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Treesitter Falls at Ramsey 2 THP

An Earth First! activist treesitter at the Ramsey 2 Timber Harvest Plan (THP) fell from a tree this evening while protecting trees in southern Santa Cruz county. The young man, whose name is being witheld, was flown to Stanford Medical Center in a Lifeflight helicopter.
Few details are known at this time about the accident, or about how the treesitter fell out of the tree or how far he fell. Santa Cruz County sheriffs, fire and an ambulence were called by the property owner at 7:12 pm. The activist suffered a broken arm and leg and had abdominal pain.
The Ramsey 2 treesit was protecting trees in the recovering, nearly mature forest near the site of previous treesits in Ramsey Gulch and Gamecock Canyon, where 5 years ago, more than 30 violations of the Forest Protection Act violations ruined part of the watershed for Corralitos and Watsonville.The 50 acre Ramsey 2 THP is on very steep, inner gorge stream structure with extremely erodable soils and just a few feet from the San Andreas Fault line. Ramsey Gulch is a known fish habitat and the logging will increase sedimentation that ruins spawning grounds. The local fish, but Rainbow Trout and Steelhead Trout, are endangered by the loss of habitat and the Steelhead are endangered over all of the California coast and beyond.
There is another treesitter who remains aloft tonight in Ramsey 2. Santa Cruz Earth First! has contacted that sitter in another part of the THP and they are OK and remaining strong in their commitment to protect the forests of the Monterey Bay bioregion from the out of bioregion, greedy commercial timber company, Redwood Empire.

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it's worth noting

The fact that the property owner, Redwood Empires timber baron Robert Burch, called 911. He could have said nothing, leaving the activist to suffer even more horribly - even die.

Yet this assistance will be conveniently absent from future discussions on the character of Robert Burch. At least among activists.

I'm not saying I'm his friend, nor am I trying to defend him per se. I'm just saying watch and listen - this will become a classic demonstration of the selective disregard of facts by the activist community.

This is a character flaw that *we*, as a community, suffer. And it continually destroys our credibility with the masses whom we seek to sway with our protests.

We must face, and acknowledge, and even promote facts. Even when they help our opponents, or harm our allies. If we are not allies of truth and enemies of deceit, we are no better than our opponents.


Fatal injury?

We received info that the treesitter may have died from his injuries. Can anyone confirm this?

EF! Meeting Tonight

A tabler for EF! at the Farmer's Market informed me there will be an emergancy meeting tonight at the Resource Center For Nonviolence (at Broadway & Ocean St.) this evening at 7 PM. This will be an opportunity to learn more about the treesitter who fell, to show your support for the treesit, and to help protect the forest.

redundant, but....

I am SO glad that Santa Cruz IMC exists, otherwise I'd prolly miss tonite's meeting. Thanks for being here, folks.

and that's a very good point, Van. But welcome to Planet Earth........

Yes, he died

Many of you will already know this by the time you read it, but the treesitter did in fact die from his injuries. The news came from Valley Medical Center and from a Redwood Empire press release.

As for Van's points, as much as i may agree with them, i don't think this is quite the time for them (much less so given the severity of the situation). I have plenty of my own issues with this campaign, many of which i could conceivably use this tragedy to illustrate, but i think this would be in poor taste. At the risk of sounding hopelessly "woo", this is a time to come together and mourn and to take the time to feel the sorrow of this event before devolving into the inevitable bickering over who was responsible, how it should be handled and what the "official line" will be. As i see it, until we can learn to preserve our own humanity--our own capacity for compassion and sorrow--we'll have no hope at all of saving this or any forest.

So, yeah, all my various and sundry issues about this campaign aside, my thoughts and condolences go out to the treesitter's comrades, friends and family.

Is he/she ok?

i saw on MSN that an EF died - who was it? please send more info -


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