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Answering the critics

Murdock Todd Cote (Doc)

I wrote these articles in answer to the deeds of George Walker Bush and his government, you call me a fracking idiot; America is the least corrupt in your eyes but look into the past, Mr. Nixon and the Watergate incident and those actions which followed are a prime example of the trouble that would follow. He was pardoned by his Vice President Gerald R Ford who lost a year latter to James Carter of Georgia. Who was yes a one term President, because he mishandled the Tarahn incident in 1979? Yeah he could have blown Iran off the map, but he did not want to start a war; or waste America most precious treasures its warrior’s blood. There is one thing he did try to rescue the people at the embassy but it failed because of an air crash of a ch51 Jolly green at refueling point lima which killed a dozen men so the commander with drew the force.

Which was basically failure of leadership, then in 1980 came Ronald Reagan who began his presidency by a scandal of arms for hostages; he used Lt. Col Oliver North as the sacrificial lamb. It got him elected, and he got through the scandal unscaved, and rubbed salt into the carter loss in delaying the release of the American hostages till after his swearing in, in January of 1981, he let carter meet the hostages on Air force 1.

His scandal was arms for the Nicaraguan rebels fighting the Sandinistas and parts for the hostages held for a year in Iranian prisons moved after they discovered the raid’s refueling site and the burning wreckage of the jolly green and the bodies of dead left behind. It would turn into a humiliation that every Cleric with hate tourism begin to rear it ugly face. Yes Reagan was decisive in dealing with attacks on United States interest through world. His foreign policy was tit for tat. But this administration also began the union busting and the farming out of technology, manufacturing to South East Asia, Central Asia, and the Middle East. Countries in South and Central America took advantage of the union busting by offering cheap factory space, cheep labor. In 1989 George Senior won the office on Reagan’s Shirt Tails, then in 1990 Iraq who fought Iran in a eight year stale mate which got his boss elected in 1980, invade Kuwait and annex it as Hitler did with Poland in 1939; he dispatched the United States XVIII Corp to block any further action of the Iraqi’s In Kuwait which was called Operation Desert Shield. It gave the United Nations and The United States time to build up its forces.

The U.S being the main force in the allied counter offensive to retake the nation of Kuwait and free its people, This was after the year when the wall came down and the western republics broke from the USSR in 1989 and communisms super power fell apart the cold war was over but the future brought new wars and America became the Police Force of the World we won the cold war because we out spent the USSR. Now America faced the harsh reality of rouge nations, some with nuclear capability; our military had good leader both charismatic and well taught men like Colin Powell and Norman Swatzkoff both battle tested in Vietnam.

They used the technology of the cold war and overwhelming force to destroy the Iraqi army and drive it from Kuwait. Then the military blunders of the war it allowed the Republican Guard to get away by stopping Desert storm too soon. Giving Saddam his best equipped troops and allowing him to destroy the Kuwaiti oil fields as he left Kuwait on the run with their money, their tech. the world had to rebuild Kuwait and Iraq’s oil infrastructure. Iraq so it could feed its people and Kuwait so it could rebuild its economy. I wonder how many people in America became millionaires over night because of the war in the gulf. Yeah the eighties were the era but that fell apart in the late eighties.

The wave of a good economy failed and so did George Herbert Walker Bush’s re-election bid against William Jefferson Clinton and the new deal and America connecting together by the internet, we were slowly digging ourselves out of debt, and then came the gold mine the republicans thought they struck when it came out about Mr. Clinton’s infidelity. And not since Abraham Lincoln’s Vice President did a sitting President Stand trial of Impeachment. It backfired on them and Clinton Gore campaign went on to win a second term, when he left office in 2000 after the Gore Loss to George Junior he left in the Bank or treasury two hundred billion dollars. The Bush Presidency flushed it with one signature which he called tax relief, he said it belonged to the American people so he gave it away, yes some low income got maybe a hundred bucks but the rest went to the Upper class which as most know are Republicans. Being it is two thousand and six he bought himself another term

I saw one other thing first Gore won Florida, then all of sudden Bush Won Florida, I smelled a rat and it was Jeb Bush, the Honorable Governor of Florida; with a single phone call he gave the election to his big brother. The percentage of those allowed to vote, registered that is did not get to vote, they were forced to leave the line at the polling places by Florida Troopers using any excuse from illegal parked cars to just about anything. I wonder in Florida what the minority vote was. Mr. Gore did the right thing by withdrawing his concession and challenging the vote by demanding a recount, the Bush challenged it the recount in the Supreme Court of the United States.

