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There Is No Grey Between Fascism and Anarchy

There Is No Grey Between Fascism and Anarchy


One gives the appearance of being implemented- the other is the state that exists when the other isn't being implemented.

Fascism is what we have now- an implemented governmental system based on a perceived order where the mass contents itself with sacrificing and repressing (ultimately) those who do not bow to it. Democracy is an ideology promoted by fascism so people may be justified in thinking that truth can be determined by vote.

Anarchy is what fascism exists for- fascism will ignore all other concern to focus on the disallowing of anarchy- fascism will kill bloodthirstily (cause invoking terror makes people bend- and if they don't bend you kill them and destroy their families). Anarchy cannot be implemented, as it is, simply, dealing with each moment as it comes. Anarchy is the government of what some would call 'Heaven-on-Earth' (I'll just call it the very near future).

so- voting IS an indicator of a horrible deep deep seated delusion. May we all stop and think.

When dancing with the devil unfurl your brow and relax your shoulders.

patience be with us all

David Arthur Johnston

Victoria, BC, Canada

Hatrackman (at)

Home page-

Journal of the Occupation of St. Ann's Academy (Victoria, BC, Canada)-

Interactive Documentary on the 'Right to Sleep'- and

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