands, moms, dads, kids, trash musicians, art cars, bikers and boaters began to gather at the Saturn Cafe parking lot at 5pm. After a bunch of drumming, juggling and poi dancing in the parking lot, the parade went up Pacific Ave and ended at the intersection of Pacific Ave, Front St and Mission St.
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boy in rolling boat
Police barricades were in place to discourage people from crossing Mission St. The Town Clock and the Veterans War Memorial eagle statue were completely fenced off. A large drum circle backed by the Santa Cruz Trash Orchestra provided music in the street and then on the corner by the Post Office.

The parade was very high in energy. You could almost taste playa dust in the air. For a few hours, Pacific Ave had a bit of the look and feel of an evening in Black Rock City.

Almost everyone that I saw, either in the parade or standing on the sidewalk, seemed to be having a really great time. People love creativity and one-of-a-kind interactive artwork which are embraced in the do-it-yourself culture.

Many people spent hours designing their own costumes and props. I believe it is up to all us to bring our favorite elements of Black Rock City and the Burning Man celebration into our everyday lives.

For more information on the Last Night Santa Cruz DIY New Year's Parade, visit:

For more information on The Burning Man Project (Welcome Home), please visit:

Thanks to the (non)organizers of Last Night Santa Cruz and especially all the participants. diy til we fuckin die. from darkness to life.
people pose on a turtlemobile
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a horseman rides on pacific
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the police were very upset to see people having a good time on pacific ave without spending any money. the city government prefers to charge people for pre-packaged, permitted entertainment.
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the parade gets going from pacific and laurel
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pacific ave was filled with people celebrating.
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world peace begins with me. chalking is not a crime.
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women in black stand for peace
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santa pauses in the middle of the road
Dr. Wasabi helped people get fired up
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Last Night Santa Cruz

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DIY is not burning man

DIY is not burning man.

spreading DIY culture has nothing to do with burning man, burning man is simply a DIY festival (for those with plenty of money, I might add)

DIY culture and a DIY conciousness - not depending on commodities manufactured by capitalist monstrosity- manifests all over the place, be it through squatters and primitivists, back to the landers, freakbikers, punks, hippies, whatever the label.

so drop your burning man cult and just enjoy it as an outrageous party, not a dogma and idolized model.

Re: Thousands Celebrate the New Year with DIY Last Night Santa Cruz Parade

Great photos, Bradley.

Re: Thousands Celebrate the New Year with DIY Last Night Santa Cruz Parade

I could smell the playa dust too.

A certain canoe-mobile featured on the top of this page had night and day driving permit from the Dept of Mutant Vehicles (DMV) on the back of the canoe.

Re: DIY is not burning man

I went to Burning Man a few years in a row. I have not been to the festival in a few years. I do not have a Burning Man cult.

There are many aspects of Burning Man which I really enjoy and other parts which I do not like at all. I am not going to try to explain my feelings on Burning Man, but I will talk about a couple things.

I love a lot of the sculptures made from found objects that I have come across in Black Rock City. I do not like the burning of the man at all. I think it is wrong to use trees like that. A whole bunch of people gather around, watch the man burn, and then some people start to burn other sculptures, etc... which include materials other than wood and nails such as pvc pipes. That makes me sick both physically and mentally when I am there.

This article about the DIY Last Night Santa Cruz parade mentions Burning Man because the march had characteristics which are also present in Black Rock City.

My evangelicalism for Burning Man and Black Rock City are to bring your favorite elements into your everyday life, but certainly try to leave out the aspects of Burning Man which suck.

Thank you, (y(ledelic, for your insight on DIY culture and consciousness as well as your feedback about Burning Man. I agree to responsibly enjoy it as an outrageous party, not a dogma and idolized model.

And thanks Rico, glad you enjoy the photos.


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