He Mr. Gore that is given in I think because he did not have the war chest for a protracted fight in the courts and the court was stacked against him. So January 2001, the Texas Idiot was sworn in as President of the United States of America, he was muddling through doing a half frack job; till America’s worst nightmare came on September 11, 2001. It was the modern version of December 7th 1941 we lost two thousand nine hundred and some odd innocent civilians in a terror attack that shocked the world. I was watching Television and saw the disaster and then they cut to President Bush in a classroom in Florida. His chiefs of staff came in and whispered to him about the attack and guess what he sat their maybe in disbelief or maybe because he was dumb brick I do not know. All I know is that a leader would have excused him self from the room and got his fracking butt on Air force one. That being that the United States was under armed attack. He stood there still the children were finished reading then he left to be briefed on what was going on. Wrong thing to do, the 10th mountain headed for New York City along with the U.S.S. Hope which is a hospital ship and the Air Craft Carrier Carl Vinson Sorted out of Norfolk to protect New York City from further attack by the terrorist; I think it was his Vice President in the situation room making the decisions and he just nodding his head yes. The President was whisked away to an underground bunker at a Sac Base in Mississippi.

Were he gave an impromptu press conference. In two thousand and two he ordered operation enduring freedom to attack the Elgaida bases in Afghanistan, which was fine by me. What I felt was out of line was operation Iraqi Freedom, all of a sudden he was finding weapons of mass destruction being in a built in a financially broke country; George Tenant and Condoleezza Rice his so called National Security advisor made up information, made up intelligence, made up the connection with bin laden and bulled fracked his way into invading Iraq.

Maybe he beat Saddams Army but it was tech that beat it and better equipment then he had, which was one fracking corps of trained troops of the republican guard and a few short range tactical missiles scuds that is and a couple of drums of mustard gas. If he had all these weapons of mass destruction, while he was getting slapped silly by Tommy Franks and II Corps and part of XVIII corps and the Marines of the second division why did he not use them answer he did not have them, anything Bio-germ, nuclear nothing.

The whole reason was a fracking lie cooked up by Cheney, Rice and Tenant in a lam frack attempt to kick start the floundering economy which he and other Ultra-Right wing conservatives and the carpet baggers in his administration caused to go down hill, by allowing companies to move operations overseas. He says the economy is fine, yet ford has cut jobs, again the airlines have cut jobs again, manufacturing well there is a joke waiting to happen. Yeah he created jobs not a lot, service jobs. Example my dell computer, a United States company, yet the mother board was made in china the modem in Canada, the floppy in Mexico I guess, the hard drive in Taiwan or Tokyo. The programming codes bet not in Seattle or Redland at Microsoft Headquarters it’s in India, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia. Hell now were making our movies and television shows in Canada, why because the dollar goes a heck of a fracking bit further; I called Congressmen Allan and Michaud and gave them an idea cut congressional by 20% I made the same suggestion to our republican senators they took it with a grain of salt. Why pay for tanks and planes that and weapons platforms we have not gotten from the contractor?

Why did Halliburton get a major contract to help rebuild Iraq’s oil infrastructure? I have many questions, but I doubt that the administration would give you a strait answer. He is cutting education, medical care for the disabled, the poor, and the elderly. He throws mentally ill people his party that is into the streets, paranoid scitfranics, delusional people, if you were to talk to a cop in Boston, New York, Chicago, any town with a subway in it will tell you that one and four of the crimes are committed by mentally ill. When they should be in secured facility’s given the medication they need, as I stated before he has cut food stamps; why I have to ask fiscal responsibility.

His domestic agenda is frack, SNAFU situation normal all fracked up…. Editors have said my writing in too confrontational, that what I have written is false that he is not a thief, a coward, a liar all who serve him are not snakes in the ground of hell. What America needs now are hero’s, loyal to the people, defender of freedom, and justice, and their rule of law. No he feels he is above the law, now that he has stacked the deck against the people by putting conservatives’ right wing judges on the bench of the United States Supreme Court. America Equalizer, this man and other like him; men like Nixon, Reagan, his father. Now he is allowed to spy on his own people and get away with it. You know I think he thinks he is a sheik an America is his own thief Dom. To survive now, I have to back to work to pay my bills, utility’s heat, power, phone, basic living food for instance I know I may lose my SSI and maybe even my disability. That is how it is now in the Bush Economy and the world he created. We can only hope that his supporters in the house lose their jobs, because even American will only take so much then we fight back. You created a hell, cutting programs that people need to survive, cutting social welfare; is a real fast to get yourself voted out of office gentlemen, come November I hope you can get unemployment before your boss cuts that too.

