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Protesters rally against threat of war

Protesters rally against threat of war


November 3, 2002
Sentinel staff writer

SANTA CRUZ - The thought police, Statue of Liberty and vaporized
dogs turned out at San Lorenzo Park Saturday for a “peace boogie”
that drew close to 150 people.
Organized by the recently formed Iraq Action Network, the rally
protested President Bush’s threat to wage war against the Middle
Eastern country. Participants said that while small, the event signaled
the start of a peace movement that could rival that held during the
Vietnam War if Bush makes good on his word.
“Movements always start small. That’s the only way they can start,”
said John Govsky of Santa Cruz. “The question is not how they start,
but how it’s going to end.”
Liz Rondelle of Santa Cruz urged the crowd to engage in civil
disobedience to affect change. Rondelle was arrested in May for
crossing a barricade at Vandenberg Air Force Base.
“Our freedoms are being taken away,” she said. “(Attorney General
John) Ashcroft is going to slowly erode these (freedoms) in the name
of terrorism.”
Stephanie Keenan of Watsonville held a dogless leash suspended in
the air by wire Saturday to get her message across.
“This is a vaporized dog. This is what nuclear bombs do to living
things,” she said.
Dressed in identical white body suits, “officers” John Strickter and
Nasreen Mahmad stood in as thought police Saturday. The pair
spouted slogans to passers-by, reflecting what they believe the Bush
administration would have people do.
“Question no one!”
“Follow blindly!”
“Believe your leader!”
“Watch more TV!”
“Ignorance is strength!”
Santa Cruz Mayor Christopher Krohn led the crowd in a chant and
praised the community for sending more than 400 people to a war
protest in San Francisco a week ago. He criticized president Bush,
Ashcroft and Vice President Dick Cheney.
“We’ve all heard of the gang who couldn’t shoot straight. This is the
gang who couldn’t talk straight,” he said.
The rally ended with a march led by the Brazilian band Sambada
to Pacific Avenue and Cooper Street, where participants staged a
one-minute “die-in.” Lying on the ground while a single drum pounded
the beat of a heart, the group was meant to symbolize the innocent
civilians who will die if war occurs.
Community residents said that even small rallies like Saturday’s make
a difference because of both the public and private awareness they
“There are two ways of making a difference. One is to affect others
and the second is to affect yourself,” said Russell Brutsche of Santa
Cruz. “If you can change your own knowledge in your own heart ...
(then) you are in a much better position to positively influence
“I came to inspire myself,” said Nora Dougherty of Santa Cruz. “I
believe it is really powerful for people to get together and talk about
peace ... I think the thing that will balance the power is people
educating themselves as well as the public.”
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Areests not reported in the Sentinel

Notice how the Sentinel completely ignores the misdeeds of the SCPD. Two people were arrested right across the street from the Die-In, including an unlawful arrest of a journalist! If you were in the area of Wherehouse Records or the Cinemaplex on Saturday, November 2 about 4:30-4:45 pm, and witnessed my arrest, please contact vman (at) or leave a message at 427 4523.

Sentinel's Silence a Typical Betrayal

The Sentinels omission seems particularly grievous because one of the arrestees was a reporter trying to cover the earlier arrest. The Sentinel's sunny relationship with the police department may be the reason, or the usual reporter bias or laziness.

Vice-Mayor Emily Reilly and Mayor Chris Krohn were also a part of this rally, yet disappeared after the arrest and took no action, as far as I know, to facilitate the release of these two people.

Does anyone know the name of the man arrested who reportedly would only give it as "Just" to the police? Does anyone know if he was released?


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