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Steve Argue and Thomas Leavitt For City Council

It is time for a regime change in Santa Cruz!
After years of mismanagement Santa Cruz is one the most unaffordable places in the nation. Cops and landlords run roughshod over the people treating us like dirt. Now those responsible want you to think they did something for you and they want you to vote them back in.

It is time for a regime change in Santa Cruz!

Three City Council seats are open in the November 5th elections, but Argue and Leavitt are the only candidates truly challenging the status quo. Rotkin, Matthews, and Fitzmaurice are all establishment candidates and local political insiders. Rotkin and Matthews were both proponents of the failed Beach Area Working Plan. Matthews has even voted against the right of Free Radio Santa Cruz to be on the air. All three have voted to keep sleep illegal for the homeless and have never intervened to stop police harassment of political activists, the poor, and street musicians. Rotkin, Matthews, and Fitzmaurice are only progressive when it comes to national issues over which they have no control. Steve Argue & Thomas Leavitt are the only candidates who represent a truly progressive local agenda which includes expanding low income housing, freedom of speech, human rights for the homeless, curbing police abuses, and the preservation of our environment. A vote for Steve Argue and Thomas Leavitt is truly a vote for change.

*Rent Control (Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews will not lift a finger for rent control).

* For the building of low-income housing (Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews have purposely blocked this through density ordinances and misspending money ear-marked for low income housing to destroy more low-income housing than they have built).

*Ending the Sleeping Ban (Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews have all voted for the sleeping ban).

*Ending Police Abuses (Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews have never lifted a finger against the abuses carried out by their police employees).

*A Stronger Living Wage Ordinance (Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews raised the wages of about ten workers with their living wage ordinance that they like to brag about. I say raise the wages of the over 600 part time City Government employees who make less than the living wage and raise the wages of work contracted out by the City).

*Protection of Endangered Species

*No Logging On City Owned Water Reservoir Land (Rotkin and Matthews carried out this policy of logging in the past)

*Fewer Downtown Ordinances (Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews have all supported in various forms the downtown ordinances that are selectively enforced against the poor, political activists, and street musicians).

*Fewer Regressive Taxes, Shift The Tax Burden to the Wealthy (Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and Matthews all support the current tax structure that benefits the wealthy).

*For The Right To Medical Marijuana Dispensaries, Now All Are Closed By City Zoning (Fitzmaurice and Rotkin authored that zoning ordinance that closed our only medical marijuana dispensary on Seabright and made the distribution of medical marijuana downtown illegal. In fact the photo-op they did downtown was illegal according to their own laws.)

*Ending Police Marijuana Stings

*For Freedom of Speech (Matthews voted against the right of Free Radio Santa Cruz to be on the air. Rotkin spoke out publicly in favor of the May 22, 1999 police repression of a protest demanding an end to the bombing of Yugoslavia. Neither Fitzmaurice, Rotkin, and nor Matthews have ever taken action against police measures that have attacked freedom of press and otherwise targeted individual activists).

*For Stopping The Use Of Pesticides and Herbicides Where Ever Possible

Endorsers of Steve Argue for City Council include: The Peace and Freedom Party of California, The Santa Cruz Coalition to Free Mumia Abu-Jamal, Mark Halfmoon (Chair of the Santa Cruz Citizens Police Review Board), Homeless United For Friendship and Freedom, The Santa Cruz Progressive Federation (the original group), the California Rifle & Pistol Association, and The Rosa Luxemburg Club.


THOMAS LEAVITT can be contacted at (831) 425-3646. His web site is E-mail him at Thomas (at)

STEVE ARGUE can be contacted at (831) 454-0272. E-mail him at steveorchid (at)

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election info

Thanks for writing a great piece on the city council election. I really don't know much about some candidates. I found your article while researching the elections, but I still need more info to make a decision. 'indymedia' is a great site, but I don't know a thing about the insurance commissioner, judicial, or school district races.
I'll keep searching, but if you know anything, please write me at the above address.


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