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Justice for Chiquita and Banadex

Earlier today, someone on the other side of the Potomac
(visitors I.P., US Dept of Justice)
did a Yahoo! search for Banadex (a division of Chiquita Brands), and read my coverage of their corporate impunity enjoyed at expense of US taxpayers. One would expect the Department of Justice would already know about the the case history of Banadex: they've been fined as recently as 2 years ago for their crimes in Honduras. Journalists who have publicly challenged Chiquita in the past have been dogged by lawyers and stalked on the internet, especially the award winning "journalist in exile" Ignacio Gomez, who eventually found refuge in Cuba.
Bribery for preferential treatment is a way of life in the poorest countries of the world, and that's where corporate giants like Chiquita put tax dollars to work. Bribery was the issue of the nolo contendre filing by Chiquita Brands in 2003. When abuses by government subsidized monopolies occur, shouldn't we expect the Department of Justice to do it's job and extract their pound of flesh?

This is not what we've come to expect from the Bush cabal.
Let's hope their inquiries about Banadex don't result in the same ass-backward approach they continue to demonstrate in their alleged defence of democracy, as recent examples indicate.

When the existence of illegal operations at secret prisons overseas was mentioned by the Washington Post, the knee-jerk reaction of the Republican Cabal was not to investigate the egregious abuses of an "intelligence" apparatus gone berzerk, but instead to seek vengeance upon those who would seek to correct the problem. That particular witch hunt began last November, and was reported with a subtle slant by CNN:

"If accurate, such an egregious disclosure could have long-term and far-reaching damaging and dangerous consequences, and will imperil our efforts to protect the American people and our homeland from terrorist attacks," they wrote in a letter requesting the investigation.

Democracy, justice and the rule of law are not served by silencing the scrutiny of those who actively undermine them: yet this has become routine during the part 6 years. The investigation of illegal spying on US citizens by the NSA is yet another example: instead of investigating the abuses, an investigation of the investigation was announced.

It is a fact that every potential employee of the NSA is expected to sign off that they understand the regualations against domestic surveillance, and required by oath to obey them.

Bush openly defended actions that are known by every employee of the NSA to be illegal: and his cohorts sought vengeance on those who would challenge his illegal actions.

We can only hope that in the instance of Banadex, the DOJ will target the culprits who seek to undermine free trade. Free trade is not well served by corporate giants who can afford to pay bribes to officials of countries that have been driven into poverty by the policies of extraction

Is free trade something Bush will continue to promote in the same way he has promoted democracy?

The evidence continues to accumulate.

David Roknich



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