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Bye Bye Wiley

Wiley cryly slyly, Allens are viscious malicious, vindictive distinctive. I put em in stiches, tear em' limb by bloody limb, witches cook em' in a stew boiling. Wiley now slim got leg trimmed in the meat grinder, caught in the word binder.
I'm da flu, ya never sleep true dat. Swell I'm sendn' you straight2 hell. Ring a ding ding Wily cryly smokes life2 chaos an' loss, Wiley no coyote, rye puke. Cant even float cause shit sinks.

All the world see flim dim bulb, Wileys fifedom, hum hum an' drum, burn' em' one by one in the sun. Slingn' king Wiley at the wall4fun. Can't run an' hide see, cant even flee see. I'll huff an' I'll puff an' I'll burn your castle down, soundn' trumpets, burn' tastles, pissN' on the crumpets. Not even a put a cap in ya, just bitch slap ya.

Witches ill strap ya, an' stretch ya like play dough, till your carcass splits apart, throw ya2 the sharks. Squirt a juicy fart, bloody pulp a shit, an' tag ya on the slaughterhouse floor, fore' a bones an' tissue galore. What goes a wound comes a wound, vomit an' disgust. Heiness monsters fuss. Wiley cryly Riley stinks slyly. Head on display. Butcher slings it wound n' wound. Wordplay undbound.

Aphrodite say do things right. Do the right thing. Wiley2 disgusting a sight. Burn the slime white light. Jealous filthy cryly Riley those that murder in fits of rage. Stik Wiley in his cage, turn da page. Racist Wiley mace this cryly, snitches get stiches end up in ditches, witches picken on the bitches. I'm burn' sage, an' lost da wagez4crazed Wileys over skys see say redrum. Its the Wiley way. Nutn' but sly demon Wiley screamn' greed. I'll bleed lust of power, feedn da vampire desire.

Reapers da threat so Wiley get set creates chaos an' misery delivery backstab, slander, smear, its the Wiley way label an' stereotype, Wiley da snipe ripe cancer. I lance it. Wiley in corner-see coronor, face a bloody mess on the canvas floor, so Wiley destroy village, pillage murder an' rape.

Reaper is near Reaper creeps over, turn your shoulder. I'm soldier I hang em' high an' dry broken neck on display. Don't mess with Texas, I'm neXus an' fire. king Wiley the tyrant, swingN in the wind nor more slyly just flyn' like a boring sin, tossed in da trash bin. Nuff said

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