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Three Cheers and Thanks to the Leaker

Three cheers to the spook who exposed Bush.

Three Cheers and Thanks to the Leaker

Author: Stephen DeVoy

Over the last year, someone leaked to the New York Times the fact that George W. Bush illegally ordered the NSA to violate our rights and the law by authorizing wiretaps of US citizens without a court warrant.  Bush does not have the authority to authorize such an operation, therefore, the NSA should have refused to follow his orders.  Whoever leaked this story knew that Bush and the NSA were violating the Constitution and U.S. law.  Whoever leaked this story knew that Bush and the employees of the NSA conducting the surveillance were violating their oaths to "support and defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic."  Since the illegal program was classified, we must assume that the source of the leak had a security clearance and, therefore, chose fidelity to the oath over fidelity to his or her employer.  Such a person is what we call a whistleblower.  I would like to personally express my gratitude to this person and all upon all Americans to join me in designating him or her a hero.

As must bullies do, George W. Bush is pointing the finger of accusation at the whistleblower, accusing this heroic individual of what can only be described as treason, and has moved the Department of "Justice" to open an investigation into the source of the leak.  While Congress should be demanding the resignation of this half wit traitor occupying the White House, they instead join in the call to tar and feather the hero who followed his or oath.  I suppose that if the leader is a traitor, treason becomes the patriotism of the day.  I for one reject this nonsense.  If the polls we have recently seen online are any indication, the vast majority of Americans reject Bush's bully politics and criminality too.

This country has never before seen such overwhelming support from the people themselves to impeach a President.  Never before has a president openly admitted to violating the law and then turned around and confirmed that he would continue to do so unabated.  Yet, despite this, our Congress is almost silent while a traitor pisses on the Constitution right before our eyes.  Shame on the U.S. Congress!

I don't know where all of this will go.  I don't know if we will all sit and watch like cowards as an absolutist fascist pigs oinks his way over our rights.  What I do know is that some unknown person had the integrity to expose our treasonous President and to that person I say "Thanks, keep up the good work!"



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