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Teen claims deputy promised freedom for sex

Teen claims deputy promised freedom for sex


October 8, 2002

SANTA CRUZ - A Santa Cruz County teen claims a sheriff’s deputy used a promise to get her out of Juvenile Hall to coerce oral sex.
The allegation is outlined in a claim filed against the county by the teen’s attorney. The county Counsel’s Office is recommending the Board of Supervisors reject the claim, which seeks more than $25,000 in damages, when it meets today.
“I believe my client, and I think what the cop did is egregious and uncalled for,” said the teen’s attorney, George Gigarjian.
Sheriff Mark Tracy was out of town Monday and could not be reached to comment.
Sheriff’s spokesman Kim Allyn would only say the matter had been investigated, that no charges had been filed and that the deputy remains on the job.
The minor was arrested Feb. 27 for being under the influence of a controlled substance, according to an account filed by Gigarjian.
According to the claim, which is posted on the county Web site, the girl told the arresting officer she was older than 18 and was taken to County Jail. During the booking process, however, jail staff discovered the girl was 17.
A deputy, who was not the arresting officer, was assigned to take her to Juvenile Hall on Graham Hill Road in Felton.
The teen, who is now 18, alleges that during the drive, the deputy told her he would try to keep her from being jailed in exchange for oral sex.
The deputy then pulled into a secluded area of Henry Cowell Redwoods State Park. The claim alleges the deputy kissed the girl and later “directed” her to “orally copulate him.”
The claim states the deputy called the girl’s father and tried to convince him to allow his daughter to return home. The father declined, saying he believed Juvenile Hall might be the best place for his daughter.
The deputy then asked staffers at Juvenile Hall if he could issue the girl a citation and release her, but they said he could not, according to the claim.
Within a few days, the girl asked a juvenile facility nurse during a routine medical examination if it were possible to contract a sexually transmitted disease through oral sex. When the nurse asked the girl why she was asking, she explained what had happened.
After the allegation was reported, deputies and an investigator with the District Attorney’s Office met with the girl.
The claim says the minor asked to take a polygraph test, but investigators declined.
The District Attorney’s Office declined to press charges, but referred the girl to counseling with the Victim Witness Program.
The girl underwent a polygraph test with a private firm at her attorney’s request. The polygraph examiner concluded the girl was being truthful, according to the claim.
The claim alleges the deputy has been involved in similar incidents, and that the county Sheriff’s Office knew or should have known about the deputy’s prior acts.
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