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I Am Not Opposed to Allowances!

The fact that the corporate media are no longer ignoring my campaign, and instead are attacking it with falsehoods and also focusing on positions on issues they feel will be unpopular is an indication that my campaign is a growing threat to the boss, landlord, police, and corporate pseudo-progressive establishment alliance in Santa Cruz.
I Am Not Opposed To Allowances!

Dear Editor,

Sarah Phelan’s article "The Contenders" in the last issue of the Metro made the incorrect statement that I am opposed downtown allowances. This has led to a
barrage of protests from school-aged kids living in the downtown area. Everywhere I go I am dogged by protests of angry children who chant things like “Hey, hey, Steven A., How Many Allowances Did You Steal Today!”

Obviously (to me) you were attempting to refer to my position on the downtown ordinances, but the general public would not know that and wonder what I
meant by opposing downtown allowances.

Don’t feel too bad though, much of the press has had a very hard time covering me on the issue of these new ordinances.

For instance in the Mercury News article "Santa Cruz Groups Pick Candidates" by Ken McLaughlin it falsely stated that the City Council imposed "tough new ordinances on aggressive panhandling and harassment of women and gay people downtown." Yet
there is in fact nothing in these new ordinances that targets stopping the harassment of women or gays. Nothing. Nor do the new laws prohibit aggressive panhandling, although there was already a law prohibiting such activity.

The new laws do, however, prohibit blowing bubbles and playing hackysack downtown and in other parts of the City. In addition the new laws make playing music and any other performance for donations, along with political tabling with donation cans, and panhandling in any manner (including with a silent sign), or leaving a backpack unattended illegal in most of the downtown area as well as in some other parts of the

Not only do these new laws not protect women and gays, they will be used by the police against any woman or gay that the police choose to deem in violation of these new laws. In fact the laws were drafted, not out of concern for these groups, but out of concern for a few downtown merchants who complain that certain groups of people that they consider riff-raff scare away their customers.

The new ordinances were passed for selective enforcement against the poor, political activists, and street musicians. And yes, opposing these new ordinances (not allowances) is an important part of my campaign for City Council.

The article also listed my only endorsement as the California Pistol and Rifle Association. For those who saw it, coverage on that issue was fair in the Metro
article "Nuz, Blanks Slate" (despite the name). But readers of only "The Contenders" would not know I have been endorsed by Mark Halfmoon (Chair of the Santa
Cruz Citizen’s Police Review Board), the California Peace & Freedom Party, Homeless United For Friendship & Freedom, the Santa Cruz Coalition To Free Mumia Abu-Jamal and All Political Prisoners, and the Rosa Luxemburg Club.

In addition the article also made visibility ratings in advertising such as lawn signs a criteria. I was given a rating of 1, which is given the meaning, "Dude where's your sign?" This is an unfair consideration boosting those with money who have the backing of wealthy developers and landlords who can afford a bunch of lawn signs. Coca Cola style visibility in advertising should have nothing to do with how we pick our leaders in America. I am not Coca-Cola and I am not Pepsi. It is time for a change.

Sincerely, Steve Argue

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Cruz at: msc (at)

On Gun Control (An earlier letter to Metro editor Sarah Phalen)

The Bill of Rights was produced as a result of poor farmers rising up and demanding certain constitutional protections from the government. Those of course included things like the 1st Amendment to the Constitution, which protects freedom of speech and freedom of religion. The right to bear arms came within this context.

It is essential for the people to be able to defend ourselves, whether it be from pro-corporate Ku Klux Klan thugs that have kept unions from organizing most of the south or murderous cops who are capable, upon order, of kicking in doors and taking the lives of
political dissidents. FBI Chief J. Edgar Hoover said we are going to show that "to be a black revolutionary will make you a dead revolutionary." Soon after 40 Black Panther Party members across the country were murdered by FBI agents and local police forces.

While the U.S. government succeeded in its violent suppression of the aspirations of the black community in the late 60s and early 70s, wider crackdowns of dissent are made difficult partly because of the fact that the American people are armed.

It is my opinion that the right to defend ourselves from the government is an important key to defending and broadening democracy in America.

Sincerely, Steve Argue

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Steve, You're Right!

I was listening to Ludwig Van's 7th this evening and for some reason a line from your most recent drivel came to mind. You are absolutely right! You're not Coca-Cola and you're not Pespi! Nor are you Kool Aid or even Lemonade. You are also not relevant. If you want a look at the political future of Santa Cruz take a peek at Frankly, I only support Mike, and oddly enough, for the same reason given on the site, "He has common sense now". You, Norse, Johnson, and your wacked out lawyer, etc. are not the "Vanguard" of anything except the "Old Guard". If you really want to return to the land of the living, give up on the "Leadership of the Lumpen" bit, get a job, join a union, do some community service and take some anger management classes.

Mike Rotkin Is A Scab

Mike Rotkin scabbed on striking bus drivers, has abused anti-war protesters with his brutal police, abused houseless workers with his murderous police, backed the failed Beach Area Working Plan, supported logging on City owned water reservoir land, and made medical marijuana illegal in most of Santa Cruz through zoning, etc.

A vanguard are only those who are willing to tell the truth in the face of the lies of the corporate media, corporate politicians, and in the face of government repression. They are people willing to tell the truth about our so called friends in government whether upper class liberals are ready to hear it or not. Sometimes the truth catches on, sometimes it does not, but it is always relevant.

Mike Rotkin does not tell the truth and will never be relevant in the struggle for justice.


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