Mr. Bush, you’re supposed to work for the people of the United States, not the Saudi Royal Family or Halliburton or big Business. In order to get out of the hole they need to be retrained, re-equipped for the 21st century. However Mr. Bush and the Ultra right wing conservative and his carpet bag government could care less about the average Joe on the street. And the editors say I am controversial yeah I am. I am a member of no party, I believe in no agenda, no politics; I am a social constitutionalist a devote one.

I believe in caring for our people, getting them food helping them out of the hole that big business, who filed chapter 11, files 13 men and women pension’s example the Great Northern Paper Corporation. Here is another Mr. President, how many more will lose their jobs to Central Asia, South East Asia, China, China Taiwan, Japan. The Grand Canyon do we own or does some conglomerate own it. Who knows, nobody ad least I have the courage to speak my mind now. How many people are going to hurt? Because of the religious right and their bigotry and your corruption of our government, they say social security is insolvent, I wonder why? How did all the new toys of war get paid for from Nixon to Reagan who stole from the fund and did not put it back afterward? We won the cold war but lost what it means to have a heart. What it means to care? Our government is supposed to care about our people first; values belong in church in government. The only government has is to obey the rule of law and justice. America is for every single person, not just straight, not just Christen, Buddhist, Islam, and Hindu and every religion from wican to the way. Know why because they are all one God, known by many names to many cultures, subcultures. I saw him rise in the defense of marriage act, to me no government at any level have the right to sanction the privacy of the Bedroom, or whom a person chooses to love or be loved buy; the supreme court can not authorize sanctioning people because of who they choose to love. Even the military’s don’t ask don’t tell policy does not work when one side chooses to harangue someone into confessing their private life by bullying and intimidation.

The funny part is GI Joe and Jane ninety percent of discharges of men and women are not even part of are community, and those who serve in silence, serve in fear of beatings, rapes. Why because a government lets religion and politics ride in the same cart. The constitution, the bill of rights belongs to us all that include the LGBT community. As well as the minorities, for being gay or lesbian or bisexual Mr. Bush or even transsexual is not a crime. The crime is what this government practices which is bigotry, hatred and fear of people who have done nothing wrong, nothing to anyone.

Here in Maine I challenged the people’s veto of the civil rights act enacted by Maine, by the Christen Civic league; and the teaching of hate. The rule of law in everything, civil rights at the State, Federal level belong to us all. I live for my nation, my people, and I would die in battle for them. I will not die for black gold or for someone to get rich. We are one, we live for the one and we die for the one but we don’t die stupidly and we don’t die for a fracking lie. I guess I am an activist and now I am not afraid to fight till every soldier, sailor and Marine and airmen leave the Middle East. Mr. President its one thing to chase Osama Bin Laden down and wipe his filth from Islam and the world, it’s another to invade unlawfully a country that made no offensive actions toward us….. I ask you to read and find out for your self if I am wrong or right. It’s up to you the readers civil rights for all Americans or just for the chosen few Mr. Bush picks. We are brothers, sisters, fathers, mothers, we are airmen, soldiers, sailors, marines, mechanics, pilots, we serve in silence but not in shame, the only shame is hate, intolerance and bigotry. We fought from the bloody killing fields of Europe of the 16th and 17th century, from even before the time of Christ. We fought on both sides of a bloody revolution and another bloody civil war which last from 1861-65 we left brother and sister on the battle field that tore our nation apart; unit cohesion was never an issue. We fought in 1812 to keep our new nation free, unit cohesion we never in doubt; we fought pirate’s on the Barbary Coast of Africa as part of the Marine Corp unit cohesion was never in doubt, we fought in the Spanish American War, Mexico, the Indian Wars unit cohesion was never in doubt. We fought in World War I because some idiot fancy pant’s nephew got killed by Serbian separatist, twenty million died in that war on both sides.

