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Santa Cruz Indymedia's Regional Integration with

We are very pleased to announce that the Santa Cruz Independent Media Center's website will now be regionally integrated with, the website of the San Francisco Bay Area Independent Media Center. The new website address for Santa Cruz Indymedia is
Together, as media activists in Central and Northern California and throughout the world, we will use the tactic of Indymedia to share news and information from within the struggles for a world based on freedom, cooperation, justice and solidarity, and against environmental degradation, neoliberal exploitation, racism and patriarchy.

Indymedia erodes the dividing line between reporters and reported, between active producers and passive audience: people are enabled to speak for themselves. We will share an open publishing newswire of text, photos, audio and video contributed directly to the Indybay website and Santa Cruz IMC will have a newswire specifically for articles relating to the Monterey Bay Area.

For Santa Cruz IMC, this is a chance to expand our website resources to include a page en español as well as topic and regional pages. A photo gallery and bittorrent downloads are some of the other new options for viewing and distributing media contributed to SC-IMC. The open-publishing newswire for SC-IMC is now separated into the following three sections: Local News, Global News and Other/Breaking News.

The Santa Cruz IMC Calendar also has a new website address: This calendar is specific to the Monterey Bay Area, but is also integreated into Indybay's calendar for the Bay Area, Central Valley and North Coast. is now ready for your articles, photos, audio and videos and you can now post event announcements to SC-IMC's new Calendar located at

Please select "Santa Cruz IMC" when publishing to both the newswire and calendar.

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All articles published on will remain archived so you can still view all the articles and link directly to them. January 31, 2006, will be the last day to add a new article or comment to

At some point in the future, as Indybay volunteers update the code that runs, an attempt will be made to merge content from into

You can find archives of by visiting the following links:



Other Press

You can also use the Internet Archive Wayback Machine to view screenshots of the homepage from 2001 - 2005.*/

All the reporters, photographers, sound recorders, videographers, organizers and activists who contribute to SC-IMC's open-publishing newswire are the heart and soul of Santa Cruz Indymedia.

If you would like to get more involved in Santa Cruz Indymedia, please send an email to If you have any questions or comments about SC-IMC's regional integration with, please leave a comment on this article or send an email to

Yours Truly,

Santa Cruz Indymedia editorial volunteers

* Please note, Santa Cruz Indymedia's web feed for features and the open-publishing newswire has been updated to the following feeds:

SC-IMC's features:

SC-IMC's open-publising newswire:

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Santa Cruz Indymedia se ha Integrado con

Traduccion en español:

Santa Cruz Indymedia se ha Integrado con

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia's Regional Integration with

So the SC IMC as an organization is disbanding, and handing official steward of our central coast region to the existing Indybay staff?

Are any SC IMC staff joining the Indybay team?

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia's Regional Integration with

Thanks for the questions and concern.

"So the SC IMC as an organization is disbanding, and handing official steward of our central coast region to the existing Indybay staff?"

Santa Cruz Indymedia is not a membership organization; it is a tactic, a concept, and a movement that can be effectively utilized in many different ways.

More information about SC-IMC is posted here:

SC-IMC is still SC-IMC.

Santa Cruz Indymedia's structure is derived from the self-organization of autonomous working groups.

SC-IMC's editorial volunteers are still together as a working group and are maintaining all editorial functions for

"Are any SC IMC staff joining the Indybay team?"

Yes. SC-IMC editorial volunteers are also helping to maintain topic pages on as well as the homepage.

Today, January 31, 2006, is the last day to leave a comment on this thread here on, but this dicussion can continue here:

Santa Cruz Indymedia's Regional Integration with

Also, feel free to send an email to:
scimc (at)

As always, Santa Cruz Indymedia needs you!

Publish your news on


This is far from goodbye ;-)

Make Media, Make Trouble!

Re: Santa Cruz Indymedia's Regional Integration with

Don't worry, those of us that work with the SC-IMC editorial crew aren't going anywhere. We're just working on making SC-IMC better by integrating with Indybay. I'm sure you'll love it.

This is a big step for us :)


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