Then came World War II, we were fighting a different type of enemy same country different enemy, these people thought they were the master race. We fought and were driven into the sea at dunkurque. We were rounded up and put in concentration camps along with Judeans, intellectuals, gypsies, mentally ill, anyone different was sent to the camps death people, cripples men women children anyone who opposed them. Sent to the shower and gassed by cyclone b, experimented, tortured yet we faced along with our Judean brothers and sisters this sin against humanity. On December 7th 1941 the Japanese attacked Peal Harbor in the Hawaiian Island two thousand sailors died on the pride of our surface fleet the Arizona.

We died in her belly as she sank and on the air fields at Hickman and wheeler field, we died on Wake Island defending our nation, Marines and civilians alike. We fought and died in the Philippine buying time for our nation to rebuild our navy, marine and army and air corps we fought and died on Battaan and Corrigidor. We died on the death march with our fellow soldiers sailors and airmen and marines and our Philippine brothers, unit cohesion was never in doubt. We fought beside your fathers at Coral Sea, Guam, Okinawa, and Iwo Jima, we fought at Hong Kong and Singapore, and we fought in the Java Sea. When our country needed us we answered the call, we did not walk away; we served in silence, but we served with courage. We walked the long road to Victory in Europe; we learned new word like Austwitz-Berknow, and sobey bore and many other. We were partisans, we were soldiers, sailors and airmen, and we flew fighters and B17’s alongside your fathers; we liberated the camps of the Nazi Death Machine. We were sickened by what we saw of man inhumanity toward man. We fought and killed Nazi in battle, we served in silence and with courage and unit cohesion was not an issue. When war ended we vowed as did the free never, never again would we let this holocaust happen again. Over Six million Judean was shot, murdered, tortured gassed and experimented on along with them five hundred thousand intellectuals, lesbians, gays, clergy, crippled, and retarded. From 1933-45 retarded, mentally ill at hospital in Germany were gassed and cremated.

Many more simply disappeared in mass graves, children were torn from their families and adopted away from their families to serve the thousand year rich as part of Nazi families. We died in the camps at bellow wood, Verdun, Bastonge, on Omaha, Utah, Sword, and Juno; we fought and bleed the same as your fathers and mothers. On at Monty casino in Africa, Sicily, throughout the med, we fought and died in submarine on surface ship in every ocean known to man, we fought at Stalingrad, kieve, at Kurks and we also died. We could have run away and hide but it was our country under attack too.

In 1950, we went to war again after only five years of peace in the hell of Korea; we answered the call of our country again from the Pusan Perimeter to Inchon we put the breaks on Communist aggression again unit cohesion was never in doubt. We fought along side chesty puller all the way from the frozen Chosen reservoir to the beach. We died their too defending freedom. From sixty-five to seventy three we fought and died in a war that was lie, fifty thousand died and also we died to fighting in Vietnam.

We jumped into Haiti, the Dominican to restore order, we helped to stop the riots in the states, in eighty’s we went to the country of Lebanon to monitor the withdrawal of the PLO from Beirut as part of a multi National force. We left 250 marines dead from a truck bomb and withdrew along with the French who lost men to another and our embassy destroyed. Some of us died there to, unit cohesion was never ever in doubt. We saw our embassy in Iran defiled, we went into bondage with them. We landed with the seals and ranger and Marines in Granda to rescue the students. Then in 1990 we went to war again to war again to force the Iraqi army out of Kuwait, then in the late ninety we went to Somalia with twenty thousand Marines to stop the famine and the warlords from intercepting the aide. The warlords step then when the Marines left. Mohamed Aided started again. Then we sent a task force to capture adide, we failed, rangers, deltas and 10th mountain died in a hundred and something hour fire fight. We lost a lot of good men, and saw our dead defiled and dragged through the streets of that city. Oh Mr. Bush we fought and died there too trying to do what was right.

Then NATO did what we said we would do; we would do never again, we went into the Balkans to stop the Genocide and part IFOR and KFOR. We flew the missions over Serbia destroying their ability to make war; we drove them out of Kosovo and other countries that were former members of communist block country of Yugoslavia. Then President Clinton finished his second term and then we got junior in 2000 when he beat Vice President Gore in his run for the white house. He threw away money to his friends a few low income got a few buck. Then my article will or have shown the truest colors of the Bush Presidency, oppression and hate for anyone who does not share their values. Well Mr. President I am answering my critics of what I have written. I am an American just as you, and I have earned the right as others our blood is on every killing field in the known world. We have served our nation in silence, with courage and honor, not shame.

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